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  1. Attention Super Vegans Everywhere! Stop what you are doing and read me now! Sage Organic Vegan Bistro in Echo Park, California is one of the best meals you could ever eat. Don’t trust me? Ask Insufferable Vegan, my lunch mate. Don’t trust words? Lookee at our spread (we maaaaaaaaay have ordered just a wee too much):

    Top Row: Bistro Po’ Boy with German Potato Salad, Close up of the Po’ Boy, Close up of the Potato Salad. Middle Row: Root Vegetable Tacos, Mac and Cheese Ball, Quinoa Corn Cake. Bottom Row: Pesto Croissant Club Sandwich, Close up of the sandwich, Mashed Potatoes.

    I am still recovering. Not sure what to eat from now on, as this place has raised the bar on face-stuffing ever so high! My favorite thing was the club croissandwich. I.V.’s favorite was the Po’ Boy. Everything else was a close second. I mean, who would think that root vegetables, kale and Hollandaise would make for a good taco? And now that’s all I can think about.

    There’s also a Kind Kreme inside, which I found out is owned by the daughter of the Cafe Gratitude proprietors! I guess that soybean didn’t fall far from the stalk. As you can guess, there was not even space enough in our tums for a taste.

    Make a Vegan pilgrimage to this place at once!

  2. If you like upscale vegetarian and Vegan meals and are anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles Area, or anywhere near an airport that will get you to the Greater Los Angeles Area, go (or go back) to Fatty’s & Co!

    Ate & Rate:

    Far East Rolls
    spicy ginger seitan, cabbage and carrots served with mango dipping sauce

    These might have been my favorite part of the meal. If you like spring rolls, you must get these, they’re the best I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of spring rolls. The seitan and the general texture and flavors of the filling inside the rolls was not fair to any food I’ll ever eat again. And the sauce!

    Blackened Tempeh
    organic cutlets pan fried w/4 spices, sweet red bell pepper sauce and lime zest on a bed of arugula

    I don’t even like tempeh and these might have been my favorite part of the meal. Spicy! Continue Reading…

  3. It’s good to be a Super Vegan in L.A., and it’s about to get better. There’s like a bajillion places to get your Vegan Pizza Day on. And now, or within a matter of minutes from now, not one, not six, but FIVE new Vegan restaurants are opening. They all sound pretty amazing, too. Here’s the rundown:

    This is the second shop, previously known as The Shoppe, from Madeleine Bistro brain–>stomach whizzes, the Andersons. Some of you might remember them from their fundraising efforts for an all Vegan ice cream shoppe slash sandwich spot on Pico and Westwood Boulevard (i.e. near the Westside Pavillion) that was to open in November. Well, howsabout June, or July maybe? Still waiting on word of the official opening but I think I might want to live in there, so landlord, consider yourself noticed.

    Now, you might be judging this place based on the fact that their only web presence thus far is on The Facebook, but before ye cast thine Vegan stones, go look at the pictures of the food this Vegan bar is going to serve. Then wipe the drool off your keyboard and count down the days until it opens. LA’s first all Vegan restaurant, bar and music venue! I hope shoes are not optional.

    Cafe Gratitude Venice
    They close one, they open two! Due to the star-studded success of the first LA branch, Cafe Gratitude is opening a second in Venice, land of all 2nd branches of things. It was supposed to open today, but didn’t. Maybe Wednesday? Or whenever the tarot/astrologist/numerologist/Psychic Friends Network/Miss Cleo tells them is an auspicious day.

    Green Peas
    This place is a local favorite for anyone who is in or around Culver City, and has been sorely missed during their, what feels like, 18 year renovation. Jose, the nicest owner in the world, said that they were tentatively going to re-open today, but he also told me they were going to re-open in early June, so I dunno… but don’t give up just yet.
    UPDATE! Green Peas to re-open June 28th!

    The Village
    Now, this is an educated guess, but I believe that the long-hyped, well-anticipated Vegan restaurant from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Chrissie Hynde and Steve Bing with a menu written by none other than Tal Ronnen is called The Village and might open on June 30th. Now any google search will lead you, Super Vegan, to think I’m crazy, as there is no trace whatsoever of this news elsewhere. But! Staywithme: there have been reports for some time that this resty will be housed in the former Bokado space in Studio City. Being the SuperVegan Sleuther that I am, I called the phone number listed for Bokado, and was treated to a voicemail explaining that I had reached the place formerly known as Bokado, and as of June 30th, will be The Village. So, you do the maths. I might be wrong, but let’s hope I’m right, for our guts sake!

    Dangit, looks like my detective cap and I were mistaken.
    According to EaterLA, Bokado WILL reopen as The Village, but not with Ellen or any other Vegan star power. And while there will be a few Vegan menu items, it will not be the Tal Ronnen Haven of our dreams.

    2nd UPDATE:
    It’s now SIX! Another Native Foods will open in Santa Monica on July 3rd! Hurrah!

  4. My friend Insufferable Vegan, the only person I have ever been responsible for helping, in any part, grow Vegan, who has only been Vegan for a wee 20 months, and is already more Super of a Vegan than I am, took me on a Vegan Field Trip.

    At 10:30 am my anonymous friend collected me. He even showed me a sweet shortcut in my own neighborhood I never even knew which was good because there were several detours along the way: We had some french fries with little plastic red forks at a K-mart in Covina that has a Nathan’s in it and hung out with the other people that frequent the Kmart Nathan’s at 11 am on a Thursday. Surprisingly, they didn’t seem to be on a Vegan Adventure.

    I bought an actual record album at Rhino Records in Claremont where I also photographed these orange flavored chicken suckers that are not orange chicken flavored.

    We randomly spotted Covina Tasty, which claims to be the very first all vegetarian fast food in America, (there might have to be a showdown with Orean’s for the title). Though it was a compelling argument for a lunch break, we kept on keepin’ on.

    We did need to eat (again) though, so we sought out The Press Restaurant in hopes that their veggie burger would be a contender in the VegLympics. It was a pretty good full-size specimen of the Garden Patch variety, but not deserving of it’s own full-length post.

    Obviously we needed to have dessert so we got ices at Handel’s in Upland. Check out this mountain of Sour Green Apple and Watermelon-ness!

    Then we actually finally really made it to our destination: Viva La Vegan Grocery, the Earth’s largest most amazing all-vegan store. This place is so amazing it’s uh-mazing. It has just doubled in size, too, so it’s about to be twice as uh-mazing, making it uhh-maazing!

    VLV has everything from fresh produce to frozen fish hams (what is a vegan fish ham?!) and I bought a hundred dollars worth of it.

    I got a cupcake that was eaten before the night was over, half a chicken, three kinds of Dillos, farro, a Halo S’more bar, candy bars x3, two different kinds of TVP, Justin’s peanut butter cups, drumsticks, butterscotch chips, butterscotch pudding, three different Dr. Cow’s cheeses, a Dr. McDougall’s Asian entree , two wedges of Daiya, three different Stonewall’s Jerquee’s, English Toffee, an Upton’s Tamale, some Healthy Top, and Bacon. Y’know, all the important stuff.

    We shopped so hard for so long, that not only did we not make it out in time to make it to our last stop on the tour, but we got all sorts of insider scoop and samples from the lovely staffers there. I can’t wait till they open one or two more stores closer to me (lookin’ at you Loz Feliz!) so I can get fat and bankrupt! In the meantime, 3,000 more products are about to hit their new shelves, so you might want to clear out your cupboards and go, or ask Mr. Insufferable, who is quite tolerable, to take you.

  5. Healthy eaters look away! This one’s for the Vegan with one to seventeen sweet teeth. Check out these amazing (and in some cases, new) snack foods!

    #1. Birthday Oreos
    Oreo is celebrating their 100th birthday with a specialty cookie that is their most delicious by 100x. These are insane bonkers delicious. Get them whilst available and feel free to thank me later or hate me when you’ve eaten so many your pants cut off circulation to your legs.

    UPDATE: It has been brought to my near-sighted attention that these contain Confectioner’s Glaze, which some deem UnSuperVegan. Here’s some handy dandy reading material on the subject so that you can decide for your own Vegan Self.

    #1. Vegan Thin Mints
    Feeling left out of the whole Girl Scout Cookie Game? I mean, they’re not even made with real Girl Scouts. Check out these faux Thin Mints and satisfy the craving. TIP: freeze these for extra levels of yum.

    Get a whole case, put on a cute uniform and resell them to all your vegan pals at Amazon.

    Or just get them by the box here.

    OR-or roll-up to your local Kosher market– they often carry them.

    #1. Vegan Creme Eggs




    Hear that? That’s the Easter Bunny making his approach! Best order some Vegan Cadbury-style Creme Eggs courtesy Queenbalch on Etsy.

    Or, if you’re LA based, Tweet at greatbrittania of Fakery Bakery fame, and beg her to make them again this year.

    #1. Steve’s Ice Cream

    This one’s for the New Yorkers. For now…
    Have you tried Steve’s Ice Cream? Small batch, craft ice cream with unique combinations of ingredients that are locally sourced when possible, Steve’s has a whole line of coconut based Cremes that are some of the best I’ve ever had (I’ve been lucky enough to taste three!). They are not coconut-ey at all and are super extra highly delicious. Flavors include: Chocolate Almond Butter, Cinnamon Coffee, Coconut Cilantro Lime, Maple Porter Pecan, Mint Cacao Chip, Sugar Cookie Dough, and Tea Time. There’s also sorbet, for those who like that sort of thing. With a Brooklyn brick + mortar opening soon, check out the extensive list of shops where you can find a pint today!