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  1. The Subway Crusade!

    Ask and ye shall receive! That’s a thing, right? Well the fine folks at Compassion Over Killing think so, and we want to help!

    Wouldn’t it be incredible to affect change at the world’s largest restaurant chain AND have another vegan food option at the ready?

    Subway (35,786 restaurants in 98 countries) has introduced a brand new vegan patty! Awesome?! Well, yes & no: it’s only available at some of its restaurants in Canada. And the veggie patty currently offered in the US contains egg. Let’s convince them to bring us USers the Vegan one! It will only take a few seconds of your internet play time, swear!

    OPTION ONE (1) (I): go to and leave a comment. Here’s one if you just want to copy + paste:
    I would really really really like the Vegan Vegged Out Patty to be available in the US, really!

    OPTION TWO (2) (II): go to The Facebook and leave a comment. Here’s one for you, so easy!
    Please please please bring the Vegan Vegged Out Patty to the US, please!

    OPTION THREE (3) (III): Tweet a message at them. Here’s one pre-typed by me on your behalf:
    @subwayfreshbuzz I want the Vegan #VeggedOutPatty in the US. Canada is far and I am a hungry vegan person! @SuperVegan @TryVeg

    OPTION FOUR (4) (IV): Call Subway. This sounds extreme in the digital age, but trust me, it’s not. A nice human being will listen to you! Here’s the number 203-877-4281

    OPTION FIVE (5) (V): Send an actual e-mail.
    I can’t fill out the form for you, sorry. But it has pull downs. It’s real easy for a whiz like you!

    Do 1, 1-5 or any combo thereof and you’ll be our favorite reader ever! C’mon let’s do this. I want to hit up Fatburger next and get them to switch from their Veggie Boca Burger to the Vegan one!!

  2. I love Jorja Fox, now more than ever.

    I love Jorja Fox, now more than ever.

    • One of my favorite people, Jenny Brown, is speaking at Jivamukti Café on Saturday, 11/12, from 7-9pm. In Peace Begins on Your Plate: Why Farm Animals Matter in Our Quest for Peace, the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary cofounder will talk about the way animals are raised for food and how we can be better advocates for our fellow critters.
    • O Canada! Why do you get your very own vegan patty from Subway but we don’t? All in good time, I guess.
    • Next Monday, 11/14, from 7-9pm, NY CLASS is hosting Happy Hour for the Horses at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street. Join super SuperVegan Patrick Kwan to learn more about the campaign to put the horse-drawn carriages out of business. Drinks specials include the “Horseless Carriage Cocktail” for $3.50, and 2-for-1 beer, wine and well drinks, plus snacks courtesy of Sweet Cheeks Vegan Bakery. Check out these and other events on our NYC Events Calendar.
    • I don’t have any ink, but I have a lot of friends who’ll be happy to see there’s a new vegan tattoo balm out there.
    • Meatless Every Days is better, but Meatless Mondays is a good start. Share this video with the omnis in your life and get them moving in the right direction.
    • Jorja Fox stars in a new ad campaign for PETA, asking people to investigate how their food came to be. How cool is it that the actress’s veg epiphany happened in the greatest borough of all?
  3. Ricki Heller wants you to have your cake and eat it too—just without a lot of the ingredients you generally think of when you think about dessert. I took some of the recipes from her cookbook, Sweet Freedom, out for a spin, then asked Ricki to fill me in on how it all began.

    Roseann Marulli: Thanks so much for speaking with SuperVegan, Ricki. How did Sweet Freedom: Desserts You’ll Love Without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugar come to be?

    Ricki Heller: Sweet Freedom is an outgrowth of my baking company, Bake It Healthy, which grew out of my cooking classes. I’d been selling muffins, cookies, bars and cake slices in health food stores across Toronto for a few years when I realized I just didn’t have the physical stamina to keep the bakery going anymore. I was responsible for all aspects of the business, so between baking, wrapping and labeling, and delivering the goods, I was working 16-plus hours a day. When I decided to close the company, in 2007, many of my customers asked if I’d consider private catering because they didn’t want to give up their weekly muffins and cookies or custom birthday cakes. I did cater for about a year but then decided that the best way for people to continue enjoying the treats was to have the recipes themselves, so I began to convert them for the home cook—and Sweet Freedom was born!

    Roseann: You’re a registered holistic nutritionist. Why is it important that your desserts be healthy? Do you ever cheat with something “bad”? Continue Reading…

  4. Victory!


    Today, after a long struggle, the European Union has finally voted to ban all seal products. This is a huge victory for the seals, and hopefully it will go a long way to ending the massacre of any more Canadian baby seals.

    Even before it passed, it seems the threat of the ban already devastated the baby seal hunting industry. In 2006, seal pelts sold for $105, while this year they sold for $14 each.

    The result being, Canada had a quota of 280,000 seals this year, but the sealers ultimately only bothered to slaughter 59,500. Longtime seal hunter and seal hunt advocate Jack Troake stated, “We just couldn’t seal for those prices. The prices were too low.”

    Canada’s government tried many things, including sending Inuit seal hunters to the European Parliament to plead Canada’s case for them, before the EU finally voted in favor of the ban. Canada’s great effort against the ban and the dramatic drop in seal pelt prices both indicate that the seal hunt will no longer be worth it post EU ban. Hopefully the permanent end of the hunt is now imminent.

  5. Canada's seal hunt is the largest annual slaughter of marine mammals in the world

    Canada’s seal hunt is the largest annual slaughter of marine mammals in the world

    On Tuesday, March 3rd, a Canadian senator made the unorthodox move of proposing an end to the annual Canadian baby seal hunt. The proposal has been getting less than an enthusiastic response in the Canadian government, but it’s the first step towards ending the largest annual slaughter of marine mammals in the world, and you can show your support for this move.

    Canadian senator Mac Harb proposed to end the annual commercial seal hunt, which results in the deaths of over 200,000 seals in Canada annually (over a quarter of a million seals in 2008), although no one in the Canadian senate voted to second his proposal.

    Despite a lack of local support, Harb’s proposal is indicative of the entire world’s growing disgust of the baby seal pelt industry. For instance, a day before Harb’s proposal, the European Union’s parliament (internal market and consumer protection committee) voted to support the ban of all seal products. Not only that, but even Russia has now banned its own baby seal hunt, as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated that the “bloody industry” should have been banned long ago.

    Once again, the Canadian proposal has lacked support in Canada’s government. But you can show your own support for the bill. To send letters of support, the e-mail address for Senator Mac Harb is, and his postal address (free postage since it’s to the House) is:

    Senator Mac Harb: House of Commons
    Parliament Buildings
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6

    For more information on the Canadian seal hunt, the marine conservation group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has a helpful page on hunt facts.