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  1. EndChickensAsKaporos

    The The Alliance to End Chickens as Kapporot has a particularly lovely logo.

    Kapparot, an atonement ritual practiced by some Orthodox Jews in conjunction with Yom Kippur, involvesswinging either a live chicken or a bundle of coins over one’s head three times, symbolically transferring one’s sins to the chicken or coins. The chicken is then slaughtered.” Kapporot is performed with chickens, in large numbers, right here in New York city, particularly in certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

    There are activists working to get all Kapparot (also spelled Kaporos, Kaparos, Kaparot, etc.) practitioners to switch to coins, and they need your help! From The Alliance to End Chickens as Kapporot:

    Please join our 4th annual street protest in Brooklyn, NY against the cruel and needless use of chickens in Kaporos rituals. This year we’re renting a “moving lit billboard” – a van with huge images illuminated on the sides and the back.

    Sept 10, 2013, 6 – 8 p.m.
    792 Eastern Parkway, (corner Kingston Ave.), Brooklyn, NY, 11213

    Sept 11, 2013, 6 – 8 p.m.
    502 Ave. P, (corner E. 5th Street), Brooklyn, NY, 11223

    Sept 12, 2013, 6 – 8 p.m.
    792 Eastern Parkway, (corner Kingston Ave.), Brooklyn, NY, 11213

    An activist Hasidic Rabbi has generously provided us with images, including one of himself tenderly holding a rooster, an audio file to BROADCAST FROM THE VAN URGING PRACTITIONERS TO USE MONEY, NOT CHICKENS, and translations of our messages into Hebrew along with English.

    We know it is difficult to attend a demo where animals are suffering and dying in front of us, but as hard as it is for us, it is infinitely harder for the chickens, and we must be there for them and show that we care.

    Please read A Wing and A Prayer for more information about the Kaporos (Kapparot) ritual. Please join us in Brooklyn to let the chickens know we’re there for them.

    They’ve also produced this video featuring Bresov Hasidic rabbi Yonassan Gershom:

    I know this can be a difficult issue for “outsiders” to get involved in. While the systemized abuse of chickens horrifying and immoral, it’s always delicate business criticizing other people’s religious beliefs and practices.  But joining the existing efforts of the Alliance is something we can all do.

    I’ll leave you with some quotes from chicken-abusing Kapparot practitioners:

    NPR “Weekend Edition”: Hecht says waving the chicken isn’t the point of this ritual. “The main part of the service,” he says, “is handing the chicken to the slaughterer and watching the chicken being slaughtered. Because that is where you have an emotional moment, where you say, ‘Oops, you know what? That could have been me.’

    NycFaith’s Blog“Kaparot is absolutely the funniest custom we have, hands down,” said Rabbi Alevsky. “There’s plenty of giggling and laughing going around, and there’s a lot of shrieking, ‘I don’t want to touch it!’ ‘Get it away from me!’” He pauses, before adding, “And the chicken often poops on people. It chooses its targets very carefully.”

    (As an aside, I also feel a dilemma regarding the “solution”; I mean, I don’t think swinging a bag of coins over your head does you any good either. I’m not even sure I believe that symbolic atonement is a positive thing at all, as opposed to specifically addressing the damage caused by bad things we’ve done. Of course I still support the Alliance’s mission, but especially if you are someone who–unlike me–believes in symbolic atonement and not abusing chickens, please join The Alliance in their efforts this year. I can only show up for the chickens; you can show up for the chickens and the spiritual mission.)

  2. Remember way way back to last week, when the famous face of veganism, TV’s Ellen DeGeneres, mentioned, while interviewing Ellen Pompeo, that she gets eggs from her neighbors’ “happy chickens”? Well, who better to talk about Ellen, her diet, and veganism than Roberto Martin, her personal chef! Whether or not you subscribe to their beliefs, it’s wonderful of him to share his thoughts with us, dontchathink? Big thanks to Chef Martin for obliging our Qs with some As and especially for sharing his recipes for Chick’n and Mole Tamales and Black Beast Cake (with a crust!) from his cookbook, Vegan Cooking For Carnivores!

    SuperVegan: How long have you been vegan and what’s the best change you’ve seen to the state of veganism since then?

    Chef Roberto: Not long, three years. It’s hard to tell because I’m in the middle of it all but it seams that vegan food has exploded in last few years. It is being heavily represented in the best restaurants.

    Were you a chef first or a vegan first?

    Definitely a chef first! I hated cooking vegan food, I made fun of vegans and dreaded a vegetarian guest at the table. I was a successful personal chef for ten years when I was asked cook for Ellen and Portia. I took the job as a challenge to myself and I never dreamed I would start eating this way

    How did you come to be Ellen & Portia’s chef? And do you get to eat the leftovers?

    My agent Jack Lippman (Elizabeth Rose Agency) set up the interview and they hired me on the spot. Ellen, Portia, and I got along from the start. They were unhappy with the food they were eating at the time. They are all about the animals. There were a lot of non-vegan foods that they enjoyed in the past but their love for all living things made it impossible for them to go back. They wanted GOOD FOOD that was incidentally vegan and that became my approach.

    The Vegan Police were all abuzz about Ellen’s comment on her show the other day about getting eggs from her neighbors’ “happy chickens.” I’m hoping that maybe it was just a one lettered mistake and that she meant ‘got’ instead of ‘get’, as in, past tense– especially seeing as they have you! Can you comment on her comment? Do they, in fact eat eggs? And if so, where do you stand on that?
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  3. Peter the Pig

    Vegan fast food joint Foodswings will donate a portion of today’s proceeds to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

    It’s not too late to head over, pick up a Handwich and help out animals like Miss Piggy and Peter the Pig and other rescues in desperate need of care and comfort!

    THIS JUST IN: It was just announced that Foodswings will match all proceeds from today. What are you waiting for? Go now!

  4. Crafts for sale at the Royal Caribbean International private beach. Photo by flickr user lotopspin.

    Crafts for sale at the Royal Caribbean International private beach. Photo by flickr user lotopspin.

    It’s easy to argue that bloodsports are no worse for animals than eating meat is, but they’re a hell of a lot more brazen.

    NPR’s got a big story about how money for helping Haiti’s animals in the post-quake charity outbreak.