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  1. A real, live, full-time job with one of the most effective organizations in exposing cruelty to farmed animals? And the job is to tell people how great it is to be vegan and how animals are really super (in a far more educated-sounding way)? How wonderful. My favorite highlights about the job, swiped from MFA’s site, below. Check out the full job description and application instructions on MFA’s site.

    Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Develop and implement innovative regional and national outreach strategies to more effectively raise awareness about farmed animal welfare issues and veganism in the United States
    • Manage and train regional coordinators to conduct local grassroots outreach, including leafleting events, restaurant outreach, tabling events, film screenings and more
    • Develop MFA’s humane education presentations, maintain MFA’s humane education program, and train and assist staff in implementing the organization’s humane education program
    • Manage and assist MFA’s national campaign coordinator in planning and conducting events across the country geared toward attracting mainstream media attention to important farmed animal welfare issues and elevating MFA’s status as a national animal advocacy organization.
  2. It’s the great American love story: Vegan boy meets vegan girl, vegan boy gets vegan girl, vegan boy and vegan girl move to Chicago and create line of vegan cheeses. Nahum and Laviyah St. Martin took a few simple ingredients and turned them into sliceable, meltable versions of Colby, Muenster, Smoked Gouda, Olive and Pepper Jack. I caught up with the veggie entrepreneurs and got the skinny on their story.

    Roseann: Laviyah, you’re from Brooklyn—I am too—and Nahum’s from Jersey, which is where I met my husband. Do you think the Brooklyn-Jersey connection is the key to a happy vegan marriage? What led you to Chicago?

    Laviyah: Ha! Nahum had a totally opposite upbringing than I did. I’m a Brooklyn girl through and through! I like city life. I like going out, museums, free concerts in the park, hole in the wall restaurants with amazing food—everything my home city is known for! However, having lived in both the city and the suburbs, I do appreciate peace, quiet and solitude. Nahum is the perfect balance to my personality. I’m a people watcher and kind of a loner; he’s a people person, always cooking up big meals and inviting friends over. There must be something to this Jersey-Brooklyn chemistry! I was a Brooklyn girl longing for life in the country, and he was a Jersey boy longing for life in the big city. Chicago isn’t as dense or as expensive as NYC; it’s a good mix of big city life with quick and easy access to the lakefront (I love water). It’s not a final destination for us, but it’s given us an excellent opportunity to build our business and our brand.

    Roseann: What gave you the idea to create your own vegan cheese line? Continue Reading…

  3. I Heart Vegan Chicago!

    Filed under: Chicago Food Travel
    The Chicago Diner rocked my taste buds!

    The Chicago Diner rocked my taste buds!

    Honestly, Chicago had never been on my radar. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m from New York—who needs the Second City when you hail from the First? But now that I live in the culinary wasteland that is South Florida, Chicago was just what the doctor ordered this Labor Day weekend!

    My fiancé and I got in too early to check into our hotel, so we headed straight over to the Chicago Diner. Wow, less than a year outside New York and already I’d forgotten what it’s like to have an entire menu at your disposal! And now that the boy is vegan, Chi Di’s offerings made him realize just how deprived we are down here. So we made a feast of it: We started off with the nachos, piled high with black beans, seitan chorizo, chopped tomato, jalapeños, black olives, cheddar Daiya, guacamole, sour cream and salsa—and holy crap, were they good! We didn’t have room for much else, but I was determined to stuff down as much as I could while I had the chance. So I had a French Vanilla Soy Shake and the Avocadonnaise Cheezeburger (half of which made the trip home and doubled as lunch on Monday), and he had the Philly Cheeze “Steak.” He’d been having residual cheese cravings and was hearing the siren call of deep dish pizza, but that Cheeze “Steak” was apparently so good—better than most of the ones he’d had when he ate meat—that the subject never came up again. Continue Reading…

  4. Lisa Ling gets trashy.

    Lisa Ling gets trashy.

    What’s the world coming to? First, a video of downer cows being abused made it into the mainstream media. And yesterday, Oprah ran a show titled “Everyday People Living on the Edge,” which included a segment on freegans. (It also featured stripping soccer moms, but that’s another story.) Lisa Ling went on some dumpster dives, and the question was posed: “How far would you go?”

    It’s great that Oprah watchers everywhere now know what it means to be freegan, and one can hope it will have an impact on their consumeristic ways. How much of an impact, of course, is unclear, since Oprah still airs entire shows in which she does nothing but give stuff away.

    So maybe the guilt is getting to her. Or maybe she’s just ready to jump on the reality-TV bandwagon. Because on Friday, there’s Oprah’s Big Give Kickoff Party, a sneak peek at her new reality show, in which families compete to raise and give away money in order to better other people’s lives. (Oprah’s Big Give premieres on Sunday.) But I wonder, will the meal chef and judge Jamie Oliver prepares for the preview consist of freegan goodies?

    Anyway, if you know of a deserving cause and have thought of a creative way to raise money for it, submit your idea here, or better yet, post a video with the details.