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Category Archive: Companion Animals

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  1. A picture the Mayor's Alliance is using to solicit volunteers for pet food distribution.

    A picture the Mayor’s Alliance is using to solicit volunteers for pet food distribution.

    OK, what are you supposed to do to help companion animals (a.k.a. pets) after Hurricane Sandy? “>resources out there Occupy Sandy probably being the best bet if you want to just show up and be put to work), and undoubtably many of these help non-humans as well as humans.

    But what if you specifically want to help the animals? Here’s what I know about that seems worth knowing about:

    • The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals have been maintaining a list of Resources for NYC Pet Owners Impacted by Hurricane Sandy. It’s a big page with a lot on it.
    • Petfinder is doing daily roundup posts … or they were last week, and hopefully will do more this week.
    • The “Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets” Facebook page has well over 21,000 likes and is aggregating a lot of info and flyers (not just for NYC, either). The signal-to-noise ratio is frustrating, but you might see something useful there.
    • There are innumerable smaller shelters and rescue groups that are doing great work post-Sandy. If there’s a group you like near an affected area, reach out to them and see if they need help. They may need heavy labor help, but they may also need clean up help, administrative help, short-term foster homes, donations, etc.
    • Help the Mayor’s Alliance distribute pet food! Here’s the deal:
      We have an urgent need for volunteers to help with a crucial distribution of pet food to victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York City.

      The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, working with our partners on the Animal Planning Task Force of the NYC Office of Emergency Management, will begin distributing emergency pet food and cat litter on Monday, November 5, to NYC pet owners and animal rescue organizations impacted by the hurricane.

      Although final details about the distribution sites and times are still being developed, we anticipate the distribution sites will be at locations in areas of greatest need: Staten Island, Coney Island, the Rockaways, and Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

      While not yet confirmed, we hope to begin the distribution on Monday, November 5.

      If you are available for this effort and have access to any of the target locations, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

      In your e-mail, please provide the following necessary information:

      1) Your name
      2) Your e-mail address
      3) Your phone number(s)
      4) Your days and hours of availability
      5) The location(s) from the list above at which you can be available
      6) If you have a vehicle (and access to fuel) and can transport pet food and litter

      We will get back to you with your assignment as soon as the details are confirmed.

    Hopefully everyone who wants to help can find a way. And remember: if you’re donating stuff (rather than money or labor), always confirm that what you’re donating is meeting a current need. Unwanted donations are disruptive and wasteful. They’re useful only for making an ignorant donor feel good about themselves.

    What’s missing? How have you been helping out? Let us know in the comments!

  2. We hope everyone reading this made it through Sandy unscathed, but we know some of you didn’t, or you know people who didn’t. Companion animals are especially vulnerable in disasters like this.

    If you need help in the NYC metro area, call this Pet Rescue Hotline if you had to LEAVE YOUR PET BEHIND or LOST YOUR PET due to Hurricane Sandy. Does your pet need rescue? Or are you stranded w/out pet food?

    Call: (347) 573-1561

    This hotline is a partnership between several great groups, the ASPCA, HSUS, The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, NYC Animal Care & Control, and NYC Veterinary Emergency Response Team.

  3. As the human companion of a vegan dog, I’m always on the lookout for vegan-friendly dog events. This Thursday, December 22, is “National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day.” If you’re a vegan dog owner, how do you celebrate? Show up with your dog outside the Fox & Friends studio in midtown that morning from 8:15am to 9am, to make history as the largest-ever “Dog Flash Mob,” to be entered in the Guinness Book of World Records, and enjoy free vegan dog treats for your pup!


    All dogs love peanut butter. It’s true.

    Where: South West corner of 48th Street and Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Ave)
    When: Thursday, December 22, from 7:30am to 8:30am.

    There will be free vegetarian Ark Naturals treats (it would be vegan except for honey), and vegan peanut butter Buddy Biscuits for your pup. Plus the first 50 dog/handler teams will receive a free winter cap and K9 vest. But your dog won’t enjoy chewing the vest as much.

  4. Following our first Occupy Wall Street Veterinary Campaign, the developing needs of the animals accompanying the humans of Zuccotti Park became very clear.

    (Photo by Jen Ross)

    As the weather gets colder, and the streets become harsher, we discovered that dogs Occupying Wall Street were in immediate need of dog boots. Also, as the outdoors become less hospitable, fleas and parasites start to gravitate towards warm bodies, and we need to stop any potential foothold that fleas and internal worms may otherwise get in such cramped camping conditions.

    (Photo by Dayna R)

    Darwin Animal Doctors will be at Occupy Wall Street again this Friday night, and we’ll need your help to serve the dogs everything they need! Details:

    Darwin Animal Doctors Occupy Wall Street Campaign Part 2
    When: Friday, November 4, 7:00pm setup, vet arrives at 7:30pm
    Where: Zuccotti Park, next to the Medical tent
    What to Bring: If you want to help, we have a continuing need for:
    – Dog boots
    – Flea/tick treatments
    – De-worming medicine
    – Vegan dog food
    – Dog blankets
    – Vaccines for dog issues like kennel cough.

    If you can bring them that day, that’s great. Otherwise, if you have these items, you can email tod at to coordinate a pickup or mailing.

    These animals deserve all the care we can give them, while they are in our domain!

    (Photo by Dayna R)

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Of course you want one!

    Of course you want one!

    The Teal Cat Project is a great new fundraising/awareness-raising initiative benefitting feral cats.

    The basic gist is: you donate $25. The money goes to a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) group. You get a unique teal cat sculpture in the mail. The project is a collaboration between Everyone’s Favorite Vegan Celebrity Chef (and NYC-deserter) Isa Chandra Moskowitz and fellow Omahan Denise Muller.

    The first recipient organization is New York City Feral Cat Initiative–so awesome!

    The cats are “upcycled” old tchotchkes. They’ve collected a ginormous colony of these vintage ceramic cats, spray-painted them teal, and given each a numbered tag. They look great, and are more unique, cheaper, and more deserving than anything similar looking you might pick up at Jonathan Adler. The website, looks great, too!

    You can also help by donating cat tchotchkes or donating smaller amounts of money.

    I kinda wished they’d eartipped them all, but I guess that’d be too much delicate work with ceramic cats.

    I just bought mine. Go get your kitty!