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Category Archive: Ice Cream

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  1. I’ve been reading about Cafe Gratitude for awhile now. I was a victim of second-hand excitement when the second outpost of this San Francisco eatery opened on Los Angeles’ Larchmont Boulevard and people’s enthusiasm reached a fever pitch. I listened to people rave about the food. I read about the famous people that can often be seen dining there. But I’d go to their website, look at the menu and lose all interest. Every single item on the menu is named I AM _______. Like, I AM GORGEOUS. I AM MYSTICAL. I AM TRANSCENDING. I AM ABOUT TO SHOVE THIS FORK IN MY RIGHT EYE. I couldn’t do it. I can’t stand that dirty fucking hippy shit, no matter how delicious their shit may be.

    Yesterday, I had to pick a spot to have lunch with a friend coming from the other side of the LAiverse, who is gluten, dairy and sugar free, and it seemed like this just might be the time to give Gratitude a try. Everything is organic, everything is vegan, and almost everything is gluten-free, or can be made so.

    If you can overlook the inspirational messages placed on everything (successories for restaurants), down to the water carafes, the place is nice. It’s modern, airy design is welcoming and pleasant. If you can overlook the scene going on in there, then you might need to get your eyes checked. I had lunch with Aaron Paul from TeeVee’s Breaking Bad, Carey Mulligan from half the movies out right now, the first vegan chef to win a Food Network challenge Chloe Coscarelli, and a woman who looked too much like Snooki to not be Snooki. As my friend so astutely pointed out, it’s not that often that you feel like you live in “L.A.” — this was definitely one of those times.

    After a lot of “Seriously?!”s, head shaking, and sighs of disapproval over the menu, here’s what we ate:

    I had the I AM EXTRAORDINARY, or, as I ordered it, the BLT, mainly because I was super curious about their coconut bacon. My friend got LIBERATED aka raw pesto pasta with kelp noodles.

    The food is way better than the gimmicky names make it sound. My sandwich was delicious; the toasted panini was big and crunchy and the spicy cashew aioli, crispy chipotle-maple coconut, romaine lettuce, tomato and avocado were a perfect blend of flavors. The spicy and the chipotle really came through more than anything, and the coconut bacon was crunchy, a trait most vegan BLTs are missing, with the coconut flavor only coming through as an afterthought. The side salad was reminiscent of the one at Urth Caffe, though missing the tomatoes and nuts, which really makes it.

    The pesto was also really great. The kelp noodles, which sounded gross, were not kelpy at all. There were fresh roma tomatoes, Kalmata olives, spinach and Brazil nut parmesan sprinkled on top. It was creamy and flavorful, and didn’t taste uncooked, just cold, like sesame noodles at an asian restaurant.

    We were both tempted by the dessert menu, and again, my friend was braver than me,

    ordering the Key Lime Torte (I Am Awakening), a “creamy avocado-lime custard topped with whipped cream on a pecan butter crust,” and I had a scoop of vanilla coconut and cashew milk ice cream with caramel sauce, called I AM PRAISING VANILLA ICE CREAM, but isn’t. The Key lime torte was way better than I expected, though bitter, as I find most avocado based desserts to be. The ice cream was OK, though not a convincing Ice Cream replica. It was gritty and tasted like it was made from coconut milk, cashew milk and ice, with a drop of vanilla. The caramel sauce was a nice treat for a vegan person to be able to order, and I’m glad I did, it was the highlight of the bowl.

    Not to sound ungrateful, but it’s a shame the food was so good, cause now I want to eat there regularly, despite the atrocious name game, affirmation based art work, and celeb-studded clientele. If you are in the middle of L.A. and want all the hippy-dom of Venice Beach multiplied by Berkeley plus the star power of Hollywood while you eat vegan food, put this place on your list.

  2. Welcome to the second installment of the VegLympics in Los Angeles, Veggie Burger Competition!

    Recap of the game thus far:
    First up was Hole In The Wall Burger Joint (HITW), which received a score of 53 (out of a possible 60). We’ve adopted the ISU Judging System, that’s the International Skating Union scoring system, minus the 8 other judges and a comprehensive understanding of how it works. Apparently, a score on a scale of .25 to 10 is given in each of the following categories:

    -Skating Skills (SS)
    -Transitions/linking footwork and movement (TR)
    -Performance/execution (PE)
    -Choreography/composition (CH)
    -Interpretation (IN)
    -Timing (T)

    Today’s contestant is O! Burger. Also located on Santa Monica Blvd., O! Burger is in the city of West Hollywood, which is located in the middle of, but is its own entirely separate city from, Los Angeles. Get your head out of the gutter, the ‘O’ stands for Organic. They claim to be the first burger joint in L.A. (county, I guess?) serving only 100% certified organic food. Okay, shhhhhhhh, they’re about to start, here comes the food.

    SS = 8.0
    I got the classic O!veggie burger. That comes with cucumber slices, Napa cabbage, sweet pickles, tomato, grilled onions and 1000 island (made with Veganaise). I then made it a combo for three bucks more and got fries and an iced tea. Dang it, now that I’m looking at the menu on-line, I could’ve gotten chipotle sauce instead of 1000 Island and a vegan shake?! Whaaaaat? That sucks, I totally would’ve gotten that had I seen it. The menu is on two flat panel screens above the registers. They are up high and they flash between pages and it’s hard to make heads or tails of it when you’re stomach is eating your brain from hunger and only half literate to begin with. The quality of the ingredients is great and it’s regular burger sized.

    TR = 8.0
    There are some other, more expensive burger options, but I want to keep the playing field as equal as I can. Not sure why they use cabbage instead of lettuce. As a general rule, I like cabbage, but in this context I wasn’t a huge fan. It’s certainly crunchier than regular lettuce, but not in a good way, and the flavor just isn’t the same. Having pickles on the bottom and cucumbers on the top is kind of odd, and again, they went with sweet ones. The fries were crinkle cut, really good (but not as good as HITW), and a reasonable portion size, which at first seemed small, but at second, when my belly was full of burger, seemed just right.

    PE = 8.5
    This is another “Garden Patch” style patty (as opposed to Meatless Technologies), homemade with spinach, corn, carrots and peas. I saw the spinach, but again, the most prominently seen ingredient is corn. I’m not sure I get it, chefs. Someone explain it to me. Who wants sweet when they’re thinking burger? And add to this the new trend in sweet pickle topping (or bottoming in this case) and you’ve basically given me dessert with my burger. This is my bone to pick (pardon the expression) with veggie burgers now. Rant over. The burger was really handsome and tasted the kind of good where I ate every bite (“Is that really saying much these days?” Says my waistband).

    CH = 8.75
    One interesting twist was a layer of dressing on the top AND bottom buns, and three different choices of self-serve iced tea (I had the Rooibos and it was delicious) but other than that, it’s totally Anywhere USA Nice Burger Joint + the word ‘Organic’ which equals pricey. This lunch set me back $13.

    IN = 8.25
    Points taken off here for sweetness, cabbage use, and clearly I fell during the triple something Salchow that was my ordering, like Michelle Kwan at the 2002 Olympics.

    T = 9
    Everything was made to order and it took around ten minutes. Maybe fifteen. The food came hot, though we had to endure some techno beat soundtrack while we waited, it’s still a better than average burger bar.

    Total Score = 50.50

    Good job! They’re currently in second place.

    Next up I wanna see a “meaty burger.” Any requests? I’m thinking either Doomie’s, Chili Addiction (Match Meats!), Native Foods or Veggie Grill (aka the Gardein flagship).

  3. I spent the past weekend in Woodstock, gearing up for ThanksLiving. But the farm isn’t the only game in town when it comes to good vegan eats; my husband and I stuffed ourselves plenty before even setting foot on WFAS property.

    That said, there aren’t that many places for a vegan to eat in Woodstock, which is why we spent so much time at the Garden Cafe. (Note: GC donated 68 pounds of cornbread to be used in WFAS’s ThanksLiving stuffing, and boy, was it good!) It was too cold to sit outside, so we sat inside at one of the mismatched tables with ceramic salt and pepper shaker figurines. Local art covers the walls (as it does most everywhere in town), and the staff, too (though I can’t say for sure that the staff’s ink is local), giving the place a small-town but very progressive vibe.

    On to the food: As a rule, I never order tofu scramble when I’m out. Somewhere along the line I got a really disappointing dish of it, and since then it’s been all pancakes, French toast and biscuits and gravy. But I was in the mood for protein, so I threw caution to the wind and ordered the Basic Tofu Scramble with spinach and avocado. And I cannot express how happy I am that I listened to that instinct! The scramble was, simply put, divine. The menu doesn’t say much more than “with onions,” and aside from spinach and avocado you can add mushrooms or bell peppers. But the flavor was so oniony (in a green way), the scramble so delicately and satisfyingy seasoned, that I couldn’t wait to order it for breakfast the next day. It comes with a slice of toast, cut into wedges, and some Earth Balance. Between that, some coffee and a small glass of OJ, I didn’t need anything else. Continue Reading…

  4. Everything’s comin’ up Westside today! Chef David Anderson, of Madeleine Bistro fame, and one of The World’s Finest Vegan Chefs According To Moi will be opening a new sandwich, pasty and ice cream cafe in November. The location is currently undisclosed save for that it is “near the Westside Pavillion!” Whose boyfriend lives within walking distance of the Westside Pavillion? THIS GUY! This is the most amazing news my stomach has ever heard.

    Doing a little fundraising to “make it to the finish line” anyone can donate any amount of monies via until this Tuesday, October 18th. Donate 25 American Buckaroos and you’ll get a free dessert and a collectible button (Button? Really? I’ll pin it to my Manhattan Portage bag circa 1997). Donate $15K (if only!) and get a free dessert every month for a year, 2 invites to the private opening party, props in the shop and on the web, plus a cocktail party for 100 of your nearest and dearest (and me, pretty please) with Chef David as your caterer at your home or spot of choice. No mention of their fundraising goals, but my new goal is to get to November as quickly as possible. If you’ve never experienced the food at Madeleine Bistro (mainly because it’s a trek and currently has severely limited hours), put it at the top of your Vegan Gut List (aka as a food bucket list. Mine’s got Chicago Diner, everything in Portland, and fresh goods at the Vegan Treats Bakery). Yay, L.A!

  5. The numbers may have been a little off (it opened way late), but I can now vouch for the rest of my Milky’s post. I stopped by a couple Saturday’s ago to taste their frozen vegan treats. Here’s what I found:

    -It is, indeed, self-serve. This is good because you can START and END at the toppings bar and build a foundation layer of rainbow sprinkles, the proper way to do it. This is bad because it is near impossible to not self-serve yourself way too much, and of course, you pay by weight.

    -There were four vegan spigots, but one was out of service. The flavors available were original vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. A Neapolitan waiting to happen.

    -There was not a separate vegan toppings bar. There was a dried goods bar (i.e., the aforementioned rainbow sprinkles and another fav, graham cracker crumbs) and a fresh items bar (i.e., fresh fruit). There was also a giant jug of Ghirardelli chocolate syrup which looked vegan to me.

    -This stuff is sour! I have been vegan so long, I have never experienced this, but apparently it’s all the rage with Pinkberry et al. The lady at the register said it’s “Greek Style” yogurt. It was quite a shock. Even with the flavor masked by all those sprinkles, it was still mighty sour.

    -If you “check-in” you get 20% off your order. That’s a lotta sprinkles.