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    • Because besides being delicious and super fun, eating out can be wasteful and unhealthy and a big bad guy, Huffington Post ate in this week, and on Wednesday they ate vegan. Laura Beck of crying-funny blog Vegansaurus championed eating vegan and shared a recipe for pasta with chard and Field Roast sausage. Mmmmm yes!
    • VegNews is going to India, and so can you! For the low, low price of $1295 plus the cost of airfare you can join their freakin’ awesome 12-day vegan tour of the country with VegVoyages. Bon voyage, bitches!
    • If I said it once, I’ll say it a bazillion times: Vaute Couture coats are gorgeous and somehow even cheaper than they were last week as part of an end-of-season sale. Check. It. Out. (Thanks, Dan!)
    • Slate weighs in on that ridiculous “is your SUV more environmentally-friendly than your dog???” wanna-be controversy and comes down on the feed-your-pet-vegetarian side. Excellent.
    • Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer proposes NYC schools adopt Meatless Mondays. Tastes like victoryyy!
  1. Next stop: slaughterhouse.

    Next stop: slaughterhouse.

    Dairy farmers slaughtered 30 percent more cows in January than in September and are sending the cows’ remains to the meat market to cut losses, the Associated Press reports.

    The cost of producing milk is now double the price to consumers and the industry is having trouble keeping up. “This could destroy our dairy infrastructure,” Mike Marsh, CEO of the United Western Dairymen trade association, told the AP.

    For a moment, imagine if the burden of Wall Street executives (and, hey, even that of dairy farmers) were alleviated using the same strategy farmers are using to lighten the self-imposed burden of their dairy cows. Those who proved to be worth much less than their paychecks could be sent off to slaughter and made into meat patties, or better, veal–us desk-tethered humans don’t get much exercise–and sold to feed all the people who are furiously digging through their purses for a few more cents to afford a can of chicken noodle soup at Gristedes.

    And dairy cows aren’t the only bovines the farming industry is killing prematurely (by their standards). Bull calves shipped off to feedlots to reach a weight deemed appropriate for slaughter are also a liability to the cattle livestock industry; the costs of rearing the young cows are gaining on the returns. Farm Sanctuary is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of the party who dumped 30 bull calves on roads in San Joaquin County, Calif. Nearly 50 calves have been dumped on roads in that county since January.

    Meanwhile, in Dabhel, India, where killing cows is illegal, five people were arrested on Tuesday, February 10 for cow slaughter.

  2. Beijing rescuer Hu Yua keeps 250 cats in her apartment.

    Beijing rescuer Hu Yua keeps 250 cats in her apartment. “If I don’t take them in, the government will kill them.”

    Reader Hannah sent us this in-depth article about the house cat holocaust going on China in preparation of the Beijing Olympics. The article and accompanying images are very disturbing, though there are some heartwarming tales of individual rescuers. Unlike Athens’s genocide against dogs before the 2004 Olympics, this horrible initiative isn’t even limited to strays. The government seems to be running a successful propaganda campaign claiming that cats are inherently dangerous and cause all sorts of diseases; many people are turning in their own pets “for safety’s sake.”

    In slightly better news, the Indian state of Kashmir has canceled plans to poison thousands of stray dogs (the numbers vary widely from 2,000 to 100,000) in an attempt to stop rabies. After killing the first 500, authorities have decided to try sterilization instead.

    More locally, have you read about the rescues of Phyllis the Bed Stuy Chicken or Denny the Bronx goat? Both happy endings for individuals, but reminders that there are still plenty of active slaughterhouses in New York City.

  3. I spotted this ad on a bus shelter the other day. The text reads

    I spotted this ad on a bus shelter the other day. The text reads “A Vegan Did Not Choose Green.” More background here or here.