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  1. Everything’s comin’ up Westside today! Chef David Anderson, of Madeleine Bistro fame, and one of The World’s Finest Vegan Chefs According To Moi will be opening a new sandwich, pasty and ice cream cafe in November. The location is currently undisclosed save for that it is “near the Westside Pavillion!” Whose boyfriend lives within walking distance of the Westside Pavillion? THIS GUY! This is the most amazing news my stomach has ever heard.

    Doing a little fundraising to “make it to the finish line” anyone can donate any amount of monies via until this Tuesday, October 18th. Donate 25 American Buckaroos and you’ll get a free dessert and a collectible button (Button? Really? I’ll pin it to my Manhattan Portage bag circa 1997). Donate $15K (if only!) and get a free dessert every month for a year, 2 invites to the private opening party, props in the shop and on the web, plus a cocktail party for 100 of your nearest and dearest (and me, pretty please) with Chef David as your caterer at your home or spot of choice. No mention of their fundraising goals, but my new goal is to get to November as quickly as possible. If you’ve never experienced the food at Madeleine Bistro (mainly because it’s a trek and currently has severely limited hours), put it at the top of your Vegan Gut List (aka as a food bucket list. Mine’s got Chicago Diner, everything in Portland, and fresh goods at the Vegan Treats Bakery). Yay, L.A!

  2. I grabbed this from VegNews, who may have gotten it from a stock photo site, and it might not be vegan. Just putting it all out there.

    I grabbed this from VegNews, who may have gotten it from a stock photo site, and it might not be vegan. Just putting it all out there.

    Guys. Didya hear? VegNews has been using stock photos of non-vegan food on their site and in their magazine as if they were vegan photos snapped by the mag’s staffers, QuarryGirl pointed out yesterday. Someone, start a riot! No, wait. Actually, before you cancel your subscription and torch their offices, let’s think about this.

    Let me start by saying that if you get their newsletter, read their magazine, or visit their website, you have to know that these are stock photos. Case in point, yesterday’s newsletter recipe for Vegan Peanut Sauce with Spinach & Tomatoes includes this photo of peanuts next to a jar of peanut butter that is so obviously not the recipe. (Side-ish note: I’ve always been a little frustrated by their recipe photos for this reason: I have no clue what this thing is supposed to look like when it’s done because they sent me this ridiculously untelling stock photo.)

    And if you know they’re using stock photos and you gave it any thought, you’d probably conclude that these can’t all be vegan stock photos. I mean, when was the last time you bumped into a vegan stock photo site? If you have, please tell me, because I might like to use it.

    Then, you little detective, you, maybe you flip through your other magazines because, hey, VegNews can’t be the only publication that uses stock photos, and there, more stock photos. As Erik Marcus points out on, pretty much every magazine uses stock photos here and there as a matter of practicality.

    Thing is, VegNews doesn’t say, anywhere, ever, that they’re using stock photos, and yet we have to assume they wanted us to think this was vegan food, in some cases, that they photographed. Which makes you feel a little deceived, doesn’t it? It wasn’t just one time, either; as bloggers I think we’ve all made the mistake of forgetting to credit someone’s Flickr photo, YouTube video, or whatever, and then one of your co-bloggers gently reminds you and you fix it and you try not to do it again. But VN has done this repeatedly. And as QuarryGirl commenter kristin, who says she was a short-time copy editor at VN, notes, she brought the meaty photo problem to their attention when she worked there, and they ignored it. Continue Reading…

  3. There’s more daily deal services than you can shake a stick at these days (Groupon, Living Social, Scoutmob, KGB Deals, Tippr, BuyWithMe, etc.). It’s not uncommon for them to offer deals for vegan-friendly restaurants or “green” businesses. And while they push a lot of crap, I’ve been happy to snap up Groupons for cheaper food at Maoz Vegetarian, Terri, Pure Food and Wine, Cocoa V, and Foodswings over the last year or so.

    Anyway, there’s a new kid on the block, MindBodyGreen. For now, they’re NYC only, but they’re planning to launch in other cities. To quote them, “MindBodyGreen New York brings its members great deals on the best healthy and green experiences in New York. If we like the yoga classes at a studio, the organic products at a spa, or the eco-chic clothing at a boutique, our members will too! Living healthier and greener just got easier – and at a great price.”

    If that sounds good to you, go sign up. You can tell their heart is in the right place because their graphic design is terrible. If you’re just a cheap food-eating person like me, you might want to join, too–two of the deals they’ve got up right now are for Gustorganics and Vegan Divas cookies.

    Of course, remember your three “R”s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I’m pretty sure most of what you’ll get via MindBodyGreen won’t help you with any of these. But maybe it will help you spend less money on greener things than you would otherwise spend it on.

  4. The UK Telegraph reports that the United Nations International Panel of Sustainable Resource Management has a new report calling the food animal industry a major contributor to harmful climate change, comparable only to fossil fuel consumption.

    Old news to most vegans, sure, but it always helps when big, trusted organizations impartial to animal-rights come out with this stuff.

    Though the Telegraph trumpets “meat,” it does sound like the UN report also blames the dairy industry (unlike Food, Inc.!). And it’s nice to see some thoughts about systematic economic incentivizing:

    Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, said … “The Panel have reviewed all the available science and conclude that two broad areas are currently having a disproportionately high impact on people and the planet’s life support systems—these are energy in the form of fossil fuels and agriculture, especially the raising of livestock for meat and dairy products.”

    Mr Steiner said governments could encourage people to eat less meat by reforming the system of taxes and subsidies so vegetarian food is cheaper.

    “Smart market mechanisms, more intelligent fiscal policies and creative policy-making are among the options for internalising the costs of unsustainable patterns. Some tough choices are signalled in this report, but it may prove even more challenging for everyone if the current paths continue into the coming decades,” he added.

    (The Telegraph‘s link-free old media approach makes it hard to provide any supporting details, and the UN IPSRM’s own site doesn’t seem to mention the report yet.)

  5. Patrick Kwan, who once referred to this couch as a

    Patrick Kwan, who once referred to this couch as a “straight person couch”, has previously lamented the difficulty of finding a vegan roommate. I swear my couch is comfortable and welcoming to all sexual orientations!

    Am I crazy to think I can find a vegan roommate in New York City these days? How many of you live with other vegans? Did you try to have a vegan household and fail? How much of a priority is it for you? Me, I’m going a little bananas over the issue.

    I’ve got a really nice place, for a reasonable price, in a nice part of Brooklyn. Just finding a roommate in general would not be that hard. But I’ve lived in a vegan house for many years now (longer than I’ve even been strictly vegan myself), and I’ve gotten pretty used to it. It really means a lot to me to live with another vegan. Not someone who is kind-of-sort-of willing to try to maybe be vegan in the house if that’s the only way they can get the nice apartment. Believe me, Craigslist is hooking me up with plenty of such folks. And with even more who contact me without even mentioning the vegan thing (which is quite prominent in my listing). Does that mean they’re so vegan they don’t even think it’s worth mentioning? Or does it mean they’re too lazy or inconsiderate to even bother addressing the issue?

    Obviously, not just any vegan will do; all the other stuff that makes a good match applies. They’ve got to tolerate my landgrabbing record collection, my curious cats, and my allergy to dirty dishes. But in exchange I’m willing to put up with all manner of idiosyncrasies from them, as long as we basically get along. That’s what roommates is all about, right? (Well, and splitting the bills.) I’d settle for Felix and Oscar. I know we can’t all be as tight as this odd couple:

    So, what do you think? Should I give up? Do you have any encouraging or discouraging war stories to tell (either about the cutthroat NYC market or elsewhere)? And most importantly, do you know anyone who might be good for moving in with me? All the details are here.