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Category Archive: Humor & Comedy

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  1. Falkor Fries

    Falkor Fries

    I don’t live in New York anymore, so maybe Tierra Sana really is the Greatest Restaurant In The History Of Creation, but then again, it’s in Queens, so doesn’t that automatically rule it out?

    I’d like to nominate Myth Diner for this prestigious, albeit completely fictional GRITHOC honor.

    Myth Diner is conveniently located to everyone, just off that street that never has traffic, it’s got ample parking and is always always open. The menu’s got something for everyone (even non-vegans can’t wait to stuff face) and it rocks breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner all night long and serves it every day. Continue Reading…

  2. Gassy Vegans Rejoice?

    Okay, so, vegans aren't the only ones who suffer from gas

    Okay, so, vegans aren’t the only ones who suffer from gas

    As some vegans (and those that have to share their surroundings) may attest, heavy flatulence is a consequence of the vegan diet. In other words, vegans fart a lot and there are some who attribute this directly to soy intake.

    Leave it up to science to step in:

    Scientists in Singapore may have found a way to reduce certain carbohydrates in soybeans that have long been blamed for flatulence…

    In an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers in Singapore said they found a way round this by mixing soybeans with the fungus, R. oligosporus, which contains enzymes that appear to be able to degrade the two culprit sugars.

    Are you a vegan who suffers from (or hell, revels in) heavy flatulence? What are your thoughts? Weigh in below.

    via Jezebel

  3. Roy Brown, the victim of the outlandish accusation

    Roy Brown, the victim of the outlandish accusation

    In a political climate festooned with attack ads, whisper campaigns, deceitful mailers and robo-calls all asserting a plethora of false claims and stretched truths, it’s easy to tire of such rampant vilification.

    But, every so often the condition reaches a breaking point; accusations are made and things are said which cannot and should not be tolerated. Something so vile, it forces those of us who favor a civil dialogue among our elected officials, to stand up and say STOP!

    Recently, Montana’s gubernatorial candidate, Roy Brown was accused of being, of all things a vegetarian!

    Now, this vegan writer has seen his share of mudslinging and baseless accusations before, but never something of this caliber. Vegetarians are compassionate people who care about the welfare of animals; the environment and often the health and well being of their bodies – we should not be attributing these outlandish qualities to Roy Brown.

    I know Vegetarians, and you Mr. Brown are no vegetarian!