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Category Archive: Companion Animals

Here are all the SuperVegan blog posts categorized under Companion Animals. XML

  1. Naked Mole Rat

    This photo of a sleeping naked mole rat (by flickr user brx0) illustrates what you look like when you never leave the house.

    You all follow the SuperVegan New York City Events Calendar, right? Of course you do. Thus you don’t need this blog post telling you to go look at it to find out about all these exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’m too lazy busy to get all the details in here, so you’ll have to check the calendar (and the URLs included there) for all that.

    Tomorrow, Saturday, April 30, is Steve Saves Steve at the Living Room–lots of musical acts and a super vegan raffle to benefit a sick cat.

    Also, tomorrow (and I think every Saturday now) is 4 Course Vegan, which if you’ve never gone, you’re really missing out.

    On Sunday, May 1 is the Vegan Bake Sale for For the Animals sanctuary at Mooshoes.

    On Monday, May 2, Park Slope’s V-Spot is throwing themselves a fifth anniversary party.

    On Thursday, May 5, is the Pine Box Rock Shop pop-up prix-fixe for Cinco De Mayo, which looks really delicious. (The menu’s on the calendar.)

    On Friday, May 6, is “Jason & Ryan’s Excellent Vegan Adventure” Pop-Up Gastronomy at New York Vintners. This one is for all you fancypants, at $95 plus tax, but damn does it look good. (Again, the menu’s on the calendar.)

    On Tuesday, May 10 is that Benefit for Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support + Americares.

    On Wednesday, May 11 is a Charity Clothing Swap & Vegan Bake Sale for Humane Education.

    On Thursday, May 12 is Cats and Comedy: A Comedy Show Benefit for Ollie’s Place at Angels and Kings (the same spot where we throw Vegan Drinks).

    On Friday, May 13 is the Veggie Prom.

    And Sunday, May 15 is the NYC Veggie Pride Parade.

    Phew. Get out there and have some good vegan fun!

    (Are there events we’re missing? E-mail to let us know.)

  2. Adrien Zap with Shane. Her Picasa page features many more pictures of Shane, as well as of Dr. Sasaki, shelters, veterinary facilities, successfully and unsuccessfully rescued animals, devastated areas, and much more.

    Adrien Zap with Shane. Her Picasa page features many more pictures of Shane, as well as of Dr. Sasaki, shelters, veterinary facilities, successfully and unsuccessfully rescued animals, devastated areas, and much more.

    Adrien Zap is a veterinary technician currently deployed in Sendai as part of World Vets’ efforts in Japan, working alongside Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS).

    Zap was also on the Haiti campaign that we helped fund through Sodopreca, and is a Darwin Animal Doctors volunteer.

    She’s kind of busy these days, so this interview is an edited combination of questions she answered specifically for us and some more general material she prepared.

    Big thanks to Tod Emko for facilitating this interview, and to everyone who contributed to World Vets at Vegan Drinks last week!

    How large is your team? How many other teams are there?

    Adrien Zap: Our team consisted of three volunteers – myself and two volunteers from Animal Friends Niigata, one of the three Japanese NGOs that comprise JEARS. Isabella Gallaon-Aoki is the founder and director of Animal Friends Niigata, and was the coordinator and translator of our trip to Sendai.

    World Vets now has a Japanese-born veterinarian, Dr. Koji, who will be in Japan long-term to coordinate ongoing efforts with JEARS and Japanese animal welfare groups, and will provide direct veterinary care to animals in need. We are also collaborating with Dr. Kazumasu Sasaki, a Japanese veterinarian in Sendai, who is providing veterinary and rescue support to his community.

    What types of injuries/conditions are most common amongst the rescued animals?

    The most common injuries we saw were wounds associated with tsunami/earthquake debris. The animals were well-cared for prior to the disaster, were in good body condition and well fed. Dog breeds such as Shiba Inus and Akitas are also very common in Japan, and their thick warm coats helped them survive outside in the cold temperatures prior to being rescued.
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  3. Alice with a rescue

    Alice with a rescue

    When Alice Dietz moved to a neighborhood that was teeming with feral cats, she started utilizing the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program to help. TNR helps control the overall population of cats, reducing the number of cats that wind up in the overburdened sheltering system and ensuring cats on the street are as safe and healthy as possible. Alice’s work has also led her to rescue friendly cats who were dumped as well as cats trapped in hoarding conditions.

    I spoke with Alice about her work to help feral cats using the TNR program and the challenges she’s faced finding foster and adoptive homes for cats.

    SuperVegan: How did you get started with TNR?

    Alice Dietz: Feral cats first came to my attention about two years ago when I moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a neighborhood I now know has scores of feral cats. The reasons for this are many, but it largely comes from generations of irresponsible, or uninformed, pet owners who don’t spay or neuter their cats. When the cat “comes of age,” and goes into heat or starts spraying, at about 4 months of age, out the animal goes, “dumped” by the pet owner onto the street. Of course soon come the kittens, born outside, feral, un-socialized to humans. And these cats, domesticated animals dependent on people, are caught between being “wild,” and not wild enough. They do their best to survive, but the task is a daunting one for them, and generally speaking, it is a grim one.
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  4. Bold Native

    On Monday, July 26th, a low budget animal lib film screening at Anthology Film Archives became a fascinatingly larger phenomenon. Animal welfare personalities like Moby and Russell Simmons appeared, tons of disparate vegan groups showed up to table across the entire theater (the star being a rescued beagle from Azopharma’s animal testing laboratory who tabled for W.A.R.), and AR legend Andy Stepanian gave a speech in full ski mask gear about compassion in the face of animal testing horrors that made people weep openly. Needless to say, this type of thing doesn’t usually happen when a low budget, non-distributed, independent film about animal rights screens in the East Village. So why did it happen this time? In a nutshell, people flocked to the sold-out show because they heard it was excellent enough to warrant such a turnout, and they realized it was way past due for a film like it to be made and seen.

    Interestingly, there was never before a professionally-made narrative feature film about the growing world of animal liberation groups. Despite the sheer amount of political attention and defense budget that the Bush administration devoted to animal welfare groups, and despite the impressively unconstitutional nature of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act passed during the Bush era, scifi/horror movies like 12 Monkeys or 28 Days Later were the closest anyone’s come to an ALF movie. Enter Bold Native.
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  5. Tonight Animal Planet premieres a documentary about an undercover investigation of the largest puppy-selling retailer in the country, Petland.

    Puppy mills are exactly that – factories that churn out puppies for sale and keep female dogs constantly pregnant and in miserable conditions. Watch the show, tell your friends, and sign the HSUS Pledge to stop puppy mills. And if you’re looking for a new BFF, please, please adopt that special someone from your local shelter or rescue group.

    Click for more air dates on Animal Planet. More about Working Dog Productions, the cool folks behind the camera.