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Category Archive: Humor & Comedy

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  1. If you watch or read or listen to the news, you may have recently heard the story about the woman who sent a stripper to her high school reunion in her place, and had a film crew document the whole thing. But did you know that woman is SuperVegan’s own Andrea Wachner?

    The actual reunion went down a few years ago, but the media storm is now–Andrea is the focus of a gazillion news items and blog posts–and will reach a fever pitch next Monday, May 11,, um, Tuesday, May 12 (they keep bumping the segment; who knows, sigh…) when Andrea and and Cricket the stripper sit down with Diane Sawyer on the Good Morning America couch.

    Join Team SuperVegan in congratulating Andrea on the world finally catching on to how awesome she is! You can say you read her blog posts way back when. Oh, and here’s the trailer for the movie:

  2. The indomitable Dr. G

    The indomitable Dr. G

    Just by being vegan, we eat a much healthier diet than if we were omnis or even vegetarians. But there’s always new information waiting to be discovered. Is spirulina good for you? Is MSG harmful? Which are healthier, red onions or white ones? The answers to these and more probing questions await you in two new nutrition DVDs from Dr. Michael Greger, director of public health and animal agriculture for HSUS.

    In Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2007, Dr. G reveals horrifying facts such as that we might already have cancer cells growing within us in the womb (yikes!). The good news is that by eating well, we can slow down their growth; only three spinach leaves a day can make a difference! (I did not know that.) Other gems: As far as lung cancer’s concerned, one joint is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Spirulina and blue green algae contain neurotoxins that can lead to Alzheimer’s. A handful of nuts a day can cut your cardiac risk in half. And the good doctor has this to say about the fiber-loving ways of vegans: “Vegans are just regular people.” Argh! (Actually, I enjoy his corny sense of humor. I hope you do too, because the DVDs are rife with it!) Continue Reading…

  3. April Fool’s Round-Up

    Filed under: Humor & Comedy Media
    Livi eating fake chicken

    This one’s still my favorite.

    Here are some of our favorite vegan-oriented April Fool’s posts from elsewhere on the web.

    I was hoping for more outrage about Travis Barker’s new diet, given the crazy shit our readers have fallen for in the past. Perhaps juiced puppies was a bit much? We’ll try to be more subtle next year.

    Did we miss anything good? Let us know in the comments.

  4. Travis Barker

    Travis Barker: “Puppy juice has changed my life.”

    This is an April Fools post. It isn’t true.

    Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker appeared on last night’s Chelsea Lately to tout the benefits of his latest fad diet: freshly squeezed raw puppy juice.

    Barker, a former vegetarian poster boy, ate meat for the first time in 16 years to speed the healing of a broken arm. He then gave up his vegetarian diet entirely after he was injured in a plane crash. Barker explained that his latest diet was inspired by the advice of his Los Angeles physician.

    Puppy juice first made the news last month when former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin touted its age-defying powers on Oprah. According to Travis Barker, “Puppy juice is great for the skin. It gives my tattoos an awesome sheen, and it’s totally worth the incontinence. Plus I haven’t had a single herpes flare-up since I began using it.”

    Asked for his opinion, New York Times food expert Mark Bittman pointed out the environmental benefits of eating an overpopulated species, but added, “Puppies are cute. Why can’t he just eat veal like everyone else?

    “It’s cruel and barbaric to kill an innocent young puppy just for its miraculous healing powers,” added celebrity chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz. “I’d only juice a puppy if I found one already dead, like on the street or something.”

    However, vegan expert Kathy Freston explained, “He only juices puppies that would be euthanized anyway. And if his doctors say it’s necessary, well, who are we to judge?”

  5. So you’ve always wanted to know all about the ins and outs of gender, sexuality, and vegan cooking. Fine – you’ve never really thought about it. But now you may just have the perfect reason!

    In the debut episode of Cooking with Trannies, Chef Alexa helps out a transboy who wants to impress his vegan date with some homecooking.

    Join Chef Alexa (a vegan chef-in-training) as she embarks on her mission to “teach trannies to cook flavorful vegan meals” and helps Trent (of “That’s My Jam” fame) whip up a dish of Vegan Spaghetti and Not-Balls (get it?).

    Learn about everything from the art of chiffonade to why a transgender man who is dating a bio man would bother transitioning in the first place!