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  1. Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 10.33.30 AMAn interesting new agenda is on the table for the upcoming New York City mayoral election: the carriage horses frequently seen around Central Park and the surrounding midtown streets.

    Central Park is a place of quiet respite for New Yorkers, an iconic wonderland for tourists and home to some 220 carriage horses. When I first came to the city, I didn’t know anything about these horses but it was impossible to miss the sadness in their eyes. It turns out that there are multiple problems with these sensitive creatures working in a raucous city like New York, many of which stem from a lack of enforcement on industry regulations.

    Although there is a mandated maximum of nine consecutive hours allowed for shifts, horses frequently work 12 hour days. Temperature regulations do not take wind chill nor ashphalt surfaces (which can reach 200 F in the summer) into account, so the horses are forced to work in burning heat and freezing cold. After the 3am curfew, they are relegated to a stable on the west side of midtown where conditions have been found to include no hay or bedding, stall floors covered in urine and manure, inadequate ventilation, limited access to water and stacked floors that obstruct escape in case of fire.

    It isn’t only the horses who suffer. Working in these poor conditions, often with injuries or improperly fitted shoes, means that they are liable to become spooked in traffic. There have been at least 18 instances in the last two years where this has ended in both horses and people being injured, and sometimes severely. The law technically prohibits honking when behind a horse but anybody who’s walked the streets of New York knows that this means nothing — everybody honks, and traffic moves fast.

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  2. mfahotdogWhen I was 3, my mom tried to coax me into eating a hot dog by slicing it up and creating a circle of cruel, gross chemical-y death around a glob of ketchup in the middle of my plate. “They’re Indians around a campfire,” she told me. I threw the biggest tantrum a 3-year-old can manage (which is pretty darn big), and haven’t eaten a hot dog of the meat variety since. While veggie dogs are a different story, I still maintain that hot dogs are one of the most vile “foods” in existence, and can’t fathom why anyone would want to eat as many as they can in ten minutes, but I guess it’s the American way…or something.

    So, if you’re feeling more in the mood for a protest than patriotic this 4th of July, consider joining Mercy For Animals in protesting the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest in Coney Island. Signs, banners and leaflets will be provided and MFA’s inflatable hot dog puppy (pictured) will make an appearance. The group will meet on the corner of Stillwell Ave. and W. 16th Street at 10:30am. MFA requests that attendees dress “professionally” as there will be media coverage.

    When it comes to being vegan in Coney Island, I don’t have to tell you that the dining options are limited to pretty much french fries. There’s no dining establishment in Coney Island’s amusement district that caters to vegans, and when I inquired about veggie dog options with a member of Luna Park‘s staff, I was told that anywhere in Luna Park that sells hot dogs sports a Nathan’s logo. However, when it comes to vegan products of the non-food variety in Coney, Lola Star is doing her part to minimize cruelty. The boutique owner recently switched the sunscreen her stores sell to a brand that doesn’t test on animals and will soon be offering cruelty-free nail polish. And if you’re joining MFA in their protest on Thursday, you just might need some sunscreen!

    Do you have any vegan tips for visiting Coney Island? Feel free to share!

  3. usda

    There apparently isn’t much refuge for wildlife in Jamaica Bay, as 500 geese were captured and crated to be killed by the USDA this morning at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. GooseWatchNYC founder David Karopkin arrived immediately on the scene, taking photos, such as the one above, and videos documenting the hundreds of geese being loaded into USDA trucks for “removal.”

    Karopkin commented on being witness to the abuse, saying, “I watched the geese thump against the crates struggling to get out. I was threatened with arrest more than once. I was alone, and I did the best I could to document the roundups, at the same time I was receiving dozens of calls. I am heartbroken and angry. I don’t think there was anything I could have done to stop the roundups this morning.”

    You can view more photos of the round up, as well as the video below (fair warning, these were hard for me to look at). More videos are also available: one, two, three.

    So what can you do to stop this cruel treatment of wildlife? Aside from getting involved with GooseWatchNYC, you can comment on the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s Facebook post about how you feel your tax dollars are being spent. Also below are the phone numbers of some important people with the power to put an end to these acts.

    National Park Services Deputy Superintendent Suzanne McCarthy: 917-731-1997
    Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge: 718-354 4602
    Mayor Bloomberg: 212-788-3000
    Senator Gillibrand: 212-688-6262
    Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390

    Although there wasn’t much David Karopkin could do upon arriving at the refuge, he must be commended for taking action.

  4. photo(11)

    Thank YOU for hanging out and supporting GooseWatch NYC at Vegan Drinks NYC on June 27th. Cheers to Fontana’s Bar for hosting and to Brooklyn Bean for feeding us!

    And, extra special thanks to those organizations and individuals who made Shout Outs:

    The NEXT Vegan Drinks NYC is happening on Thursday, July 25th at Fontana’s Bar (105 Eldridge Street, Manhattan) from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Join us as we benefit Farm Sanctuary!

    Do you represent an animal rights group you think should be the beneficiary of an upcoming Vegan Drinks NYC? Visit to learn more about how to make that happen.

    Get on our mailing list!

  5. To participate in the NYC LGBT Pride March (coming up on Sunday June 30) you need to be affiliated with an organization. And what could be better than marching with a pro-animal group? We already told you how to march with Mercy for Animals, and now we’re telling you that you can also march with NYCLASS and GooseWatchNYC. NYCLASS lead the fight against NYC’s carriage horse industry, and GooseWatch NYC works to protect the persecution of Canada Geese in the metro area.

    Any other vegan/animal rights Pride-related events going on this weekend? Leave a comment to let everyone know.