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  1. Remember way way back to last week, when the famous face of veganism, TV’s Ellen DeGeneres, mentioned, while interviewing Ellen Pompeo, that she gets eggs from her neighbors’ “happy chickens”? Well, who better to talk about Ellen, her diet, and veganism than Roberto Martin, her personal chef! Whether or not you subscribe to their beliefs, it’s wonderful of him to share his thoughts with us, dontchathink? Big thanks to Chef Martin for obliging our Qs with some As and especially for sharing his recipes for Chick’n and Mole Tamales and Black Beast Cake (with a crust!) from his cookbook, Vegan Cooking For Carnivores!

    SuperVegan: How long have you been vegan and what’s the best change you’ve seen to the state of veganism since then?

    Chef Roberto: Not long, three years. It’s hard to tell because I’m in the middle of it all but it seams that vegan food has exploded in last few years. It is being heavily represented in the best restaurants.

    Were you a chef first or a vegan first?

    Definitely a chef first! I hated cooking vegan food, I made fun of vegans and dreaded a vegetarian guest at the table. I was a successful personal chef for ten years when I was asked cook for Ellen and Portia. I took the job as a challenge to myself and I never dreamed I would start eating this way

    How did you come to be Ellen & Portia’s chef? And do you get to eat the leftovers?

    My agent Jack Lippman (Elizabeth Rose Agency) set up the interview and they hired me on the spot. Ellen, Portia, and I got along from the start. They were unhappy with the food they were eating at the time. They are all about the animals. There were a lot of non-vegan foods that they enjoyed in the past but their love for all living things made it impossible for them to go back. They wanted GOOD FOOD that was incidentally vegan and that became my approach.

    The Vegan Police were all abuzz about Ellen’s comment on her show the other day about getting eggs from her neighbors’ “happy chickens.” I’m hoping that maybe it was just a one lettered mistake and that she meant ‘got’ instead of ‘get’, as in, past tense– especially seeing as they have you! Can you comment on her comment? Do they, in fact eat eggs? And if so, where do you stand on that?
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  2. On her TV show today, Ellen Degeneres, who is frequently mentioned as an example of a celebrity vegan, had a conversation with actress Ellen Pompeo about Pompeo’s backyard chickens, exchanging all manner of trivializing light banter. But the real humdinger comes when Ellen mentiones that “we” (presumably Ellen and her wife Portia de Rossi) “have neighbors that have chickens, we get our eggs from those chickens, cause they’re happy, they’re really happy chickens”:

    And maybe those particular chickens are happy. And if they are, good for them. I hope that in addition to being protected from hawks and coyotes as Ellen worries about, they are also well cared for into their old age, just as a family cat or dog would be.

    Maybe these chickens don’t dwell on the fact that their brothers, uncles, nephews, and other male relatives were virtually all killed at birth for being “useless”. Maybe they don’t dwell on the fact that many of their mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, and other female relatives will die from lack of adequate health care, or due to dangerous housing or transport. Maybe they don’t mind that they were bred, raised, sold, and shipped as a commodity. And maybe they don’t care that humans collect and eat their equivalent to menstrual waste. (I’m just talking about rich peoples’ backyard chickens here; not even getting into the horrors that befall their factory-farmed cousins.)
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  3. It’s good to be a Super Vegan in L.A., and it’s about to get better. There’s like a bajillion places to get your Vegan Pizza Day on. And now, or within a matter of minutes from now, not one, not six, but FIVE new Vegan restaurants are opening. They all sound pretty amazing, too. Here’s the rundown:

    This is the second shop, previously known as The Shoppe, from Madeleine Bistro brain–>stomach whizzes, the Andersons. Some of you might remember them from their fundraising efforts for an all Vegan ice cream shoppe slash sandwich spot on Pico and Westwood Boulevard (i.e. near the Westside Pavillion) that was to open in November. Well, howsabout June, or July maybe? Still waiting on word of the official opening but I think I might want to live in there, so landlord, consider yourself noticed.

    Now, you might be judging this place based on the fact that their only web presence thus far is on The Facebook, but before ye cast thine Vegan stones, go look at the pictures of the food this Vegan bar is going to serve. Then wipe the drool off your keyboard and count down the days until it opens. LA’s first all Vegan restaurant, bar and music venue! I hope shoes are not optional.

    Cafe Gratitude Venice
    They close one, they open two! Due to the star-studded success of the first LA branch, Cafe Gratitude is opening a second in Venice, land of all 2nd branches of things. It was supposed to open today, but didn’t. Maybe Wednesday? Or whenever the tarot/astrologist/numerologist/Psychic Friends Network/Miss Cleo tells them is an auspicious day.

    Green Peas
    This place is a local favorite for anyone who is in or around Culver City, and has been sorely missed during their, what feels like, 18 year renovation. Jose, the nicest owner in the world, said that they were tentatively going to re-open today, but he also told me they were going to re-open in early June, so I dunno… but don’t give up just yet.
    UPDATE! Green Peas to re-open June 28th!

    The Village
    Now, this is an educated guess, but I believe that the long-hyped, well-anticipated Vegan restaurant from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Chrissie Hynde and Steve Bing with a menu written by none other than Tal Ronnen is called The Village and might open on June 30th. Now any google search will lead you, Super Vegan, to think I’m crazy, as there is no trace whatsoever of this news elsewhere. But! Staywithme: there have been reports for some time that this resty will be housed in the former Bokado space in Studio City. Being the SuperVegan Sleuther that I am, I called the phone number listed for Bokado, and was treated to a voicemail explaining that I had reached the place formerly known as Bokado, and as of June 30th, will be The Village. So, you do the maths. I might be wrong, but let’s hope I’m right, for our guts sake!

    Dangit, looks like my detective cap and I were mistaken.
    According to EaterLA, Bokado WILL reopen as The Village, but not with Ellen or any other Vegan star power. And while there will be a few Vegan menu items, it will not be the Tal Ronnen Haven of our dreams.

    2nd UPDATE:
    It’s now SIX! Another Native Foods will open in Santa Monica on July 3rd! Hurrah!

  4. Where I come from, MFA stands for Master of Fine Arts, but those are just really expensive pieces of paper that don’t do a whole lot. A better use of the acronym is Mercy For Animals because they do awesome things like fight for farmed animals and against the cruelty they are subjected to. Not the other way around. Do you know about this organization? I bet you didn’t know they were this cute.

    On Saturday, June 2nd, I was lucky enough to attend a MFA event called Justice For All: A Night For Creatures Big And Small. This was a $500 per VIP ticket cocktail party in the West Hollywood Hills. Pretty swank. Hillary Swank was not there, but other celebrities were, like honoree Emily Deschanel and her Bones co-star Michaela Conlin, Jackass Steve-O and that Skinny Bitch Rory Freedman. The host, Freeway The Dog, and his house were incredible and the bar was not only open, but staffed with swoon-worthy ‘tenders.

    The party was catered by super Vegan chef extraordinaire Dave Anderson from Madeleine Bistro, a restaurant that is open on an intermittent basis, and Maddy’s formerly known as The Shoppe, which hasn’t even opened once yet. Culinary highlights included BBQ seitan skewers, cashew cheese stuffed dates wrapped in a smokey mushroom, filet un-fish sandos, and some sort of donut/beignet thing that I am considering starting a competitive Vegan eating team for.

    The party was fun, fancy and kind of like going to the airport. You had to take a shuttle van to get there (Heeeeey, to the people on my party bus!), you had to take your shoes off, and you left with a giant bag (of awesome goodies). LAXPH (Los Angeles International Party House).

    There was a silent auction of all kinds of great things n’ stuff:

    And after a few hours of free swim there was a short program, the three important parts of which were:

    Won.) Nathan Runkle, the founder of MFA is appx. 18 years old. Or maybe that’s how old he was when he started it, either way, I have not done enough with my life.

    Too.) This video. Don’t you not even try to don’t not be affected.

    Three …) people in the room donated $25,000 each. 3! Nathan raised 200K in less than 10 minutes. This was impressive, but it’s not nearly enough, I’m sure. They are fighting billion dollar industries and winning, but with ag-gag bills passing, life is about to get harder for them and Bessy The Cow. Do you have extra dollars? Doesn’t have to be five figures, if you’re so inclined, they would gladly accept whatever you can give. And/Or, you could invest in the highly anticipated Shift all Vegan restaurant & bar in Venice, as they are still in need of a few chunks of money in order to open before I die from a suspense O.D.

  5. Hold on to your tofu blocks my friends, the fine folks over at Nasoya like us! They like you! And in a More Than Words Meets Weird Al (aka SuperVegan #1!) moment, they have given us some Vegan Treasure to give away to one of you lucky readers.


    The Treasure Map: A copy of Spork-Fed, a new cookbook by Wonder Twin SuperVegan Powers Jenny Engel & Heather Goldberg. These ladies have been plundering the LA scene for awhile, teaching cooking classes, catering things I’m not invited to, and cultivating a garden of celebrity fans (e.g. aforementioned Weird Al). And, not to peer pressure you or anything, but 58 out of 63 reviewers on Amazon gave it ***** out of *****.

    The Eye Patch/Ruffled Shirt: A pair of Nasoya sweat shorts with the words EXTRA FIRM on the tush so you can show all those Juicy people who’s what at the Crunch, Equinox, or Y. Please don’t wear these outside otherwise, K? Thanks.

    The Cure To Scurvy: Five, that’s 1,2,3,4,5 coupons for a FREE Nasoya item. Any item! You want some tofu? FREE. You want a jar of Nayonaise? $0. You want some Super Hummus? Gratis! You can keep all five for yourself or you can make your friends do things for ’em, s’up to you.

    Life is already hard, so instead of making you actually do something to earn this loot, all it takes to enter is a few clicks on the screen you’re already reading this on. Just show us how you feel by following us on Twitter, Facebook and or Instagram (@wearesupervegan) and then (re)tweet at us, “like” something, or heart a pic! If you’re already doing so, you’re already entered to win! We will randomly choose our winner on June 8th. EASY, right? We love you, too.