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  1. ForAnimaPic

    Plant Based Solutions founder David Benzaquen

    Plant Based Solutions is a new consultancy offering sales and marketing advice to vegan food manufacturers, and also helping businesses that buy, sell, and serve food to offer more and better vegan options.

    Some food manufacturers PBS is working with include The Vegg, DF Mavens ice cream, Treeline Cheese, and Chicago Vegan Foods. You’ll get to try products from those companies and more at the Plant Based Solutions launch party along with a great menu (details below) from the always excellent Chickpea & Olive.

    The launch party will be held from 6-8:30pm on Saturday, January 12 at  Metropolitan Community Church of New York,  446 West 36th Street, between 9th & 10th Avenues, NYC.

    Plant Based Solutions founder David Benzaquen is a long-time vegan, and  has worked as a lobbyist and political organizer for various organizations, including three years at Farm Sanctuary. (Do you remember a guy who used to show up at Vegan Drinks dressed in a cow suit? That’s David!)

    I asked him a bunch of questions about PBS and Saturday’s event.

    Jason: Why start Plant Based Solutions now? Is the U.S. more ready for than this than we would have been, say, 5 years ago?

    pbs_logo2David: 2013 is the breakout year for veganism. The last few years have seen a huge jump in flexitarianism with the success of campaigns like Meatless Mondays. Now, as meat and dairy prices skyrocket, and Americans are becoming more aware of the impacts of a plant-based diet on health, the environment, and animal protection, veganism is on the rise like never before. Just weeks ago, the Values Institute at DGWB, a national consumer research institute predicted veganism to be one of the top 5 health trends of 2013. In their release, they said, “Last year’s rise of the flexitarians is foreshadowing a trend toward meatless eating and outright veganism, vegetarianism’s older brother. Look for herbivore-accommodating menus at restaurants on both coasts to start migrating to mid-America in 2013.”

    In addition, the market for vegan businesses has blossomed in recent years with major financial backers (like venture capital giant Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, and Byers) flooding the industry with funding for meat and dairy alternatives.

    Why are you the guy to start this company?

    Growing up in a family surrounded by people working in finance, I learned from an early age how to speak and think like a business person. I then was fortunate to spend years building friendships with hundreds of compassionate and strategic leaders in the animal protection and vegan food worlds. As someone with a background in lobbying (ethically) and community organizing, I know how to sell the purest product: ideas. Plant-Based Solutions is about helping to sell fantastic products and telling a story of a world in which doing good is good business. Continue Reading…

  2. via Google Street View

    via Google Street View

    If you can afford to pay $800 a square foot for a condo, this post is not for you. You do not deserve to win a pair of free two-day passes to The Seed, “a vegan experience” happening in Soho June 16 & 17. (I wrote a bit more about The Seed with our last contest)

    If, however, you would like to make fun of people who would pay that much to live in The Madison Jackson, please do so in a a comment below to be entered into our random drawing. We’ll pick a winner at 11:59 NYC time on Wednesday, June 13. I guess you can also say something nice, if you don’t want to make fun.

    What’s the Madison Jackson, you ask? It’s the not-really-vegan-thing everyone will be asking us vegans if we heard about this week. Expect to be asked “did you hear about the all-vegan apartment building?!” But of course it’s not that. It is a new residential development in an old schoolhouse on the waaaaay Lower East Side (not the cool part), that’s going for some kind of ritzy, health-consious, new-agey market, with an onsite Jivamukti Yoga Center (make sure to have your speakers on when you click that link), in-house nutrition counseling, and “24-hour room service from an on-site juice bar with vegan options”. And apparently the ceilings are really low. You can read more about it and the colorful folks behind it in The Wall Street Journal, Curbed, and DNA Info.

    For me, any ethical win this place might represent is undercut by the swimming pool having “separate gendered time slots to appeal to the Orthodox Jews in the area”. If they’re willing to encourage that kind of awful sexism to stay in business, I’m sure they’ll have no standards about maintaining social justice for non-human animals.

    The “show house” art show thing there might be worth a look, though.

    OK, fire away! Either at my misanthropy or the sad state of New York City as emblemized by the MJ. Make sure you use a working e-mail address with your comment (will not be made public) so we can contact you if you win.

  3. Darwin Animal Doctors Logo

    Darwin Animal Doctors will provide veterinary consultations and basic care for animals at OWS

    This is a general call for people to bring vegan dog food, vegan cat food, Frontline, and other pet supply donations to the Darwin Animal Doctors veterinary campaign at Occupy Wall Street this Sunday morning.

    Humans aren’t the only ones occupying Wall Street. Most people don’t realize that the dogs of Wall Street have been right there alongside their fellow human OWS protesters this whole time. Many of them being very active participants.

    (Photo from

    These furry companions have been living in an outdoor public space, shared by countless humans and other animals, where intense events and weather have been happening for weeks. Some of these animals and their human companions are homeless. A veterinary campaign to serve these loyal animals is long overdue.

    (Photo from

    On Sunday, October 30th, from 11am to 12pm, Darwin Animal Doctors (DAD) will hold a veterinary campaign at OWS’s Zuccotti Park, on the south side of the park, near the Medical Tent.

    DAD will provide two vet techs for animal consultations, and DAD volunteers will hand out basic necessities for the outdoor environment like flea/tick treatments, dog food, pamphlets on low-cost vet care resources for the city, and items like doggie beds to keep pets warm and comfortable in the park. But the supplies are limited, and DAD needs your help. At the campaign, DAD specifically need people to bring donations of more of the following to the park:

    – Vegan dog food
    – Vegan cat food
    – Frontline or any flea/tick treatment
    – Heartgard
    – Dog-sized blankets
    – Dog and cat toys
    – Doggie beds
    – Large tupperware containers to keep pet food sealed and protected from rodents

    It’s getting cold outside. Help these brave companions stay fed, healthy, and warm!

  4. Attention citizens of cyberspace!

    Though I can not see you or feel your presence, I’m sure you like to eat every now and then. It is with this in mind that I urge you to click on this link, move both eyes over to the new window that opens, whip out your plastic, and purchase some $20 promotional certificates to Madeleine’s Bistro. Why buy $20 worth of food credit? Because it only costs $10. In other words, you get to eat at LA’s finest, most delicious, and infrequently open restaurant for half off of 100% aka 50% off. This makes one of the cities more pricey vegan restaurants way more affordable. I just bought two (2!) and I might go back for seconds.

    Fine print via their facepage: No expiration, certificates are kept on file, redemption is limited to one certificate per customer per visit.

    Don’t live in LA? This is the perfect excuse to start planning a visit.

    Cause we love you.