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  1. SuperVegan’s very own Patrick Kwan’s vegan birthday barbeque in Prospect Park is featured in The New York Times‘s summer barbeque series, “Around the Grill.” If you click on “Vegan Grilling in Brooklyn” or “Prospect Park Gathering,” you’ll see gorgeous photos of Patrick and friends eating grilled mushrooms and veggie burgers, a disembodied hand pouring Daiya cheese on corn-on-the-cob, and a couple of effing cute dogs! Plus an audio clip of the lovely Ruth Santana talking up vegan grilling and another of Patrick cheering the un-crowded park. I mean, move over people! It’s Patrick freakin’ Kwan’s birthday!

    And hey, finally a New York Times feature that represents veganism in better-than-usual (one-to-one) proportion to typical omni food! Add in cupcake wars, and we are totally getting a mainstream-media PR makeover this week!

  2. Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House

    Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House. Photography by Lauren Krohn.

    I recently sat down with Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan, partners in both life and in animal advocacy, to talk all about their nonprofit Our Hen House. We discussed the nature of their collaboration and their use of multimedia to bring animal rights into the mainstream.

    (And be sure to mark your calendar for their official Launch Party, October 1st at NYC’s MooShoes. The celebration features free food and drink, and too many special guests and giveaways to list here–check out the full details.)

    Robyn: Tell me about Our Hen House.

    Jasmin: Our Hen House is a central clearinghouse for all kinds of ideas and opportunities for people to get involved in animal activism.

    Mariann: It started with the idea that change for animals in any serious way isn’t going to come just from leadership organizations. The work of those organizations is hugely important, but if we are going to build a mass movement, it’s up to every single individual to do whatever they can to help change the world. So with Our Hen House, we’re just trying to come up with ways that people can make those changes and report on examples of people who are out there doing it. Not just going vegan, which is of course crucially important, but also in things they can to do encourage others to change, to change institutions…
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  3. I only write articles about the Jersey Shore; they're so HOT right now!

    I only write articles about the Jersey Shore; they’re so HOT right now!

    Oh what horrific fingernails-against-a-chalkboard-type-tomfoolery you’ll find hiding behind salacious headlines. Whether it’s the assertion that “Soy Makes You Gay” or that “Oysters are Vegan” – sometimes an article is little more than a headline.

    Case in Point: Salon’s Life Stories piece entitled “I Was Tricked Into Eating Meat (and I liked it)”

    The story is simple: Vegetarian girl meets boy. Boy eats meat. Boy tricks girl into eating foie fras. Girl has “orgasm in her mouth”.

    Obviously deeper issues are at play here. The story is less about “being tricked into eating meat” than it is about control, body image and personal convictions. Way to go Salon!

    Seriously though, who gets “tricked” into eating meat?

  4. I don’t like eggs. I don’t miss them. I don’t think about them. I don’t lay them. Perhaps the only time they enter my brain is when I visit my local bodega and the wafting smell of a frying egg send me on a trip to gag city – other than that they’re out of sight and out of mind. (Or, y’know, that Jason Mraz thing)

    But one (vegan or otherwise) can’t help but be struck by what’s going on with the latest egg recall. The issues surrounding this recall are deeply woven and highlight the abject failure of the industry as a whole. It’s scary stuff.

    The Daily Beast has an informative (quick) post about both the recall and reasons why egg suckers would be wise to remain concerned. I suggest you forward it to the eggheads in your life.

    You know what really gets me? That someone at sometime in history saw the egg fall out of a chicken’s butt and thought it would make a great meal…

  5. Two vegan ice cream parlors call the East Village home. Lula’s Sweet Apothecary and Stogo. The vegans I know are split down the center as to who puts out the superior product. I have actually never been to Stogo; I’m a Lula’s loyalist through and through.

    Rebecca Marx of the Village Voice put the two in a head to head battle to determine just who rules the East Village Vegan Ice Cream Scene. I encourage you to read the piece; it’s both in-depth and informative!

    For those of you who can’t be bothered with reading a few paragraphs of text or (like me) have blog-brain, here’s the results:

    [S]togo has its strong points — that bananas foster really is a thing of beauty — icy texture, slightly misleading flavor descriptions, and a cone moratorium left us cold. So although Lula’s Drumstick was a bit disappointing, the texture and flavors of its ice cream, as well as its generous portions and the choice to order a cone, allowed Lula’s to take victory in this battle.

    Score one for the Lula’s loyalists!