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  1. Here’s a bucketload of stories from the past month or two that I’d like to share with you. Sorry to be dumping so many at once. I would have preferred to share these with you one at a time as they were published, but life got in the way. But it’s still win-win; I get to clean out my browser tabs, and you get some good stories to read.

    Some of these are newsy, others are feature-y or opinion-y. Some of these stories are were breaking news, but others are notable for being traditionally under-reported animal-interest topics in mainstream venues.  Some are short; some are very, very long. I have not read them all in their entireties yet, but I endorse you checking them out anyway. We may have shared a few of these on Twitter, but most of them have gone totally unnoted by SuperVegan until now. I tried to sort them into rough categories, but some certainly blur the lines.


    Fake Meat


    • Can We See Our Hypocrisy to Animals?” Inspired by the juxtaposition of reviews of Act of Killing and Blackfish, Nick Kristof  wonders “Some day, will our descendants be mystified by how good and decent people in the early 21st century — that’s us — could have been so oblivious to the unethical treatment of animals?” Kristof is one of the best New York Times columnists, and has a lot of journalistic experience with perpetrators of human-on-human violence; this coming from him is a rather big deal. (NYTimes, 7/28/13)
    • That same day, the Times’s Dot Earth blog ran “A Closer Look at ‘Nonhuman Personhood’ and Animal Welfare

    Companion and Farmed Animals


    6,500+ transcribed words likely to incite frustration and despair in the caring reader

  2. SuperVegan was on hand for the Mercy for Animals hosted Free to Be: A Night for the Animals in the Hamptons on the evening of Saturday, June 22.

    (photo by Jenni Rempel)

    (Photo by Jenni Rempel.)

    Attendees were promised the chance to “meet and mingle with leaders from the entertainment, political, and animal protection communities” and MFA did not disappoint.

    Looking around the room, I saw NBA champion John Salley, CNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell, MFA’s Nathan Runkle & Eddie Garza, designers Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart & Joshua Katcher, choreographer James Koroni, Cody Carlson, a former undercover investigator for MFA who exposed rampant abuse inside factory farms (you may have seen Carlson in a recent Daily Show segment on ag-gag laws), lighting and production designer John BroderickDefeat Christine Quinn campaigner Donny Moss, art curator Robert Aloia, Our Hen House‘s Liz Dee, writer Nell Alk, DJ Stretch ArmstrongSuite ThreeOhSix‘s Daphne Cheng, among other guests I likely pushed out of the way to get to the desserts.

    L-R: Eddie Garza, Tim Terhaar, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Joshua Katcher, X  (photo Derek Goodwin, in case you can't read that giant watermark)

    L-R: Eddie Garza, Tim Terhaar, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Joshua Katcher, and James Koroni. (Photo by Derek Goodwin, in case you can’t read the giant watermark.)

    dessert table

    (Photo by Jenni Rempel.)

    Continue Reading…

  3. Iowa Congressman Steve King is one of the most anti-animal legislators imaginable (I’m including humans, along with other species). His despicable amendment to the Farm Bill was defeated yesterday  but not before the Colbert Report did this really commendable bit of satire. You may cringe as much as you laugh, but mainstream TV like this definitely makes the world a better place.

  4. Poker Party Banner

    This Saturday, March 16, the very funny, tall, and compassionate KEVIN NEALON will host Fun For Farm Animals: Celebrity Poker Tournament & Cocktail Party to benefit the work of Farm Sanctuary, America’s largest and most effective farm animal rescue and protection organization. This amazing night will feature tasty treats, delicious drinks, and yours truly! Did I mention you don’t have to play poker? You and I can play that game where we stand by the door where the hors d’oeuvres come out from and eat them all. Once that game ends (read: we get full) we can join the carnival atmosphere with psychics (I’m going to ask how fat food blogging is going to make me), magicians (I have bad eyesight, so they always amaze me), caricature artists (like my Bat Mitzvah!), cocktails (like my Bat Mitzvah!) and an intimate acoustic performance by Grammy winning artist COLBIE CAILLAT (like my… nope. Nothing.) If you do want to ante, poker players will battle Farm Sanctuary members, celebrity players, and poker pros to make the final table and win amazing prizes! Continue Reading…

  5. Ladies, Gentlemen, Mammals of all orders,

    I have a secret to spill:

    GoVeggie! or as I like to call it, Go Veggie Exclamation Point (GVEP), formerly known as Galaxy Nutritional Foods (which never had astronomical imagery as part of its branding, nor was it made on the moon), a switch I wrote about earlier, are the makers of the new vegan cheese products available at Trader Joe’s (a store that is so very good to us). Their new and improved shreds are their shreds, and their new and improved cream cheese is their Not Your Average Tub Of Cream Cheese (which I think should be called Above Average Cream Cheese). How did I find this out? I never kiss and tell! Wait. Yes, I do: some good ol’ fashioned sleuthin’ and um, this blog post.

    To celebrate all the cheesy goodness, GVEP threw a rager last night that was hosted, and when I say hosted, I mean “Hi, how are you, thanks so much for coming, I’m Heather, let me feed your face!” HOSTED by the effervescent energy balls (but pretty), the Spork Sisters, Jenny and Heather. There were people; like Rory Freedman, who has given up cursing (oh, the irony for a Skinny Bitch!) and has a new book called Beg: A Radical New Way Of Regarding Animals coming out on April 23rd. Television’s Jason Wrobel who is waiting to hear if the pilot episode of his Cooking Channel show How To Live To 100 did well enough to get picked-up and in the interim told us all about the importance of Vitamin K2 (which sounds like Scrubbing Bubbles for your heart). And my friend The Insufferable Vegan and I both masquerading as QuarryGirl.

    There was Sporktastic food:

    Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.02.34 PM

    Cream Cheese and Olive Tapenade Layered Dip, Mini Mediterranean Pita Pizza Bites, Saffron Scented Arancini with Mushrooms

    There was drink:

    frey wine

    Courtesy Frey Wines— America’s First Organic Winery

    And there was a cooking demo, where I learned pepper is now just called ‘pep’ and a Vita-Mix is a ‘Vity’:


    Heather & Jenny make basil oil!

    And best of all, for one lucky SuperVegan reader (that could be you!) there’s a copy of Spork-Fed, the cookbook any vegan who wants to make Strawberry Cream Cheese-Stuffed French Toast must own, the cookbook I personally had signed by both sisters just for you, PLUS a coupon for one free GVEP product!

    To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment (make sure to leave an e-mail address!) telling us about the best or worst vegan cheese dish you’ve ever eaten, by Monday at noon, PT. Good luck!