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Category Archive: Circus

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  1. Tom Rider, former Ringling Bros. employee

    Tom Rider, former Ringling Bros. employee

    Join the League of Humane Voters of New York City at noon tomorrow to support Intro 389, which would ban the use of elephants and other wild animals in circuses. Reps from the Humane Society of the United States and In Defense of Animals, as well as former Ringling Bros. employee Tom Rider, will be among those voicing their support of council member Rosie Mendez’s bill. The conference will take place outside Madison Square Garden at 33rd St. and 7th Ave., near Borders bookstore.

    LOHV-NYC is also asking people to call their council members on Thursday, March 20, to urge them to support the bill. (Thursday’s the first day of the new Ringling Bros. show.) To find your rep’s contact info, call 212-889-0303.

    Update: I couldn’t make it, but here’s a peek at the press conference from Gothamist. Our very own Patrick Kwan (now working for HSUS) was quoted as saying that the bill will “end the cruel transport, abusive training, and inhumane conditions of elephants and other endangered or threatened animals in circuses.”

  2. David Letterman

    Dave says: “what is more American than eating cotton candy and watching animal abuse?”

    New York City Council Member Rosie Mendez, has introduced a bill to prohibit the use of wild/exotic animals in circuses and other performances throughout New York City.

    This Saturday, she’ll be joining the League of Humane Voters, Nellie McKay, and a slew of animal rights personages (including you, hopefully!) to protest the arrival of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey at Madison Square Garden. But the real hook? A man in an elephant costume will be chained up and beaten with a bull hook, just like they do to real elephants. (Sounds like a good way to get ready for the Foodswings party!)

    Details: Saturday, March 31st, 2007 at 11AM. 7th Avenue near 33rd St.

  3. Animal advocates have long spoken out against the conditions under which elephants are kept in zoos and circuses as being far from natural and often painful and cruel. From lack of stimulation to lack of space, there are issues-a-plenty when it comes to the care of captive elephants.

    Fortunately, zoos in cities such Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit, where elephant exhibits have been closed, as well as the United States Depart of Agriculture (USDA) are wising up to these shortcomings. Following the submission of a citizen petition by the group In Defense of Animals, the USDA is now asking for public commentary on the issue.

    Between now and December 11th, the USDA will be accepting commentary from the public and In Defense of Animals has put together a helpful page for those seeking to send in their thoughts.

  4. Sparky the Clown Strikes Again

    Filed under: Activism Circus UK


    In case you need another reason to be afraid of clowns, The Cumbria, UK News and Star brings us word of Sparky the Clown’s arrest before a performance by Peter Jolly’s Circus near Goole in Humberside on July 19. Activists from Captive Animals Protection Society were protesting the circus (one of only eight remaining circuses in the UK that uses live animals), and an annoyed Sparky backed into them with his car, knocking over one protester.

    This is a repeat offense for the clown. In October 2005, a fully made-up Sparky “shoved a female protester who was taking pictures of him, causing the camera to hit her in the face. She suffered a minor mouth injury and bruising.”