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Category Archive: Education & Schools

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  1. northwestern

    Northwestern kicks NYU’s ass.

    NYU has canceled its monthly vegan night at Hayden Dining Hall. They’ll still offer some monthly vegan options alongside their regular dining hall food; apparently they missed the part where those of us disgusted by animal cruelty tend to lose our appetites in the presence of animal corpses. Not to mention that the only reason we flocked to eat their crappy dining hall food was the novelty of being able to eat everything.

    NYU’s got some kind of stupid excuse about “accomodating everyone,” as if it’s a burden for the poor omnivores to be served food that is better for their health, animals, and the environment for one night a month in one of many dining halls. According to NYU animal rights club SEAL, you can tell NYU how dumb this is, and ask them to bring back vegan night, by calling 212-995-3030 or emailing .

    Not surprisingly, NYU didn’t even make the list in peta2’s poll of the most vegetarian-friendly colleges. #1 was Northwestern; see the whole list here.

  2. cafeteria food

    I just can’t find this stuff appetizing, even when it’s vegan.

    It’s yet another peta2 contest! This time they want to know the most veg-friendly college. The winning school will get a big peta2-sponsored party, and those who vote will have a chance to win a prize pack full of peta2 swag.

    NYU was nominated, which I can’t say impresses me too much, unless things have really changed in the three years since I graduated. I mean, sure, NYU has those monthly vegan dinners, but I couldn’t even bring myself to eat that mass-produced cafeteria stuff on a monthly basis, let alone daily.

    On the plus side, the neighborhood is overflowing with vegan options… but that’s hardly to NYU’s credit.

    Anyway, place your votes here.

    Update 11/20/06: And they’ve announced the winners!

  3. Dave Warwak

    Dave Warwak, recent convert

    Last month, art teacher Dave Warwak was fired from Fox River Grove Middle School in Illinois. A vegan since January, he was either just giving the kids some honest info about his beliefs, or else fanatically attempting to convert them to his cause.

    Warwak himself says that teaching kids to appreciate life is part of teaching them to appreciate art. Hmmm, okay. He also incorporated animal rights themes into art assignments, which, given the weird shit my high school art teacher came up with, doesn’t seem too out of line. (Although someone may want to point out that the Peeps used in his animal cruelty display aren’t vegan). It is, after all, a teacher’s job to get kids to think.

    But he probably didn’t win many to his side by asking the students to keep his proselytizing from their parents, accusing the school district of child endangerment for serving milk, and threatening not to return to work unless they eliminated animal products from the school menu. There’s a way to win friends and influence people, Mr. Warwak, and that’s not it.

  4. The Jacksonville, Florida school district is reviewing the inclusion of Carolyn Mackler’s Vegan Virgin Valentine in the school library. Angry parents object to the copious use of “the f-word,” but what they should really be pissed about is the book’s ignorant use of the v-word.

    When VVV‘s 17-year-old heroine Mara gets dumped, she looks for something new to obsess over besides her ex. And “veganism made sense. It’s all-consumingly obsessive.” In the end, Mara loses her virginity and her veganism, though she does remain vegetarian (no longer a “starving person”). Mackler is also the author of The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, so take this vegan-as-OCD with a big round grain of salt. But while Mackler clearly misses the point, it’s nice to see a smart veg heroine in a book marketed to teen girls, where vegetarianism is about three times as popular as in the larger population. I mean, fuck.

  5. Join the newest SuperVegan on the block, Jasmin Singer, who is a certified holistic health counselor trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and her buddy Marisa Miller, the Animal Projects Coordinator for Global Green Foundation for their workshop “Veganism 101: Personal to Global”. The talk covers “the hows and whys of being vegan, including nutrition, ethics, lifestyle, and then some” and skeptics are encouraged to attend. It’s happening at the NYU Kimmel Center tomorrow evening so if you have plans, cancel them–this is a Village Voice Choice after all.

    Tuesday, Feb. 20. 7pm. NYU’s Kimmel Building, 60 Washington Square South, Room 802. Bring ID. A,C,E,B,D,F to West 4th Street.