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  1. Sometimes I’m a very composed vegan, open-minded and willing to explore the merits of opposing arguments. The vegan who has come to be content with the fact that there just might be more than one right answer; the world is complex after all.

    Other times though, I drink straight from a bottle of Haterade.

    I must be parched today, because when I stumbled upon this piece in Time Magazine about Weekday Vegetarians I threw back the Haterade like my jaw had hinges.

    I can certainly appreciate the idea of vowing to eat less meat for a myriad of honest justifiable reasons that absolutely make sense for you (the environment and the animals), but stay away from calling yourself vegetarian, because frankly you’re not only diluting the brand, you’re making things confusing.

    I’m all for Meatless Mondays. I love that Mario Batali is penning a vegetarian cookbook. I couldn’t be happier that Graham Hill from TreeHugger is only eating meat on the weekends. What I’m not happy about is the re-appropriation of long-held ideals.

    There is obviously a movement towards eating less meat; I can see that clear as day (and I’m all smiles about it). I just don’t like the flippant disregard and dilution of those movements that were here when soymilk was a powder and Seitan was God’s sworn enemy.

    Simply put: Get your own words – this one is taken.

  2. Who Needs A Vegan Wedding Anyway?*

    Filed under: Food Media

    A recent New York Times, regarding the possible dilemmas that may arise with an all-vegan wedding got me thinking, and I’ve decided to make a pledge.

    When I get married, I promise to serve every type of food that has ever existed since the beginning of time to assuage any of the hurt feelings that could arise if I decide to have an all-vegan menu; I’d hate for someone to have to give up meat for one meal. After all, the Vikings in attendance might be upset if I didn’t think of their feelings and serve the food they’re accustomed to.

    I’m quite sure the people that know me really well (y’know, those who would presumably be at my wedding) have come to learn that I’m just Mr. Vacillator when it comes to my ideals. All those all-vegan-all-the-time events I’ve had in the past have just been part of my “quirks”. Rest assured omnivorous friends; you won’t be left out – it’ll be all about you.

    Thank you New York Times for choking a non-issue until it turns violet. This is the kind of stuff that makes me wanna dance with somebody; to feel the heat with somebody.

    (*Uh. Maybe. Y’know. Vegans)

  3. A Typical Vegan Meal

    A Typical Vegan Meal

    Dear Omnivorous Friend,

    I appreciate that you care about me enough to send me links to articles that debase my chosen path in life. Perhaps you feel it validates your carnivorous tendencies to take certain compartmentalized inconsistencies with some vegans and spray paint them gold for the world to see. Or, more telling, and quite possibly more to the point, you feel guilty for your personal choices and this makes you feel better about your choices.

    I realize that the headline for that LA Times article you stumbled upon this weekend clearly says “Vegan Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Healthy” but the portrayal isn’t indicative of every vegan everywhere. We don’t all live on potato chips and Taco Bell.

    Most vegans I know are equipped with the tools to make their diet work for them. But, just in case, I’ve taken the liberty of cc’ing every uninformed vegan in the whole world and putting them on notice: Know your diet! You’re more likely to stay a vegan if you do it right! And, yes, you can still eat potato chips!

    Frankly, knowing more about health and proper nourishment is good for everybody!

    As it stands now, asking most people about nutrition is like asking a newborn baby about Justin Bieber. The answer involves a lot of crying and sh*tting. So. Like. Know your diet dude!


    Rudy Relic

  4. New York City’s Anthology Film Archives will play host to both press event and open screening for the new animal-rights-themed film Bold Native. It’s a full-length fiction feature that “takes on the issue of modern animal use and exploitation from several angles within the context of a road movie adventure story.”

    The screenings will take place on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 7 and 9:15pm at Anthology Film Archives, which is located at 32 Second Avenue in Manhattan. The screenings will be hosted by Russell Simmons.

    More details here.

  5. New York City is More Vegan Than You

    Filed under: Media New York City
    Our taste in music is far superior than yours

    Our taste in music is far superior than yours

    Ranking stuff always puts people on the defensive; it causes an instant white-knuckle reaction to whatever you’re ranking because people are often invested in that which you are dissecting and putting up for grading. I’m not usually shaken, but this morning was different.

    I just saw PETA’s list of Most Veg-Friendly Cities and I cried. I cried and then I vomited in my mouth a little. Not because of the list mind you, but because I have acid reflux.

    I cried because New York City is ranked 9th on a list of 10. That means that we’re almost the last kid to be picked for the team; we’re basically getting that piece of the cake that doesn’t have a decorative flower on it.

    I suppose the 52 Vegan and 92 Vegetarian options in this city mean little; perhaps now they’ll all close their doors and shutter their windows and leave us forever. A distant memory, like that time Ken pantsed Dominique at recess and all the girls laughed because he had a birthmark on his butt.

    But. Like. Whatever. I’m making my own list and I’m putting New York City number one because, we’re more “veg-friendly” than you on any day of the week Albuquerque, New Mexico. And, like, vegans in New York City know how to do cool dances like the Roger Rabbit and the Running Man.

    Besides, it’s easy to create a ranked list of things without revealing the criteria or method at which the list was compiled. It’s best to just, like, say we’re the best and you suck and that we’re more vegan than you because the sky is blue and you can’t dance, so there.

    I made this money, you didn’t, right Ted?