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  1. Yummy Indian Food

    Once a month, the Washington Post‘s “Chef on Call” plays matchmaker between civilians with food issues and professional chefs with solutions. In today’s edition, a sixty-something couple gets a course in gourmet Indian cooking courtesy Chef Nilesh Singhvi of D.C.’s Bombay Club.

    Sandra Gaffigan read The China Study and went vegan, but her steak-loving husband Jim has been tough to convert, especially with such tactics as a “kit for wheat berry chili that used eggplant as a meat substitute.” Unfortunately, Chef Singhvi’s food didn’t really do the trick for him either; after what sounds like an amazing feast of Fruit Chaat, Hara Kebab, Kadai Mushrooms, Moong Usal, Raita, and Khubani Ka Meetha, Jim remains unconvinced.

    But the rest of us get the boon of a bunch of great recipes, and a very mainstream article that treats veganism as totally normal, respectable, and healthy.

  2. Mark your calendars for this year’s Taking Action for Animals
    conference in Washington D.C. From July 28–30, an array of leading animal protection organizations such as the ASPCA and HSUS, to name only a few, will seek to motivate, inform and inspire through speakers and training workshops.

    Sign up for the e-mail list to stay up to date on new information as it becomes available, or e–mail HSUS for further details or to register. If you’ve been to the event in previous years please share your experience in the comments.

  3. Looking for more vegan Thanksgiving options? Join United Poultry Concerns for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Open House in Virginia on Saturday, Nov. 25, from 2 to 5pm. Just bring a vegan dish that will feed four people, and go!

    A few days before, UPC will lead a demonstration at the White House. Join the organization on Tuesday, Nov. 21, from noon to 4pm, at the Lafayette Park-South West Quadrant, and help educate people about the cruelty turkeys suffer before becoming the centerpiece of their holiday meal. There’s also mention of a vegan Thanksgiving celebration, but no details.

    To reserve a spot at the Open House or for more information about the demonstration, call 757-678-7875 or e-mail

  4. According to the Equal Justice Alliance, “In a late night move on Friday, AETA was added to the House Suspension Calendar for THIS Monday! This underhanded fast-track maneuver, like the one in the Senate, means that AETA will not have any debate…only an up/down vote.” The vote is scheduled to take place after 6:30pm.

    Please contact your representatives today (Sunday) and tomorrow morning, by phone, fax, and/or e-mail, and ask them to vote against HR 4239, S 3880 and to have it removed from the suspension calendar. The EJA provides a sample letter and talking points, as well as links to your representatives’ contact information.

    If you’re in the DC area, lobby against the AETA on Monday at 10am. For details, check out on Monday morning, or call 800-632-8688 or 202-468-4834.

  5. Bluegill.


    The BBC News reports that Bluegills are being used as the latest weapon in the war against terror. New York, Washington D.C., and San Francisco are now testing the municipal water supply on these critters. The fish are held captive in tanks into which a fresh supply of city drinking water is pumped several times a day. They are then monitored for signs of exposure to toxins, such as coughing.

    NYC bluegills recently detected a diesel fuel spill two hours before any Department of Environmental Protection device, but word on the street is they’re not too strong in the bomb, hyjacked planes, and anthrax detection areas.