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  1. Isa's in town!

    Isa’s in town!

    Find these and more events in our calendar.

    Monday, 6/1

      Vegan Brunch release party: Celebrate the release of Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s latest and brunchiest cookbook with vegan sausage and pink grapefruit mimosas made by the lovely lady herself. Free.
      MooShoes, 7 p.m.
      78 Orchard St., between Grand and Broome streets

    Tuesday, 6/2

    Wednesday, 6/3

      The New York City Bar offers a free program on puppy mills and puppy mill legislation in New York. Register before hopping over. Free.
      6-9 p.m., New York City Bar
      42 W. 44th St., between 5th and 6th avenues
      The second episode of The Goode Family airs at 9 p.m. on ABC. I didn’t find the first episode to be overwhelmingly hilarious, but as a friend of mine said, “Considering this is a Mike Judge cartoon, it will get better if it manages to survive, because it will stop laying on the obvious. King of the Hill, for example, was never meant to be a laughing-out-loud affair, and it eventually managed to amusingly reconcile certain aspects of that particular culture war.”

    Thursday, 6/4

      Edible landscaping workshop at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Learn to grow things in your tiny Brooklyn apartment that you can eat! Free. Register in advance.
      6-8 p.m., Brooklyn Botanic Garden
      1000 Washington Ave.

    Saturday, 6/6

      Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s Shindig 2009 features six speakers, including Brian Shapiro of the Ulster County SPCA and Amie Hamlin of the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. $10.
      12-6 p.m., Catskill Animal Sanctuary
      316 Old Stage Rd., Saugerties, NY
  2. If only the show were vegan, then they'd be cookin'!

    If only the show were vegan, then they’d be cookin’!

  3. Victimless Leather, part of the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit at MoMA.

    Victimless Leather, part of the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit at MoMA.

    Some things that raise interesting questions have been collecting in my browser tabs bar. I thought I’d share them with you.

    • There’s a thorough post over at U.S. Food Policy about the scope of meat in rising food costs. It takes into account the rising cost of animal feed (and competition from the biofuels industry) and also the dramatic increases in meat consumption, especially in developing nations.
    • A turtle named Myrtle, who was well known in the backyards of her block in Williamsburg was painted pink, presumably by some construction workers. It became quite a local “human interest” story. It seems like Myrtle will be OK, which is great, but I’m sure that most of those sympathizing with her story would have no moral qualms eating turtle soup.
    • I’ve been noticing a similar disconnect in regards to Eight Belles, the racehorse who was driven to her death last week at the Kentucky Derby. The mainstream seems sort of upset about the abuse and effective murder of Eight Belles, but not really enough to realize that horse racing can be just as evil as their favorite bugaboo, dog fighting.
    • And finally, Paola Antonelli, a curator at the Museum of Modern Art has “killed” a piece by artists Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr called Victimless Leather. The tiny jacket-shaped object/creature was made of mouse stem cells and was kept alive via a nutrient tube. It (I actually feel OK using an inanimate pronoun here) grew faster than expected and clogged its own life-support system. Says Antonelli:
      [It] started growing, growing, growing until it became too big. And [the artists] were back in Australia, so I had to make the decision to kill it. And you know what? I felt I could not make that decision. I’ve always been pro-choice and all of a sudden I’m here not sleeping at night about killing a coat…That thing was never alive before it was grown.

      I wonder how Antonelli thinks other “things” become alive?