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Category Archive: Education & Schools

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  1. I was down in Battery Park earlier today and saw this very cool exhibit by PETA.

    Human-size banner after banner lines the walkway on the Battery Place side of the inside of the park (across from the National Museum of the American Indian), and the content is top-notch: Analogous human and animal suffering is shown in each panel, from slavery to experimentation to mutilation to slaughter and more. There’s also an interesting collection of quotes demonstrating that the way we once justified mistreating humans sounds eerily similar to the way people justify animal use and abuse today.

    Whatever you think of PETA, this is a standout exhibit. In the little time that I was there, lots of people stopped to read the panels, and you could see that they were really having an impact. I highly recommend checking it out. It’s in Columbus Circle on Monday, Union Square Tuesday and Wednesday, and Battery Park Thursday and Friday, usually from 10am to 4:30pm, depending on the weather.

    It’s so nice to see all of this open-air activism going on around the city!

  2. Galapaganean locals paint canvas shopping bags at an anti-plastic bag campaign we helped out at

    Galapaganean locals paint canvas shopping bags at an anti-plastic bag campaign we helped out at

    From September to December 2008, the vegan conservation group Sea Shepherd waged a fight to protect the ecosystem and all the animals of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. This blog recounts what happened in that time, serving for the group.

    The post below describes one of the biggest arguments the locals had against Sea Shepherd’s involvement in Galapagos.

    My goal was to make sure no more animals would have to share the fate of my poor Nikki Wolf. We’re currently working with locals to try to find a sensible way to raise funding for the building of a proper permanent clinic/hospital.

    There was just one more major obstacle in the way of massive public support for the things we were trying to do.

    Argument 4: Other Social Problems

    This argument came up every time the issue of trying to promote animal welfare came up to an educated audience with means.

    4: “Save the ecosystem?! How dare you try to help animals and the environment before solving all the human issues like education!”

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  3. Sustainable Pratt Logo

    The event is sponsored by Sustainable Pratt

    Think we’re insufferable online? Wait til you meet us in person! We’ll be tabling at Pratt Institute’s third Annual Green Week, tomorrow, Friday April 3, 2009, from 11am to 6pm. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello.

    Pratt is in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Probably best to enter the campus at Dekalb and Hall Street. (The directions section of Pratt’s website is an unlinkable abomination, sorry). It’s a really nice campus with a bunch of great outdoor sculptures and classy buildings.

    Unfortunately it will probably be too cold to bring our dunking booth to the fair. Patrick and Olivia are trying to talk me into us doing a kissing booth, but I’m not sure that’s appropriate for our wholesome image. Pratt students are kinda hot, though…

    Patrick will also be representing the Humane Society of the United States. Other groups/vendors tabling include Red Jacket Orchards, Siggi’s Skyr (boo!),, Bobolink Farms Dairy (boo!), the Nutbox, and Rick’s Picks.

    Update: Yes, it’s raining, so we won’t be outside–the whole thing will be inside the Student Union.

  4. Heather Mills in the Bronx on Saturday

    Heather Mills in the Bronx on Saturday

    Heather Mills has donated $1 million worth of vegan food to the Hunts Point Alliance for Children. The food will be distributed to impoverished children in Hunts Point, Bronx. Mills kicked off the donation with a vegan barbecue over the weekend, and was awarded a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by Congressman Jose Serrano.

    Sure, it’s cynical ploy for good publicity, but if only all celebrities would rehabilitate their reputations through such vegan-friendly methods! You can’t deny the real benefit to the animals and the school children.

  5. Grab the Tofu Pups!

    Grab the Tofu Pups!

    Tomorrow evening, animal advocates Jasmin Singer (Farm Sanctuary) and Marisa Miller Wolfson (Kind Green Planet), the duo who bought us Veganism 101, will lead a workshop called Where the Women’s, Gay, and Animal Liberation Movements Intersect at The New School. I’ll be on the panel pushing my queer vegan anthology book project and learning from the other way more qualified speakers. Hope to see you.

    (See our NYC Vegan Events Calendar for details on this event and more.)