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Category Archive: China

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  1. “Excessory Baggage” by Meryl Smith

    Too much news piling up, so I’m just gonna spew it atcha:

  2. Beijing rescuer Hu Yua keeps 250 cats in her apartment.

    Beijing rescuer Hu Yua keeps 250 cats in her apartment. “If I don’t take them in, the government will kill them.”

    Reader Hannah sent us this in-depth article about the house cat holocaust going on China in preparation of the Beijing Olympics. The article and accompanying images are very disturbing, though there are some heartwarming tales of individual rescuers. Unlike Athens’s genocide against dogs before the 2004 Olympics, this horrible initiative isn’t even limited to strays. The government seems to be running a successful propaganda campaign claiming that cats are inherently dangerous and cause all sorts of diseases; many people are turning in their own pets “for safety’s sake.”

    In slightly better news, the Indian state of Kashmir has canceled plans to poison thousands of stray dogs (the numbers vary widely from 2,000 to 100,000) in an attempt to stop rabies. After killing the first 500, authorities have decided to try sterilization instead.

    More locally, have you read about the rescues of Phyllis the Bed Stuy Chicken or Denny the Bronx goat? Both happy endings for individuals, but reminders that there are still plenty of active slaughterhouses in New York City.

  3. Chinese Raccoon Dogs are the source of a lot of not-quite-faux fur

    Chinese Raccoon Dogs are the source of a lot of not-quite-faux fur

    A year ago, we blogged about Burlington Coat Factory selling fur Baby Phat coats as faux. This was quickly followed by news that Macy’s and J.C. Penney were pulling the same stunt with Sean John coats. Feeling left out by Russell Simmons and P. Diddy, Jay-Z’s Rocawear was quick to get in on the racket, too, by labeling real fur as fake right on the label.

    The Humane Society of the United States has been monitoring this whole mess, and it’s not just just a hip hop problem anymore (or limited to ignorant people on eBay). A new HSUS investigation has found mislabeled or misadvertised fur at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Dillards, Yoox, and Bloomingdales. There’s background and info on what you can do to help on the HSUS site. For full details, check out the PDF report.

    It’s bad enough these retailers and manufacturers are selling fur, but can’t they at least own up to the fact?

  4. Dr. Benjamin Spock, humanitarian.

    Dr. Benjamin Spock, humanitarian.

  5. A few months ago, I got really, really sick of posting about Chinese raccoon dogs and all the terrible department stores their fur was showing up in. Thankfully, two New York legislators have introduced a bill to ban the sale of raccoon dog fur in the state. “Unfortunately, we can’t outlaw the inhumane treatment of these animals in China, but with the legislation I have introduced in the Assembly, we can at least ensure that New York State plays no part in this deplorable practice,” said Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal. There’s also a bill in front of the House Ways and Means Committee in Washington to do the same thing; that one would also require the labeling of all fur items, including those valued at less than $150 (which are exempt from labeling by current law).

    I hope the only time I ever post about raccoon dogs again is to tell you that this bill passed. And when they inevitably show up in Felix’s cute video collection. (Thanks, Pierre, for the tip.)