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Category Archive: Hunting & Fishing

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  1. The Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin is touring Australia

    The Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin is touring Australia

    Hello all. As you may know, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society sends a ship to Antarctica each year, to stop the Japanese whaling fleet from killing whales. What you may not know is that the entirely vegan Sea Shepherd ship must rely completely on donations from the public for its supply of food. And food is of course one of the only pleasures you’re going to get in Antarctica (so good food is prized more than gold there).

    Well, Sea Shepherd has finally decided its ship’s food wish list for this year. Operation Waltzing Matilda, Sea Shepherd’s next Antarctic campaign to save the whales, takes off this December, so there’s still time to help stock the ship. The ship is currently in Australia, so it may be hard for NYC locals to donate to the ship of course, but if one reader has a friend who has a friend in Australia, or has a great deal on fedex and blenders, then who knows, concerned citizens from around the globe may all eventually pitch in to supply to the ship with all it needs. If you can, please help out! :)

    Now, if you want to help but can’t get items to Australia affordably or fast, you can always donate money directly to Sea Shepherd so they can buy these items. Thank you!

    Steve Irwin Current Wish List
    Location: Circular Quay Sydney 10am till 5pm until Monday 12th October

    Sea Shepherd Australia:

    Sour dough starter
    Industrial blender
    Wooden Chopping boards
    Tea towels
    Hand blender
    Food processor
    Green power champion juicer
    Black polar fleece balaclavas

    Food Needs:
    Soy milk
    Olive oil
    Brown rice
    Icing sugar
    Smoked paprika
    Bragg’s bouillon/amino acids
    Soft drinks
    Fruit juice
    Fresh herbs (parsley, basil, cilantro, etc.)
    Asian fake meat products
    Tofutti products – cream cheese, sour cream, cheese slices)
    Soy/veggie hot dogs/sausages
    Nuts and seeds (cashews, almonds etc)
    Dark vegan chocolate

    Non-Food Related But Badly Needed:
    AAA batteries.
    Portable battery charger 6,12,24 volt.
    Good quality hand held marine radios.

    This is one of Supervegan’s posts for Vegan MoFo 2009.

  2. Here at SuperVegan we hold a special place in our hearts for Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Not only because one of our own, SuperVegan blogger and bona fide vegan pirate Tod Emko has fought right alongside Mr. Watson, but also because while you and I may be content to sip on our agave-sweetened soy lattes while debating the nuances of vegan “cheese”, these ladies and gents are in the trenches fighting the good fight.

    At the Edge of the World opens today in NYC at Cinema Village and will continue until September 3rd.

    Those familiar with Animal Planet’s, Whale Wars will be acquainted with the premise (incidentally, the finale was the most watched show in the channel’s history): a determined group of eco activists attempt to disrupt a Japanese Whaling fleet in Antarctic Waters by any means necessary!

    The director will be on hand for a Q&A at tonight’s (Friday) shows.

  3. Usually, I love reading the Huffington Post. However, in the past week they posted a surprisingly scathing blog entry calling Sea Shepherd a terrorist group.

    However, the blog made all its arguments based on many assumptions that many people seem to be making about conservation lately, so it seemed worth it to address the blog.

    For the first part of this post, we will first address the main themes of the Huffington blog, for the benefit of most readers. Afterwards, we will have, for anyone who has the time or curiosity, a much longer section analyzing every other argument made in the Huffington blog, as it does address other arguments against conservation law enforcing.

    The main themes

    The central theme of the Huffington blog is mentioned time and time again, and put succinctly in its eighth paragraph:

    “Of course the whalers, whatever you may think of their activities, are operating legally. It is Watson and the Sea Shepherds who are the criminals.”

    So, although we’ve addressed this partially in previous posts, let’s cover it comprehensively here.

    Here is a list of illegal activities that the whalers are performing on video, much of which was outlined by Paul Watson:
    Continue Reading…

  4. Until June 14, HOME, a film that gorgeously illustrates the devastating impact of careless human consumption on Earth’s ecosystems, can be viewed in full for free on YouTube in high definition.

    In this stunning (and carbon-offset) bird’s eye view of Earth, breathtaking visuals implicate viewers in the interconnectedness of the planet’s dazzling, seldom-seen landscapes and multitudinously various life. Facilitated by Glenn Close’s urgent narration, HOME highlights patterns and atrocities of human existence: “concentration camp-style cattle farms,” “a forest…turned into meat,” and diversity replaced with standardization. Simply put, “humanity has barely 10 years to reverse the trend, become aware of the full extent of its spoilation of the Earth’s riches and change its patterns of consumption,” says Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand on the movie’s official page.

    To deliver that message to the largest possible audience, HOME’s creators released the film with its viewers’ pocketbooks in mind; besides offering the film free on YouTube for a limited time, the creators, with financial backing from PPR—a French holding company that, perhaps conflictingly, owns Gucci and Puma—, are showing it at theaters at discounted rates, on select TV stations, and at free screenings worldwide. The Blu-ray and DVD versions will be in stock at Amazon on June 13 and 14 respectively.

    Watch the trailer for just a blink of the eyeful that is HOME:

  5. Victory!


    Today, after a long struggle, the European Union has finally voted to ban all seal products. This is a huge victory for the seals, and hopefully it will go a long way to ending the massacre of any more Canadian baby seals.

    Even before it passed, it seems the threat of the ban already devastated the baby seal hunting industry. In 2006, seal pelts sold for $105, while this year they sold for $14 each.

    The result being, Canada had a quota of 280,000 seals this year, but the sealers ultimately only bothered to slaughter 59,500. Longtime seal hunter and seal hunt advocate Jack Troake stated, “We just couldn’t seal for those prices. The prices were too low.”

    Canada’s government tried many things, including sending Inuit seal hunters to the European Parliament to plead Canada’s case for them, before the EU finally voted in favor of the ban. Canada’s great effort against the ban and the dramatic drop in seal pelt prices both indicate that the seal hunt will no longer be worth it post EU ban. Hopefully the permanent end of the hunt is now imminent.