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Category Archive: Los Angeles

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  1. Attention Los Angelenos!

    Whatever you have planned for tomorrow, scrap it in favor of this:

    Melie Bianco Sample Sale

    Via “Shop the runway-inspired vegan handbag collection of Melie Bianco during the company’s Sample Sale on November 10th. At 70% – 90% discounts, prices will start at just $5 with nothing priced above $30. Download the flyer in the details section to receive a free iPhone case. CASH ONLY!!”

    Saturday, November 10th 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    9545 Brasher St.
    Pico Rivera, CA 90060

    Cause we like you to look goooood, Super Vegans.

  2. LA Vegan News Roundup

    Beyond Meat Sammy from Whole Foods

    Beyond Meat Sammy from Whole Foods

    -Lucky us! LAEater informs us that we’ve won another Veggie Grill, this time in Westwood!

    -Lucky streak? Local Whole Foods now carry Beyond Meat!

    -Seriously, go buy a lottery ticket, that’s how lucky we are! Golden Road Brewery & Pub gets lots more seats and hours. Via LAEater

    Vegan food is mainstream here! And there’s a few restaurants you probably never knew had Vegan options! Thanks, NYTimes.

    Ecorazzi lets us in on Anne Hathaway’s Vegan Nuptials.

    -A new raw restaurant opens, an old one closes. RIP, Cru. Hey, hi, hello, M.A.K.E.

    -Check out my article Showdown! NYC vs. LA: Who’s #1? in the new November+December issue of VegNews Magazine! And stay tuned for a companion piece going up on next week! I hope I did you proud, Angelenos.

    Got any hot Vegan news to share? Send us an email at tips at supervegan dot com

  3. Attention Super Vegans Everywhere! Stop what you are doing and read me now! Sage Organic Vegan Bistro in Echo Park, California is one of the best meals you could ever eat. Don’t trust me? Ask Insufferable Vegan, my lunch mate. Don’t trust words? Lookee at our spread (we maaaaaaaaay have ordered just a wee too much):

    Top Row: Bistro Po’ Boy with German Potato Salad, Close up of the Po’ Boy, Close up of the Potato Salad. Middle Row: Root Vegetable Tacos, Mac and Cheese Ball, Quinoa Corn Cake. Bottom Row: Pesto Croissant Club Sandwich, Close up of the sandwich, Mashed Potatoes.

    I am still recovering. Not sure what to eat from now on, as this place has raised the bar on face-stuffing ever so high! My favorite thing was the club croissandwich. I.V.’s favorite was the Po’ Boy. Everything else was a close second. I mean, who would think that root vegetables, kale and Hollandaise would make for a good taco? And now that’s all I can think about.

    There’s also a Kind Kreme inside, which I found out is owned by the daughter of the Cafe Gratitude proprietors! I guess that soybean didn’t fall far from the stalk. As you can guess, there was not even space enough in our tums for a taste.

    Make a Vegan pilgrimage to this place at once!

  4. Green Peas 2.0

    After what felt like an endless renovation, Green Peas Casual Food in Culver City, CA finally re-opened yesterday. It was packed! There were balloons! Check it out:

    My sandwich is better than your sandwich! That one’s the New Lemon Pepper Chicken. Who’s that in the middle of the bottom row? Why that’s TeeVee’s Laura Innes! They still have Jamaica’s Cakes (I had Strawberry Vanilla). And have you tried their pea soup? It’s unlike any you’ve had before. Look at the steam rising off that cup!

    The food is still great, and maybe a little more great, with some new menu items and special dinner specials planned, but I’m not so sure the 6+ months of down time was worth it. The new space, while supposedly a vast improvement for the staff (the nicest people ever), is less so for the diners, other than that our food should be ready faster now and apparently there’s a patio in the back (I didn’t see it). But the once big open floor plan is now broken up into several smaller-feeling spaces that don’t flow nearly as well. And though the chalkboard wall menu is still in the same spot, the registers are in a little nook off to the right. This is problematic because when huddling in the check-out, the menu is out of your line of sight.

    Welcome back, Green Peas, we’ve missed you! NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN.

  5. I had the honor of breaking-in the newest Native Foods on Ocean Park in Santa Monica, CA where the Pizza Fusion used to be. This joint opens on July 3rd, there’s parking in the back, and lots of patio seating. In case you’re not sure whether or not you should go, here’s a glance at the feast you can eat there:

    top row: Native Chicken Wings, Chimi Chop Salad with crispy chicken instead of seitan, BBQ Love Burger. middle row: Scorpion Burger, Maryland Tempeh Cakes. bottom row: Red Curry Soup, Nuevo Native Nachos, Strawberry Shortcake Parfait.

    And here are some curious Native Factoids:

    1. Chef Tanya is no longer with Native Foods. This explains why the food tastes different these days. Replacing her is Chicago’s Chef Kendall. What are you doing now, Chef Tanya? What has become of you?

    2. A couple of lawyers from Chicago are responsible for the rapid expansion of Native Foods, and word on Soy Street is that they aren’t Vegan.

    3. They didn’t have any Tempeh in the restaurants for awhile. At first they said they had “run out” or that their source had run dry. Then they said they had suspended use of it pending a lab test. On Wednesday, Chef Kendall told us they stopped making their Tempeh for over a month out of respect for some bad strain from Tennessee!? Check out this story that my friend-blogger Insufferable Vegan sleuth’d. Tempeh Salmonella?? EEK!