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  1. Darth Puppy

    I’d encourage you to do something vegan to celebrate World Vegan Day, but you do everything vegan everyday anyway. However, while its not officially part of the philosophy, we all know that what vegans are really good at is arguing. So, it being right after Halloween: dogs in costumes. Cute, cruel, exploitative, charming, inappropriate, demeaning? What do you think?

    If you just want to see more dogs in costumes, check out Gothamist’s coverage of Pups on Parade at Tompkins Square Park. If you have other favorite pics, post links in the comments.

    The only dog I saw dressed up this year was at the Library (not actually a library) at 2am last night. A chihuahua dressed in leather to go with his leather daddy human. So not vegan. (If you can’t see the poll below, click here to vote.)

  2. World Vegan Day

    Today is the 13th annual World Vegan Day, which celebrates the foundation of the Vegan Society in 1944 and the coining of the word “vegan.”

    Activists in Britain are campaigning for legal definitions of the words “vegan” and “vegetarian” and for more vegan pizza (they’re totally jealous of us New Yorkers).

    Plenty of celebrations are happening around the world; check out ActiVeg or the Vegan Society for event listings. (New Yorkers: the American Vegan Society will be celebrating on Saturday, November 17, from 1pm – 4pm at Candle 79.)

    Today’s a good day to get your non-veg friends a Vegetarian Starter Kit or a Why Vegan. Just remember to soften them up with some good food first.

    Oh yeah, and happy All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, and Halloween-hangover-recovery day! (Maybe we should’ve chosen a less crowded date for our holiday…?)

  3. Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead from all of us at Team SuperVegan! We’ve been busy in our lairs and dungeons and mad science labs, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the New York City Vegan Restaurant Graveyard. This is a special section of our site providing an eternal resting place for all the restaurants in our database that have closed. Old reviews remain visible, and you can still leave new ones– eulogize your martyred heroes and curse your vanquished foes in the war for decent eats.

    Some notable recent additions include Zen Palate’s Union Square location (they just closed, citing an “unreasonable rent increase”) and Brooklyn Heights mainstay The Green’s.

    The Graveyard is currently populated with places that have closed since we started SuperVegan in early 2006. Over time, we may add older places that live on in our hearts. (O Bachué! O Helianthus! How I miss thee!) Where do restaurants go when they die? Now you know.

    Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

  4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bombs: Can you tell the original and the knock-off apart?

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Bombs: Can you tell the original and the knock-off apart?

    Jordana Rothman at Time Out New York has a fun story tracing the “clone rangers” and spin-offs of various popular NYC institutions. For example, alums of the tourist deathspot Magnolia Bakery spawned Buttercup Bake Shop, Billy’s Bakery, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and Little Cupcake Bakeshop. (None are vegan-friendly, so check out Babycakes for your sugar fix instead.) Surely we have something just like this in the veggie world.

    Vegetarian’s Paradise 2 went through the trouble (and expense) of trademarking their “World Famous Crispy Soul Chicken” after a former chef left to open Vegetarian Palate in Park Slope, Brooklyn and ripped-off the West Village mainstay’s signature dishes such as Peking Spareribs and Mango Chicken.

    A former chef at Gobo ripped-off not only the fancy restaurant’s recipes and menu, but also a part of its decor – the collages of dried ingredients – when he opened Wild Ginger on the border of Chinatown and Wild Ginger Brooklyn in Williamsburg.

    In Philly, Gianna’s Grille rips off Danielle Konya’s VeganTreats and tries to peddle their knock-offs with an air of authenticity with words such as “original,” “signature,” and get this: “Gianna’s vegan treats are available exclusively at Gianna’s! Accept no substitute!” (The lovely Danielle used to supply her cakes to Gianna’s.) Even more scandalous though: after telling their customers for years that they used a secret formula for their unbelievably meltable and stretchable soy cheese, Gianna’s Grille was exposed to have maliciously lied about their soy cheese being vegan. Though they now claim that everything labeled vegan on their menu is really indeed vegan, many vegans in the know still avoid and boycott the restaurant like the plague.

  5. Veg Greenpointers and American History buffs have reason to celebrate in the recently opened William Taft Vegetarian Diner. It’s the only all-vegetarian eatery in the ‘hood, and the first Greenpoint restaurant we’ve added to our restaurant guide. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner food simultaneously from 8am til Midnight, and bake their own muffins, cakes and pies on premises.

    Though the WTVD was named after the 27th president on a whim, the Taft theme runs throughout. Upon walking in the place, diners are confronted by a huge freestanding bathtub full of the jelly beans–an ironic meeting of the girthy president’s favorite food and mortal enemy. (Taft was trapped in the White House tub several times before a huge custom one was installed.) The menu features cheeky dish names like “Fantaftic sandwich” and the “Whoa, Nellie Taft!” salad (named after the first lady). The diner also has a mustachioed logo, as Taft was the last prez to sport porntaftic facial hair.

    The atmosphere at the WTVD is pretty low-key (fluorescent lights, linoleum tiles, the restroom in a curtained-off back room full of “mess” which a sign says was blessed by God), but the friendly punk biker kids working there and the old-time Greenpoint locals who drop by add flavor and distinction.

    Check out their myspace page to find out about their upcoming back-room movie screenings which start next week. Apparently you can BYOB, thought Taft might not have approved. Go eat there, then leave a review on SuperVegan!