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  1. My friend Insufferable Vegan, the only person I have ever been responsible for helping, in any part, grow Vegan, who has only been Vegan for a wee 20 months, and is already more Super of a Vegan than I am, took me on a Vegan Field Trip.

    At 10:30 am my anonymous friend collected me. He even showed me a sweet shortcut in my own neighborhood I never even knew which was good because there were several detours along the way: We had some french fries with little plastic red forks at a K-mart in Covina that has a Nathan’s in it and hung out with the other people that frequent the Kmart Nathan’s at 11 am on a Thursday. Surprisingly, they didn’t seem to be on a Vegan Adventure.

    I bought an actual record album at Rhino Records in Claremont where I also photographed these orange flavored chicken suckers that are not orange chicken flavored.

    We randomly spotted Covina Tasty, which claims to be the very first all vegetarian fast food in America, (there might have to be a showdown with Orean’s for the title). Though it was a compelling argument for a lunch break, we kept on keepin’ on.

    We did need to eat (again) though, so we sought out The Press Restaurant in hopes that their veggie burger would be a contender in the VegLympics. It was a pretty good full-size specimen of the Garden Patch variety, but not deserving of it’s own full-length post.

    Obviously we needed to have dessert so we got ices at Handel’s in Upland. Check out this mountain of Sour Green Apple and Watermelon-ness!

    Then we actually finally really made it to our destination: Viva La Vegan Grocery, the Earth’s largest most amazing all-vegan store. This place is so amazing it’s uh-mazing. It has just doubled in size, too, so it’s about to be twice as uh-mazing, making it uhh-maazing!

    VLV has everything from fresh produce to frozen fish hams (what is a vegan fish ham?!) and I bought a hundred dollars worth of it.

    I got a cupcake that was eaten before the night was over, half a chicken, three kinds of Dillos, farro, a Halo S’more bar, candy bars x3, two different kinds of TVP, Justin’s peanut butter cups, drumsticks, butterscotch chips, butterscotch pudding, three different Dr. Cow’s cheeses, a Dr. McDougall’s Asian entree , two wedges of Daiya, three different Stonewall’s Jerquee’s, English Toffee, an Upton’s Tamale, some Healthy Top, and Bacon. Y’know, all the important stuff.

    We shopped so hard for so long, that not only did we not make it out in time to make it to our last stop on the tour, but we got all sorts of insider scoop and samples from the lovely staffers there. I can’t wait till they open one or two more stores closer to me (lookin’ at you Loz Feliz!) so I can get fat and bankrupt! In the meantime, 3,000 more products are about to hit their new shelves, so you might want to clear out your cupboards and go, or ask Mr. Insufferable, who is quite tolerable, to take you.

  2. Like a cute piece of jewelry or if you’re a hipster, a fedora, but for your food and tasty!

    I’m talking about a new and exciting product called Parmela. It is a glass bottle (yes, that’s right, I said glass!) full of Vegan parmesan cheeese! It is good. So good that I’ve dumped it by the truckload on two meals in one day. I’ve tried it on pasta (YUM), I’ve tried it on garlic bread (YUM) and I’ve tried it on soup (YUM) and it was YUM to the third power.

    It’s also the mouth-child of a couple of lovely locals that I can’t say enough nice things about, so I won’t say any.
    Made from almonds, cashews, nutritional yeast, fermented soybean, soy sauce and veg. lactic acid, this stuff is leaps and bounds above a dash of nutritional yeast on it’s own or that stuff I used to use in the cardboard tube. It’s got a depth of flavor that previous subs have lacked. When the bottle is empty, which, at this rate, might be as early as tomorrow, I will wash and refill it with my salty salty tears.

    Try it and let me know what you think, K? I especially want to hear about some creative, non-obvious uses. Request it at your local Whole Foods, and in the meantime, here’s a list of all the stores that carry Parmela.

    In Southern California:
    Figueroa Produce Market in Los Angeles
    Locali in Hollywood
    Viva La Vegan in Rancho Cucamonga
    Grassroots Natural Market in South Pasadena
    Pacific Coast Greens in Malibu
    Beach Health Tree Natural Foods in Long Beach
    Irvine Ranch Market in Costa Mesa
    Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park -coming soon

    In Northern California:
    Never Felt Better in Sacramento, CA

    New Frontiers Natural Marketplace in Prescott, AZ
    Four Seasons Natural Foods in Saratoga, NY
    Sidecar For Pigs Peace in Seattle, WA
    Central Coop in Seattle, WA
    Nooch Vegan Market Denver, CO
    Eco-licious in Charlotte, NC – coming soon
    Foodtown in Cedar Grove, NJ
    Foodtown in North Haledon, NJ
    Basil Bandwagon in Flemington, NJ
    Food Fight! Grocery in Portland, OR
    Vegan Freak in Denton, TX online store

    PS- According to The Flavor Bible, my new favorite book, here’s a list of things that go with parmesan (meats excluded): basil, fava beans, dates, fennel, figs, stone fruits, garlic, grapes, melon, mushrooms, olive oil, pasta, pears, pizza, risottos, thyme, balsamic vinegar, and walnuts

  3. I HAVE BEEN FLIED TO. (that’s a food lie)

    About a month ago, I was super excited to find out that Capriotti’s, a sub sandwich chain, not only had vegetarian subs, but was opening a new location in my ‘hood. I wrote to the PR contact pronto:


    My name is Andrea and I write for – I just read about your location that is opening tomorrow in LA and decided to check out your website to see what your Veggie options are and was delighted to find your faux turkey sandwiches! I would like to visit the restaurant and do a post about this. BUT, can you please tell me if your sandwiches are suitable for a Vegan (if the cheese is left off, of course)? It would be extra great if you could send me an ingredients list for these items, and the bread, too!

    Thanks thanks

    Here is what I heard back:

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks so much for reaching out! The Veggie Turkey is suitable for vegans.

    I will double check about getting the ingredients for the items. The bread might be difficult since it is a propriety recipe that has been used for 35 years.

    I do know for a fact The Bobbie, which is the signature sandwich, is unfortunately not vegan, as the stuffing has chicken stock.

    I would be happy to send some coupons- just let me know the best address.

    How exciting, right? Here’s my reply to her reply:

    Thanks, [name redacted]-

    Do you know what brand of Veggie Turkey it is? And it’s okay if you can’t share the bread ingredients, but would be great to know if it’s vegan and whether or not it contains honey. And too bad about the stuffing, that’s always the most delicious part. Tell someone over there to start using a faux chicken stock, pretty please?

    Coupons! Lucky me!

    Now you might think I’m making these e-mails up, after the fact, but that’s just how I write, K? So then, I didn’t hear anything for awhile. I eagerly checked the mailbox every day to no avail. Finally, I followed-up AGAIN.

    I’d still love to review this– any update for me? And I never received anything from you, just in case you sent me those coupons!

    To which they responded:

    I actually just got more coupons in on Friday so I will send those out to you today.

    There is no honey in the bread!

    I finally got the coupons and headed there at lunch time today. I had a pretty thorough conversation with a gentlemen behind the counter about what was and was not vegan. He told me the veggie burger was Morningstar Farms and not vegan. He told me the Veggie Cheesesteak was vegan, if you leave the cheese off, which we agreed was kindof lame. He knew I was a Vegan blogger and he knew I was ordering myself a Veggie Turkey Sub and he said nothing. Even when I asked him what brand the Veggie Turkey was, he said, “Worthington’s.” Now, I guess I should’ve known that most Worthington’s products contain non-vegan things like egg whites, but you know what– SO SHOULD THEY. Especially after asking and re-asking and then asking again.

    After I demolished the sandwich, posted a picture of it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter proclaiming its yumminess, I got curious and went on the good ol’ internet to find out about Worthington’s. I was concerned. Then some of you fine SuperVegans seconded my concern. I immediately wrote to that PR person again asking if it really was vegan after all and heard nothing right away. I tweeted some more. Capriotti’s started following and then got in on it, apologizing and asking me to write them directly to “make it up to me.” So I did.

    Here’s the reply I got to that e-mail:

    As an owner of Capriotti’s, I am very embarrassed for the miscommunication which led you to eat a non-Vegan product, promote it, and have it hurt your credibility. As mentioned in our tweet to you our Veggie Chicken Cheesesteak is vegan, but the turkey is not. We have vegetarians and vegans that work here and very much appreciate our Vegetarian and Vegan customers that we have. I feel awful and completely understand your anger over this. I will personally make sure that our PR firm doesn’t have incorrect info and misinform anyone about our products again. Please let me know what I can do to make this right.

    THEN, I heard back from PR Land:

    I can not express how sincerely sorry I am. I do not think words can describe how terrible I feel for misleading you.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do in an attempt to make up for this.

    I hope this will not negatively affect you feelings for Capriotti’s as this was my fault. I clearly believed it was vegan. While I am not vegan myself I know how important this is.

    Again, my sincerest apologies.

    This is just so unfortunate, and not just because of the diarrhea.

    Now, let’s get some perspective. This is not the end of the world. I am not going to die. (They are lucky I am not deathly allergic to egg whites though, that’s for sure.) I do believe that this was a colossal clusterfuck of fuck-ups on every level that was not intentional, but just — I don’t know what– laziness? Ignorance? A lot of times people do the best they can, but a lot of other times people do the least work possible to get the job done. Now that they’ve been caught and called-out I think they genuinely feel terrible and want to make amends somehow and I do appreciate that as much as I can. And trust me, if this was just a regular ol’ case of “accidents happen” I would not be making such a big stink. Accidents DO happen regularly, but never before have I experienced one with so many flies (food lies) involved in it’s conception.

    So SuperVegans, I want to hear from you. What CAN they do to “make this right”?? Keep in mind that now the only Vegan item on their menu is that Veggie Chicken Cheesesteak minus the cheese, and really, what’s the point of that?

  4. Did you know that 7-Eleven sells Vegan cookies?! One of these and a slurpee is a breakfast of champions! Yay!

    Seed Bistro is closing on Saturday, April 28th. Chef Eric says they are going to re-open in a new location with a wellness/healing center, but don’t wait for that to happen. Go eat there ASAP. The soy blue cheese salad will blow your tongue away.

    Have you tried Veggie Grill’s slew of new menu items like the homestyle plates, crab cakes or all things Buffalo? Come late June you can do so at their newest spot in Long Beach! The location will be in the former Pick Up Stix at Long Beach Marketlace at 2nd and Pacific Coast Highway.

    Tickets are on sale for the Third Annual Vegan Beer & Food Fest on May 12th at the Roxy Theatre.

    Local 1205 on Abbot Kinney says they will be purveyors of Babycakes on Saturdays, if you’re in Venice and need a sweet fix.

    Have you had the new seasonal Vegan sando at Mendocino Farms for Spring? It’s a Vegan BBQ Torta and it’s also delicious. I had one yesterday at the Marina Del Rey location. Shaved seitan and pinto beans are slow braised in chipotle citrus BBQ sauce then placed on a toasted ciabatta roll with smashed avocado, vegenaise, pickled red onions, candied jalapenos, tomatoes and shredded romaine. YUM @ $9.50

    UPDATE: The only vegan sandwich at Capriotti’s is the Veggie Cheese Steak MInus The Cheese!
    Capriotti’s, a sandwich shop chain recently opened a Culver City location and guess what? They have Vegan sandos! Check out their Vegetarian menu and be amazed at all the Veggie Turkey options! Review pending.

    Atwater Village has the next in a succession of Sausage/Beer/Belges Frites shops with Vegan options! Link N Hops opened last week next to 55 Degree Wine, and is owned by the same Andy Hasroun. And even better, it’s open till midnight!

  5. Are your eyes as tired from reading all these posts as my body was from canvassing probably 50% of The Expo? Well, we’re almost there. Just gotta tie up all the loose odds & ends, in this, the final chapter– MISCELLANEOUS YUMS.


    Earth Balance Coconut Spread

    I was not going to try this stuff, cause really, when you’re in Candyland, who needs a piece of toast with butter? I also had it in my head, for unknown reasons, that it would be sweet, so it was just pure gluttony that landed this sample in my mouth. What a pleasant surprise! Perhaps it’s because it had been out instead of in the fridge like I keep my marg, but it was super spready, extra extra salty, and not really coconutey at all. It was high on yums. I feel compelled to hunt down a tub as soon as the one I’m currently working my way through runs dry. It also says it’s great for baking and cooking, and I like to eat baked and cooked foods, so, bonus!


    Vegenaise is not new, you balk! No, it’s not, but their new line of flavored mayos and sauces are and holy wows were they good. New products include: Horseradish Sauce, Tartar Sauce, Roasted Garlic Vegenaise, Barbecue Vegenaise, Chipotle Vegenaise and Pesto Vegenaise. The chipotle and the pesto were particularly awesome and I love anything horseradish. Figure out something to make with these and get some immediately. Or, just put stop at your local Pommes Frite shoppe on your way home and slather ’em up.

    Food For Lovers

    So in Chapter One, I told you about the Quesos and hinted at more to come. Here is the more: Country Gravy (which they were not sampling) and Chipotle Mayo (which they were)! Last year the lovers had one product and this year they had four! They’ve been busy and I’d like to thank them for it. The mayo was great and I’m dying to try the gravy. I mean, it’s white. Where I come from, gravy is brown, so I’m going to have to look into this. They say these two should be available soon, and most likely in all the same places the Queso is already in. I just looked at my calendar for “soon” and I didn’t find it. Could it be tomorrow please?

    Green Garbanzo Hummus

    I’d like to apologize in advance for my lack of information about this product. All I can say is that I was in a food coma by the time I got to here– where ever here was. I thought I grabbed some literature on it, but I guess I didn’t. And my internet search results for ‘Pure Nature Green Garbanzo Hummus’ came up with squat. But I swear, this stuff was real, as witnessed by the photo I took of it. Granted that tub was empty, but I swear I had like three samples, It was that good. So if you see it, and you trust me even though I’m totally failing you right now, I’d say buy it. I mean, life is an adventure and we like green things.

    Nordic Naturals

    The first two rooms of the Expo are dedicated to supplements. I usually high-tail it through to the foods. But this year, someone pointed out to me while zooming past the Nordic Naturals booth, that they had a Vegan Omega-3. Apparently a few companies do, but I only paused at this one (long enough to get a free bottle). Everybody’s always going on and on about Omega-3s and their Fish Oil. Blech. I’m not a fan of supplements, as I think they are too potent for your body to be able to absorb much of it, you pee most of it out, and your kidneys don’t appreciate it. But if they’re going out of their way to make a Vegan version AND they’re handing me a free bottle (a $49.95 value!) — what the heck (see above re: adventure). Unfortunately, I got the liquid form as they didn’t have any of the soft gels, but freebies can’t be choosers. Made from micro-algae, it claims it’s supposed to support normal vision, heart health, positive mood, immunity, and the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response but I only started taking it yesterday so, so far all I can report is this: the suggested dosage is 1.5ml, but the dropper only goes up to 1ml, so you have to do one full plunge and then figure out how to get a half of one. Annoying. Also, it doesn’t taste like any lemon I’ve ever had.

    And then they lived happily ever after. THE END.