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  1. L.A. is getting another vegan frozen treat shop, just in time for the dog days of summer. Set to open August 14th, (that’s Sunday, people!) Milky’s on Robertson and Pico promises self-serve vegan ice cream, alongside dairy options. “It will feature 9 double machines with more than 18 flavors that will rotate weekly. Four flavors will be 100% Vegan Kosher Parve, with its own separate topping bar.”

    I’ll definitely be there to try it out, and suss something super posi to say, though I must admit I’m already not a fan of their name.

    For coupons and updates, they say to follow their facebook page , (which isn’t working for me at the moment).

  2. Greetings from Anaheim, California where I have just been rolled out the door of the Natural Products Expo West after 4.5 hours of eating my way through the 5 rooms and a gajillion booths of convention. It was kinda the best day ever: not only did I get to meet the people who make the products that change my life, but I got to snack on said products and taste brand new ones! There was even a special surprise at the end. So here for you, is the highlight reel in photo blogeristic style (my apologies for the sub-par pics due to iPhone 3GS).

    Part I: Cheeese Wars

    Follow Your Heart
    One of my first stops on the Expo Express was at Follow Your Heart, inconveniently out of snacks until my 4th visit. I finally got to taste their cheesecake, which was really yummy, their new line of vegan dressings (caesar!), and toasted cheezy bread. Yum.

    I was excited to find the Daiya booth and try their new Pepperjack flavor in the form of a quesadilla slice. It’s definitely got a li’l kick! No softballs from this SuperVegan, I asked the Daiya representative why o why are their bags not re-sealable? He told me that 8 oz bags don’t need to be, cause it’s not enough product to warrant it. I disagreed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually use a $5 bag of Daiya all at once. Then he gave me a story about a zipper being cost prohibitive. That the price of a seal that does the re is so exorbitant it’d make the resale price (even more) impossibly expensive. Hmm… I asked about slices or blocks in addition to shreds. If I want a grilled cheese, shreds are a messy, wasteful, pain, I explained. He said they aren’t working on that, but they are working on a version of their cheeses that are meant to eat cold. Weird. I also got to eat some pizza and a spoonful of mac ‘n’ cheese.

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  3. Watercolor by Jason Das.

    Watercolor by Jason Das.

    New York City is a mecca for vegan food, a place where you can find abundant ways to fill any craving. Today, let’s zero in on the many ways to fulfill your desire for ice cream!

    Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (100% Vegan)
    They’re a good spot for the soy-averse as most of their ice cream is nut-based. All Lula’s ice cream is house-made and they have an array of daily rotating flavors that would make Ben and Jerry jealous. Soft-serve, egg creams, malts, shakes, and sundaes are also available, along with a slew of classic ice cream toppings.
    Also available at: Cafe Blossom, Foodswings, and John’s of 12th St.
    Must try: Cake Batter Soft-Serve

    Stogo (100% Vegan)
    A nice choice for those averse to nuts or refined sugar as most flavors are soy- or coconut-based and sweetened with agave. All the ice cream is house-made and they have a wide assortment of flavors laid out like a gelato stand. They also carry Babycakes‘ cupcakes. This is a good place for something light or something rich, with choices ranging from fruit sorbet to rich hemp-based flavors.
    Also available at: Caravan of Dreams
    Must try: Salted Caramel Pecan

    We New Yorkers are lucky to have these two 100% vegan ice parlors, but there are dozens of other places in town serving vegan ice cream or ice-cream-like stuff. Read on for a comprehensive list. Continue Reading…

  4. Gene Stone is an accomplished editor (Esquire magazine and Simon and Schuster are among his conquests) and writer (he’s authored books under his own name as well as ghostwriting for people like the medical directors of the Canyon Ranch health spa). One of Gene’s more recent projects was The Engine 2 Diet, which he penned with firefighter Rip Esselstyn (click here to read my interview with Rip.) Gene also had a hand in founding Stogo, one of NYC’s vegan ice cream shops.

    SuperVegan: Hey, Gene, thanks for speaking with SuperVegan. When did you start transitioning to vegetarianism? And what 
prompted that change?

    Gene Stone: I think it was about 20 years now—I just didn’t feel good about eating animals. Also, I was reading more and more about the negative effects of animal protein on the body. But I wasn’t ready to make the full vegan shift yet.

    SV: So it was more of a health issue than an ethical one for you?

    GS: It was both. I found it hard to look my cats in the eyes when I was eating their mammalian relatives, even if they would have been delighted to do the same.

    SV: In winter 2001, you coauthored The Engine 2 Diet with firefighter Rip Esselstyn. How did you end up working together? Continue Reading…

  5. National Animal Law Conference

    I flew into Portland on Friday to attend this year’s National Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, OR. I visited the “Brooklyn of the West” to make my jeans fit tighter and attend conference sessions on issues relating to the criminal prosecution of animal cruelty, the link between domestic violence and animal abuse, the intersectionality between animal rights and human rights, and so on and so forth.

    But, in honor of Vegan MoFo III, you want to hear about the food, right? For the first time in a very long time, I received a vegan meal on the plane. I stopped requesting them long ago, but my Continental Airlines frequent flyer profile still lists me as a scary, radical vegan. Much to my surprise, about an hour into the flight, a box containing a vegan soy patty with cheese on a whole wheat English muffin appeared on my tray table. It was surprisingly good. A partially frozen fruit cocktail, a Sara Lee “bagel”, Smart Balance (the vegan kind) and a packet of Mrs. Dash, which I’m still not sure of its intended use, accompanied it. Continental gets thumbs up on the English muffin sandwich and for getting me to Portland on time.

    My first stop in Portland was La Bonita for some of the tastiest black beans to pass through my digestive track. For only $6.95, I procured a large plate with two soft tacos, a heaping mound of rice, a liberal portion of beans and chunky guacamole. Good job, NE Portland.
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