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  1. I can’t think of too many things better than good music, vegan cupcakes and helping animals – with Rutherford, New Jersey’s CupcakeFest you get all three! The event is brought to you by Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, On the Verge and Big Picture Media; all proceeds will benefit the Passaic Animal Shelter.

    HopStop will tell ya’ how to get there. You can RSVP by visiting the event page on Facebook.


  2. Folk Singer. Writer. Poet. Hobo. Modern-day Troubadour. Vegan. Son of a Beef Rancher. These are some of things that I’ve seen used to describe Johnny Houx. He is a man of few words, but his music speaks volumes: catchy without being sugary; poignant without being preachy. He embodies everything a folk singer should be but usually isn’t. He’s the man dressed in green.

    He’s on tour now. Stuck on an Amtrak train for the next three days; barreling towards NYC. We had a brief email exchange. This is what he had to say.

    Super Vegan: Who’s Johnny Houx?

    Johnny Houx: Green Folk Man Shreds. Or so I’m told.

    SV: What’s your favorite thing about being vegan?

    JH: I taste good. Or so I’m told.
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  3. The NYC Veggie Prom 2010 is tomorrow night, Friday May 14th at Littlefield in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Doors at 8pm. The event is 21+. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

    Team SuperVegan put together some questions for event organizers Jessica Mahady, DJ Lil Ray (of Vegan Drinks fame), and Robyn Lazara.

    SuperVegan: Do people have to dress up fancy?

    DJ Lil Ray: It’s highly encouraged, but certainly not required. Theme parties are more fun when everyone plays along, but we’re not haters.

    Jessica Mahady: People are wearing all kinds of things … ’80s prom attire, ’60s vintage …

    SuperVegan: What kind of music will you be playing?

    DJLR: We’ve gotten requests for ’80s and ’90s dance music. DJ iLan and I both love all kinds of music, so we’ll probably touch on party classics from a number of eras. We’ll have a little Top 40, probably some Motown, Disco, and Funk … music that makes everyone feel good!

    SuperVegan: Will there be a prom king and queen?

    DJLR: Heck yeah!

    JM: Nominations for prom court closed on Wednesday. All of the nominees will wear a special “Veggie Prom Court” ribbon so everyone knows who they are. Our emcee, Michael Parrish DuDell of Ecorazzi and VegDaily, will introduce the court about halfway through the party. Voting will then open, and the court will be crowned before midnight!

    SuperVegan: Tell us about the vegan desserts that will be available. Continue Reading…

  4. Oh, The Onion, you slay me with your hilarious lampoon of horse jockeys/horse beatings. Watch to find out who’s Horse Torturer of the Year!

    Jockey Liam Hollins The Favorite To Brutally Whip Horse To Kentucky Derby Win

    The restaurant news you/I’ve been waiting for: Teany reopened this week, after many many missed teanychinos.

    Aaaand, ‘sNice Soho opened at 150 Sullivan St. between Prince and Houston streets.

    Vegan food truck The Cinnamon Snail will leave its usual parking spot in Jersey to find a temporary home in Hell’s Kitchen Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at W. 39th Street and 9th Avenue. Amazing vegan doughnuts, people!

    Passout Records in Williamsburg will reopen this summer as a 24-hour vegetarian burger joint. And bring on the vegan shakes, please!

    And finally, I encourage you to date Julie! As one astute commentator notes, she is pretty.

    Happy weekend!

  5. While I would never purport to being (even slightly) offended by the Vegan Boys Are The Worst song (which incidently got a lot of heat Vegansaurus recently and was the impetus of this post), I feel as a vegan boy and fellow musician that I must offer up a retort. Is this Biggie vs Tupac? Hardly.

    But, this is New York City (SuperVegan Represent!) and when you get dissed you gotta go in and put that S on the streets. (see: Jay-Z vs Nas, LL Cool J vs Canibus, 50 vs Everybody)

    Lyrics After the Jump! Continue Reading…