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  1. Cartoon by Nick Milliner. This Nugget's Canadian brethern will now be gassed to death rather than electrocuted. Hooray!

    Cartoon by Nick Milliner. This Nugget’s Canadian brethern will now be gassed to death rather than electrocuted. Hooray!

    • SuperVegan’s 2nd birthday party is tonight!! Come on out to ‘sNice Brooklyn, 315 5th Avenue at 3rd Street in Park Slope, 6:30pm-10pm. Complimentary cake and keg (feel free to bring supplementary alcohol, too), plus an all-vegan menu of other goodies (that you’ll have to pay for) from ‘sNice.
    • I know you all think Vegan Treats cakes are great (unless you’re one of those who ate too much and ODed), so maybe you’d like to read this profile of VT and proprietor Danielle Konya. Also, check out our best attempt at an up-to-date list of NYC restaurants that carry Vegan Treats.
    • PETA has annoyed KFC Canda enough that the fried-chicken giant is actually making some changes! Says KFC Canada president Steve Langford, “(PETA) can be unpleasant to deal with, and from a business point of view, it’s nice to put that behind you.” General welfare upgrades will happen to how they (mis)treat their chickens, and they’ll be introducing some kind of vegan faux-chicken to the menu. Sounds nasty to me, but I guess if I’m on a lonely highway in the wilds of Canada, I’d be glad to have it.
    • I was going to write a whole blog post about Polyglot Vegetarian’s phenomenal article on historical Branded Meat Substitutes, but I simply haven’t had time to read the damn thing yet. If you’re into the history of veg food, or simply into history, go read it. And you must check out the included poem from 1904, “To a Health-Food Girl.” Hail to thee, Granola Maid!
  2. Fur Is Dead, Long Live Fur

    Courtesy of Coquette Faux Furriers, a five-year-old operation hailing from Victoria, Canada “with the desire of creating affordable cruelty-free glamour accessories.” Accessories like this White Mink stole (“features little faux legs in addition to the tail”).

    Please comment below if this mink stole–or perhaps the polar bear skin rug (“head can be used as a pillow!”)–appeal to you. This is very important journalistic research.

  3. The curtains have been raised, and Jason “Herman Thrust” Doucette’s Vegan Porn has been reborn as Taste Better Dot Com (it’s good to know his mind’s still in the gutter). Go check it out and see what he’s wrought.

    Those cryptic pre-release videos I mentioned yesterday are on the new site, in case you haven’t seen them yet. In fact, it looks like virtually the entire “blog” section of Vegan Porn has been rolled into the Tastes Better archive.

    The new site is much better looking, and Jason’s got some ambitious multimedia plans. Really all that’s missing is the nattering of the now-orphaned Vegan Porn community. If you miss that, go read their whining in the comments here.

  4. What’s Up at Vegan Porn?

    Doucette says

    Doucette says “aboat” like a proper Canadian.

    So for the past couple days, Jason “Herman Thrust” Doucette, proprietor of Vegan Porn, has been posting cryptic talking-head videos of himself. He’s cooking up some extremely fundamental changes, and rather than typing about it, he’s (for lack of a better word) vloggoing it.

    Basically, Vegan Porn is no more, but it will be replaced by something new and different. All we know about that something is that it won’t have the word “vegan” in the title, and it won’t involve a forum. Jason makes a big point of encouraging folks to set up their own blogs and forums instead. Of course, any and all Vegan Porn refugees are most welcome here on SuperVegan (our forum’s a little lonely these days).

    Fuller details of the new site should be revealed some time today (Thursday). It’s too early to say if I’ll miss and mourn Vegan Porn. I’m sure whatever Jason’s cooking up is gonna be awesome, cause he never fails to do good work. (And he really doesn’t look like he’s been getting much sleep, which is always a sign of high productivity.) As long as the new site still features Jason writing about veg and animal issues, I’m happy.