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  1. Hello all you compassionate people! Do you like vegan food, LUSH products, tripod dogs, massages, facials, world-saving jewelry, and videos of fatty puppies and kittens and sea lions? Come this Sunday to the Darwin Animal Doctors (DAD) Charity Pot Party by LUSH on the Upper West Side!

    DAD is planning a December campaign in the Galapagos Islands, with a vet and two vet techs, to treat as many animals of Galapagos as possible before the Christmas holiday, and to spread as much humane education as possible. And before we embark on this trip, we’ll be supporting as many animals displaced or hurt by Hurricane Sandy as possible. To fundraise for all these efforts, LUSH is giving us a Charity Pot Party this Sunday.

    Darwin Animal Doctors’ Spokesdog Piggy (left), taking care of Sneakers (middle) and Tobie (right), two displaced doggies from Hurricane Sandy

    If you come, you can learn how LUSH helps to fund activism and causes like DAD’s humane education program in Galapagos, and watch videos of our work and humane education on the islands. Stay to get a massage for charity, enjoy a facial by LUSH, eat delicious bake sale items, meet our spokesdoggy Piggy, enter a LUSH raffle, and peruse our merchandise, including hand-made jewelry that locals on Galapagos have recycled from paper, plastic, and other waste on Galapagos. Proceeds will go to help fund our December campaign, as well as rescue efforts in post-hurricane NYC.

    And most importantly, no one leaves a LUSH store or event without smelling AWESOME. See you there!

    Where: LUSH, Broadway btwn W 76th and W 77th Sts.
    When: Sunday, November 11th, from 1pm to 5pm
    What: Massage chair (gas permitting transport of the chair), facials, LUSH raffle, sweet and savory bake sale items, hand-made Galapagos jewelry, merchandise with cute animals, and a tripod dog!
    Facebook Page:

  2. Following our first Occupy Wall Street Veterinary Campaign, the developing needs of the animals accompanying the humans of Zuccotti Park became very clear.

    (Photo by Jen Ross)

    As the weather gets colder, and the streets become harsher, we discovered that dogs Occupying Wall Street were in immediate need of dog boots. Also, as the outdoors become less hospitable, fleas and parasites start to gravitate towards warm bodies, and we need to stop any potential foothold that fleas and internal worms may otherwise get in such cramped camping conditions.

    (Photo by Dayna R)

    Darwin Animal Doctors will be at Occupy Wall Street again this Friday night, and we’ll need your help to serve the dogs everything they need! Details:

    Darwin Animal Doctors Occupy Wall Street Campaign Part 2
    When: Friday, November 4, 7:00pm setup, vet arrives at 7:30pm
    Where: Zuccotti Park, next to the Medical tent
    What to Bring: If you want to help, we have a continuing need for:
    – Dog boots
    – Flea/tick treatments
    – De-worming medicine
    – Vegan dog food
    – Dog blankets
    – Vaccines for dog issues like kennel cough.

    If you can bring them that day, that’s great. Otherwise, if you have these items, you can email tod at to coordinate a pickup or mailing.

    These animals deserve all the care we can give them, while they are in our domain!

    (Photo by Dayna R)

    Thanks everyone!

  3. Despite what a lot of people think, being vegan doesn’t mean you’re healthy—it’s very easy to be a vegan junk food junkie. So every once in a while, after doing some fairly consistent damage, I go on a cleanse. Recently I tried Kaeng Raeng, detox drinks in powder form that first saw the light of day in founder and CEO Lindsay Reinsmith’s kitchen, when she was trying to lose weight. I caught up with Reinsmith and asked her to give me the skinny on her stuff.

    Your site says Kaeng Raeng is “committed to veganism,” and a portion of your sales benefit The Humane Society of the United States. How important is veganism to your company?

    As an animal rights activist and a vegan, it’s important for me to have a product and a company that match my personal interests and to support these organizations. But it’s also important to put a face and a person behind Kaeng Raeng; it’s not made in China by a giant corporation with offshore customer service. We’re a small business in Northern California, and we care greatly about the quality of our product and about helping people see the health and beauty that come from a plant-based diet.

    Where does the name come from? Continue Reading…