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  1. I love Jorja Fox, now more than ever.

    I love Jorja Fox, now more than ever.

    • One of my favorite people, Jenny Brown, is speaking at Jivamukti Café on Saturday, 11/12, from 7-9pm. In Peace Begins on Your Plate: Why Farm Animals Matter in Our Quest for Peace, the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary cofounder will talk about the way animals are raised for food and how we can be better advocates for our fellow critters.
    • O Canada! Why do you get your very own vegan patty from Subway but we don’t? All in good time, I guess.
    • Next Monday, 11/14, from 7-9pm, NY CLASS is hosting Happy Hour for the Horses at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street. Join super SuperVegan Patrick Kwan to learn more about the campaign to put the horse-drawn carriages out of business. Drinks specials include the “Horseless Carriage Cocktail” for $3.50, and 2-for-1 beer, wine and well drinks, plus snacks courtesy of Sweet Cheeks Vegan Bakery. Check out these and other events on our NYC Events Calendar.
    • I don’t have any ink, but I have a lot of friends who’ll be happy to see there’s a new vegan tattoo balm out there.
    • Meatless Every Days is better, but Meatless Mondays is a good start. Share this video with the omnis in your life and get them moving in the right direction.
    • Jorja Fox stars in a new ad campaign for PETA, asking people to investigate how their food came to be. How cool is it that the actress’s veg epiphany happened in the greatest borough of all?
  2. I’m home sick with a sinus infection, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in and miss all the fun (like Saturday’s Smorgasburg, which for the first time featured items from the Vegan Bodega). But thankfully Smorgasburg happens every Saturday, so you’ll have another chance to go next week, and the week after that.

    Two other very cool events are happening Sunday, 10/23:

    Someone bring me a doggie bag!

  3. I spent the past weekend in Woodstock, gearing up for ThanksLiving. But the farm isn’t the only game in town when it comes to good vegan eats; my husband and I stuffed ourselves plenty before even setting foot on WFAS property.

    That said, there aren’t that many places for a vegan to eat in Woodstock, which is why we spent so much time at the Garden Cafe. (Note: GC donated 68 pounds of cornbread to be used in WFAS’s ThanksLiving stuffing, and boy, was it good!) It was too cold to sit outside, so we sat inside at one of the mismatched tables with ceramic salt and pepper shaker figurines. Local art covers the walls (as it does most everywhere in town), and the staff, too (though I can’t say for sure that the staff’s ink is local), giving the place a small-town but very progressive vibe.

    On to the food: As a rule, I never order tofu scramble when I’m out. Somewhere along the line I got a really disappointing dish of it, and since then it’s been all pancakes, French toast and biscuits and gravy. But I was in the mood for protein, so I threw caution to the wind and ordered the Basic Tofu Scramble with spinach and avocado. And I cannot express how happy I am that I listened to that instinct! The scramble was, simply put, divine. The menu doesn’t say much more than “with onions,” and aside from spinach and avocado you can add mushrooms or bell peppers. But the flavor was so oniony (in a green way), the scramble so delicately and satisfyingy seasoned, that I couldn’t wait to order it for breakfast the next day. It comes with a slice of toast, cut into wedges, and some Earth Balance. Between that, some coffee and a small glass of OJ, I didn’t need anything else. Continue Reading…

  4. Yesterday was my favorite day of the year: ThanksLiving, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s yearly celebration in honor of the turkeys, and of all the animals who are raised for food. It’s a day to hang with the critters, meet vegans from all over, listen to great music, and, of course, eat amazing food. And what a beautiful day it was! Saturday’s rain gave way to comfortable temperatures and sunny skies (until after dinner, anyway). Yesterday was also the first chance anyone had to check out the farm’s new B&B—a lovely, quaint, yet spacious-feeling little house across from the main field. I can’t wait to stay there! But that’s a topic for another post; right now we have food to discuss.

    While the guests perused the silent auction items and strategically placed their raffle tickets (I walked away with a set of Woodstock Chimes and a gift certificate to V-Note), booze from Frey Wines and Stone Brewing Company Beers flowed (until the red wine ran out). And then came the appetizers: I really enjoyed Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras Crostini and the Buffalo Bites from Blossom; my favorite restaurant apparently also donated Cape Cod Cakes, but they went so quickly, I never even saw them. Also making the rounds were Faux Beef Medallions with Béarnaise Sauce, which might have been better if they’d made it out hot; on the cool side they were a little chewy. That said, their flavor almost resembled the meatiness of Primal Strips, so they might be good dehydrated.

    Then it was time to sit and eat, and listen, but just a little: This year there was no lineup of speakers, just founder Jenny Brown greeting the guests and thanking the staff and volunteers, who included the chef from Jivamuktea Cafe; David Silver, the former owner of Second Helpings (and one of my housemates); and vegan dynamo Terry Hope Romero, who was at the kitchen’s helm. And dinner was an impressive array: Chipotle Sweet Potato Bisque with Cashew Crema, Cornbread Sofrito Stuffing with Veggie Chorizo, Massaged Kale Salad wih Raisins and Toasted Almonds, and the much-anticipated Savage River Faux Chicken Rajas in Orange Garlic Mojo. Continue Reading…