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Category Archive: Date This Vegan

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  1. Date This Vegan #1: Randy from Brooklyn!

    Randy! Randy! Randy!

    Date This Vegan” is a regular SuperVegan column in which we feature a reader in the New York metro area who is not only hot and smart, but also VEGAN and looking for love.

    Meet Randy. He’s a 35-year-old, Brooklyn-based (Williamsburg, if you must know) writer who is letting us post his handsome face on the internet so he can meet vegan women.

    Here’s Randy’s totally unbiased self-assessment: “I just crossed the threshold of 25 years as a vegetarian. I went vegan six years later. The things that are most important to me: food, friends, music, my cat (well, most cats, really), and meaningful conversation. Cooking is my meditative act. Others tell me that I am the most cynical and/or sarcastic person they have ever met. I feel this just means they need to get out more. I grew up in Texas, but please do not hold this against me. I read like a banshee and enjoy film and comics. I am far more introverted than extroverted and have a gimp left leg that makes me look a bit like John Cleese and his silly walk as I meander down the street. I also have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with pickles, just so you know.”

    Are you a match for Randy? He thinks you should be “comfortable talking for hours about any and everything. Add to this your ability to beat me at Scrabble and I am fairly set to enjoy your company. I would enjoy someone who brought passion for doing/creating something (more than just your job) to the table. It would be best if you were not allergic to cats. Mega readers are always welcome though not required. You being compassionate toward others is a huge plus. If you mainly subsist on processed vegan convenience food, I’m guessing we will not be a great fit. Bonus points for world travelers.”

    Randy is a teetotaler these days, but it’s all right with him if you drink adult beverages. But, if you smoke cigarettes, please leave Randy alone.

    #1 Reason to Date Randy: He isn’t into all of that faux cheese stuff, so he’ll never finish off your package of Daiya.

    Contact Randy at We encourage you to send him a picture and tell him more about yourself than just your age and what you do for a living. Don’t get blue if Randy doesn’t respond — we imagine his inbox will be overflowing, and not just because he has the perfect first name to be featured in this column.

    Want to learn more about SuperVegan’s “Date This Vegan” column? Want to be featured in the column? Go here to read the fine print and fill out an application, hotstuff.

  2. SuperVegan wants to help you find a vegan luvah so that your married friends in Jersey will stop looking at you with pity.

    In our new regular feature, “Date This Vegan,” we will profile a SuperVegan reader in the New York metro area who is not only hot and smart, but also VEGAN. If you like what you see, send that hottie an email! If the hottie likes your use of perfect grammar, you just may find yourself on a date sharing a cone of cake batter softserve while staring into the eyes of an awesome someone who respects animal rights as much as you do.

    Want to be one of the pioneering vegans featured in the column? If yes, then we want to hear from you! Complete the application here. All of the sordid details and rules for finding love are included there.