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  1. Do these delightful treats have what it takes to win Cupcake Wars? (Photo credit: Sticky Fingers Bakery)

    Do these delightful treats have what it takes to win Cupcake Wars? (Photo credit: Sticky Fingers Bakery)

    If you have the Food Network in your favorites list, as so many of us guilty vegans do, tune in tonight at 9PM EST to see Jenny Webb and Doron Petersan of D.C.’s all-vegan Sticky Fingers Bakery competing against three other non-vegan bakeries in a icing-topped pastry battle to the death on Cupcake Wars! According to the Cupcake Wars website, “Each week on Cupcake Wars, four of the country’s top cupcake bakers face off in three elimination challenges until only one decorator remains. The sweet prize: $10,000 and the opportunity to showcase their cupcakes at the winning gig.”

    Vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli took home the prize for her appearance on Cupcake Wars last year and has since been featured on Fran Drescher’s daytime talk show as well as in the New York Times. You can watch a promotional video for her episode on her website to get yourself pumped up for tonight’s competition. Will Sticky Fingers take home another crown for the vegan contingent?

    If you’re in the D.C. area, Breadsoda is having a viewing party from 8-10pm tonight (it’s probably too late to hop on the Fung Wah bus from NYC by now) with drink and food specials. You can also follow @stickyfingersdc on Twitter for the opportunity to win prizes during tonight’s broadcast. It’s vegan dessert madness, I tell you! And I, for one, will not be complaining when the cupcake revolution takes hold.

  2. Last month we had Earth Hour. We’re currently in the middle of Earth Week. And Wednesday is officially Earth Day. Which means there’s a lot going on!

    Farm Sanctuary is celebrating by pushing the plant-based diet from coast to coast. DC restaurant Bread & Brew is going vegan for Earth Day, thanks to Compassion Over Killing. And from 6-10pm, Green Drinks NYC and Earth Day New York are holding Earth Night, a fund-raiser/fete featuring an open bar, music and a fashion show. Get details and tickets ($20) here.

    Then on Friday and Saturday, the 19th Annual EarthFair will take place in Grand Central Station. There will be music, art, environmental exhibitions, food—and peeps from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary! Don’t miss it.

    As for me, I’ll be spending Earth Night at a temple in Brooklyn watching a screening of The Real Dirt on Farmer John. What about you?

  3. I'd bite too if this guy were dragging me out of bed.

    I’d bite too if this guy were dragging me out of bed.

  4. While watching the inauguration with my own agenda, that of the millions of animals killed for their fur, I was shocked but very pleased to see that Aretha Franklin wasn’t wearing ANY fur. Not a single tuft anywhere on her coat or hat, amazing. I once poked my head into her limo parked in Columbus Circle and explained to her why her wearing fur was cruel to animals…and offensive to me. So perhaps I should take full credit for her fashion choice today, ha! Though the coat she was wearing may have been wool. One step at a time I guess.

    Michele Obama and Jill Biden didn’t have a stitch of fur on either. Laura Bush wasn’t wearing any fur and she looked quite sophisticated in her gray ensemble (which may have been wool). Her daughters, the Bush twins, had no fur on and were actually wearing quite sensible coats (ok, maybe I’ll miss their shenanigans just a little bit).

    Lynne Cheney had a big fur collar on her coat, figures. Her husband hunts (both animals and people apparently) fer christ’s sake.

    But the worst violation of decency goes to Spike Lee’s wife, Tonya Lewis, who was wearing a big, grotesque fur. Spike’s not off the hook either; he sported a fur collar and a Yankees hat with fur lining. Did they “Do the Right Thing” and have some consideration before flaunting their wealth–and bad taste–during this recession? Not by a long shot.

  5. Join Compassion Over Killing for

    Join Compassion Over Killing for “Ask for Soy Milk Day” at Dunkin’ Donuts

    As mentioned earlier this week, it’s Free Iced Coffee Day (10am to 10pm) today at Dunkin’ Donuts nationwide and the DC-based Compassion Over Killing has dubbed it into a day of action with Ask for Soy Milk Day at Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Here’s two more Dunkin’ Donuts locations in NYC that serve soy milk. Stop by your local Dunkin’ Donuts today and politely ask for soy milk with your free iced coffee!! Or simply stop by the locations below to enjoy yours with soy!

    Dunkin’ Donuts by Penn Station
    Dunkin’ Donuts by Port Authority

    And the only Dunkin’ Donuts location that we knew of that serves soy milk:

    Dunkin’ Donuts in the East Village (2nd Ave and 10th St)