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  1. Oh snap!

    Oh snap!

    Chicago Soydairy, of the superdelicious Temptation Vegan Ice Cream fame, now makes cheese and, get this, it actually melts! I mean it really melts– check out this side by side test of it against Follow Your Heart cheese. Teese Vegan Cheese is currently available in mozzarella flavor and they’re working on more varieties. Chi-town locals can enjoy it at The Chicago Diner and at the Halstead Street Whole Foods pizza counter. Sadly regular folks can’t buy Teese at supermarkets, but they can harass their local restaurants to stock up on the stuff.

    The Park Slope Food Coop is now carrying Williamsburg based Dr. Cow brand raw, organic cashew cheeses in cream cheese style and aged style. Has anyone tried this yet?

    L.A. based vegan squeeze cheeze company Play Food finally has its goods back on the market following a nasty custody battle between its founders, former child star Taran Noah Smith (a.k.a. Mark from Home Improvement), and his ex-wife, raw chef/cougar Heidi Van Pelt.

    Speaking of celebrities, Natalie Portman bakes her own vegan cupcakes (unlike Joaquin Phoenix who had Isa make his prop “egg” rolls) on the set of Brothers whilst (allegedly) wearing cashmere!? This has got to be a mistake! NaPo wouldn’t dare go there, especially when she is set to star in the unfortunately titled Bollywood romance, Kosher Vegetarian and is hawking her own line of upscale, handmade vegan shoes, which are now available though the Soho-based Te Casan, NYC’s largest women’s luxury shoe boutique.

    Vegetarian rocker Chrissie Hynde is combing Columbus, OH to find a second location for her restaurant, VegiTerranean, which opened in Akron last year.

  2. Dave Warwak

    Dave Warwak, recent convert

    Last month, art teacher Dave Warwak was fired from Fox River Grove Middle School in Illinois. A vegan since January, he was either just giving the kids some honest info about his beliefs, or else fanatically attempting to convert them to his cause.

    Warwak himself says that teaching kids to appreciate life is part of teaching them to appreciate art. Hmmm, okay. He also incorporated animal rights themes into art assignments, which, given the weird shit my high school art teacher came up with, doesn’t seem too out of line. (Although someone may want to point out that the Peeps used in his animal cruelty display aren’t vegan). It is, after all, a teacher’s job to get kids to think.

    But he probably didn’t win many to his side by asking the students to keep his proselytizing from their parents, accusing the school district of child endangerment for serving milk, and threatening not to return to work unless they eliminated animal products from the school menu. There’s a way to win friends and influence people, Mr. Warwak, and that’s not it.

  3. That? That would be a foie gras hotdog.

    That? That would be a foie gras hotdog.

    Chicago’s ban on the sale of foie gras, passed last August, has been widely flouted, ridiculed, and denounced, and is (by the Health Department’s own admission) under-enforced. But it finally resulted in its first fine.

    Doug Sohn, proprieter of Hot Doug’s Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium, pled guilty to selling foie gras and will pay the minimum fine of $250. Sohn has been a loud opponent of the law. As he put it after his February citation, “I was poking the grizzly bear, and it snapped my head off.” (If only that were literally true!)

    Although this is a victory on paper, the fine is hardly a punishment for Sohn, who has received far more than $250 worth of press in relation the bust. As Tim Hadac, spokesman for the Chicago Department of Public Health, said: “He has cashed in, in terms of publicity, make no mistake.”

  4. pint of peach cobbler ice cream

    Chicago Soydairy, makers of Temptation vegan ice cream, have issued an urgently worded alert that they will lose their shelf space in Midwestern Whole Foods stores if you don’t go buy/complain somewhat immediately. It’s especially sad that they would lose such a big contract on their home turf.

    If you live near a midwestern Whole Foods Market, pints are priced at a closeout price of $2.37 (which I guess is cheap for Whole Foods, but a lot more than I pay for my weekly dose of Peach Cobbler), so go buy it all up fast to make them realize how much you love the stuff.

    Vegan ice-cream fans everywhere can call the Midwest Regional Whole Foods office at (773) 755-1500. Even if you don’t like to shop at Whole Foods, getting carried by them can be a make-or-break deal for independent vegan food companies. And the more vegan ice cream carried by mainstream outlets like Whole Foods, the more happy vegans, and the more new vegans.