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  1. When I moved from Brooklyn Heights to Long Island last summer with my husband, infant son and dog, I had my share of What did I do? moments when it came to finding some decent vegan food and community. There are foodie gems and lovely peeps out here for sure, but it’s few and far between. Imagine my excitement when I saw that the Island would be having it’s first Animal Rights and VegFest, so there it sat firmly bracketed off on my calendar for the day to arrive yesterday.

    The vendor area

    I pulled up to the venue, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington, at around 12:30pm and was immediately redirected to a school parking lot down the street since on-site parking was filled. The exhibitor area was outside on the church grounds, and shortly after arriving, the skies opened up and those of us without umbrellas took refuge under tents. Some exhibitors without tents grew discouraged by their ruined literature and left for the day, but those who were sheltered stuck around. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary co-founder Jenny Brown’s interrupted presentation was quickly moved inside into the church, and volunteers made their rounds to let attendees know. Marilyn Chiarello, a certified raw vegan chef, educator and healthy lifestyle coach manning her Taste of Light table, kindly lent me her umbrella as I connected with friends and visited tables. The rain cleared up shortly afterward prompting some attendees who milled around with their dogs looking for paper towels to clean muddy paws.

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  2. livegfest.jpgThis Saturday, July 13th, the first Long Island Animal Rights & VegFest will be held at The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington. Hosted by local animal rights group Karuna for Animals: Compassion in Action, the event will run from 10am-7pm and feature an art show, auction, musical performances and animal adoptions. The speaking schedule commencing at noon will include a couple of the usual suspects including Jenny Brown, co-founder of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, author and educator Victoria Moran plus Jennifer Greene, organizer of the Vegan Long Island Meetup, and Demosthenes Maratos, Communications Director at the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College.

    Organizer Erica Settino expects a good showing of Long Islanders as well as folks from NYC and New Jersey to make it to the event, the purpose of which is to build community and encourage attendees to “make the connection,” principles on which Settino founded non-profit Karuna for Animals. All proceeds from the event will be going to the organization.

    For attendees eager to try or who are fans of 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe Farmingdale’s vegan offerings, some of those favorites will be sold by Jay Astafa from 2pm-6:30pm (cash only). Jay will be preparing the food in an open kitchen since logistics issues is preventing the event from having originally scheduled live cooking demos. Astafa also recently posted his menu on the event’s Facebook page.

    Admission to the event,  which will take place indoors and outdoors, costs $5 for adults and is free for children under 12, who can enjoy a playground on premise plus a kiddie corner with face painting, crafts and music. Details on location and the schedule of events can be found on Karuna’s website. For those traveling via public transportation, head to the Huntington LIRR station and take a cab.

  3. veganshop

    Brooklyn vegans are gearing up for another Vegan Shop-Up this Saturday, July 13th at Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick from Noon – 6pm. Get your post-brunch shopping on, enjoy a bloody mary or three and spend your hard earned cash on food, eco-friendly clothing, handbags, body care and much more. Plus, admission is free! The event gets busy fast and space is tight, so arrive early. Just hop on the L train to Morgan Ave.

    Whoever makes these Vegan Shop-Up flyers has been killing it recently. Look at that funky lettuce! It totally doesn’t have to worry about sharks.

  4. mfahotdogWhen I was 3, my mom tried to coax me into eating a hot dog by slicing it up and creating a circle of cruel, gross chemical-y death around a glob of ketchup in the middle of my plate. “They’re Indians around a campfire,” she told me. I threw the biggest tantrum a 3-year-old can manage (which is pretty darn big), and haven’t eaten a hot dog of the meat variety since. While veggie dogs are a different story, I still maintain that hot dogs are one of the most vile “foods” in existence, and can’t fathom why anyone would want to eat as many as they can in ten minutes, but I guess it’s the American way…or something.

    So, if you’re feeling more in the mood for a protest than patriotic this 4th of July, consider joining Mercy For Animals in protesting the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest in Coney Island. Signs, banners and leaflets will be provided and MFA’s inflatable hot dog puppy (pictured) will make an appearance. The group will meet on the corner of Stillwell Ave. and W. 16th Street at 10:30am. MFA requests that attendees dress “professionally” as there will be media coverage.

    When it comes to being vegan in Coney Island, I don’t have to tell you that the dining options are limited to pretty much french fries. There’s no dining establishment in Coney Island’s amusement district that caters to vegans, and when I inquired about veggie dog options with a member of Luna Park‘s staff, I was told that anywhere in Luna Park that sells hot dogs sports a Nathan’s logo. However, when it comes to vegan products of the non-food variety in Coney, Lola Star is doing her part to minimize cruelty. The boutique owner recently switched the sunscreen her stores sell to a brand that doesn’t test on animals and will soon be offering cruelty-free nail polish. And if you’re joining MFA in their protest on Thursday, you just might need some sunscreen!

    Do you have any vegan tips for visiting Coney Island? Feel free to share!

  5. SuperVegan was on hand for the Mercy for Animals hosted Free to Be: A Night for the Animals in the Hamptons on the evening of Saturday, June 22.

    (photo by Jenni Rempel)

    (Photo by Jenni Rempel.)

    Attendees were promised the chance to “meet and mingle with leaders from the entertainment, political, and animal protection communities” and MFA did not disappoint.

    Looking around the room, I saw NBA champion John Salley, CNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell, MFA’s Nathan Runkle & Eddie Garza, designers Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart & Joshua Katcher, choreographer James Koroni, Cody Carlson, a former undercover investigator for MFA who exposed rampant abuse inside factory farms (you may have seen Carlson in a recent Daily Show segment on ag-gag laws), lighting and production designer John BroderickDefeat Christine Quinn campaigner Donny Moss, art curator Robert Aloia, Our Hen House‘s Liz Dee, writer Nell Alk, DJ Stretch ArmstrongSuite ThreeOhSix‘s Daphne Cheng, among other guests I likely pushed out of the way to get to the desserts.

    L-R: Eddie Garza, Tim Terhaar, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Joshua Katcher, X  (photo Derek Goodwin, in case you can't read that giant watermark)

    L-R: Eddie Garza, Tim Terhaar, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Joshua Katcher, and James Koroni. (Photo by Derek Goodwin, in case you can’t read the giant watermark.)

    dessert table

    (Photo by Jenni Rempel.)

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