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  1. Long Island Food Not Bombs Vegan Thanksgiving Foodshare 2009

    It’s a bunch of New Yorkers sharing vegan food! (Courtesy of Long Island Food Not Bombs)

    Let’s do this one old school style: the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Long Island Food Not Bomb‘s Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza!

    Who: Long Island Food Not Bombs volunteers will share a vegan feast with hundreds of delicious meals, desserts, treats and literally tens-of-thousands of pounds of vegan-friendly Thanksgiving groceries, clothing, books and other necessities with the community.

    What: This year’s Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza will be the biggest to-date and the largest Food Not Bombs ever. Upwards of 2,000 people are expected! Some of the area supporters sharing food for this event include Raw IceCream Company, 3 Brothers Pizza, Whole Foods and Golden Earthworm CSA.

    The Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza is also one of nearly a dozen events Long Island Food Not Bombs is organizing for Thanksgiving in Long Island and NYC. There are others food shares in Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn), Hempstead, Coram, Huntington and Farmingville.

    When: Sunday, November 21st at 2:00pm! More event details can be found at

    Where: The parking lot adjacent to the Hempstead Long Island Rail Road Station at the intersection of W. Columbia St. & Station Plaza, Hempstead, NY 11550. Take the Long Island Rail Road or use your MetroCard on the bus to Hempstead Bus Station across the street.

    Why: The international Food Not Bombs movement believes food is a human right and if all the money spent on war and occupation were redirected to food, no one would go hungry. Thanksgiving need not include the cooking of a turkey. Vegan meals bring together folks of all dietary preferences, promote compassion and use far less resources than the meat or dairy industry.

  2. Hot on the heels of performances by Chrissie Hynde and Sean Lennon, the folks up at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary recently announced that vegan musician Moby will be playing an acoustic show at the sanctuary on Saturday, September 25th as a part of their Summer Concert Series.

    Sanctuary co-founders Jenny Brown and Doug Abel, as well as their crew of employees and volunteers, have been hella busy this summer. In addition to managing the needs of over 100 rescued and rehabilitated farm animals, they have put together this successful series of live concerts on the farm to benefit those rescue efforts. They’re making me feel sort of bad for using my summer vacation to catch up on re-runs of “Glee.”

    Opening for Moby is Kelli Scarr, a singer/songwriter who frequently contributes vocals to Moby’s tracks. Following Moby’s acoustic set, he will be joined on-stage by members of the band Mercury Rev to perform a “live soundscape” to the 1956 classic French film The Red Balloon. This multimedia, full-sensory concert will be held outdoors, and there will be vegan food and drink available to purchase. How very Woodstock of them.

    This is a great way to simultaneously bid farewell to the summer concert season and support Woodstock’s rescue and outreach efforts. You can get advance tickets online now for $30. Or, if you really want to make it a vegan field trip to remember, you can attend Woodstock’s MOGO Workshop with Zoe Weil that same day and get into the Moby show for half-price.

    Tickets and more information about both the MOGO Workshop and the Moby concert are available at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary website. They also have information on transportation to and from the city, including bus routes, so you have no excuses.

  3. On the rare occasion that I watch a fashion show (on TV, not in real time, lest some “extreme” animal activist throw red paint on my faux fur!*), I often think, “That girl’s skinny ass has GOT to be vegan!” But it isn’t. And she’s wearing anally electrocuted minks. Go figure!

    But, lo! On October 2, that’s going to change. SuperVegan is proud to be sponsoring a vegan fashion show that’s coming to the Vegetarian Expo in Albany. Nine fine models — six ladies and three dudes — will strut their skinny and/or deliciously toned booties down the runway in designer vegan duds.

    The models were selected from a contestant pool by five discerning judges appointed by organizer Kristin Lajeunesse. GirlieGirl Army‘s Chloe Jo Davis, Vaute Couture‘s Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Cri de Coeur‘s Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow, and Dan Mims, the creator of the new vegan men’s fashion website The Ethical Man, announced their picks Saturday, August 28. View photos of the models-to-be and their answers to a few questions on vegetarianism and environmentalism, and note that one of them is named Seanathan.

    And check this out! They’ll be wearing Vaute Couture clothes and coats, NOHARM shoes for the dudes, Cri de Coeur shoes for the dudettes, and Cherry Berry handbags.

    Mandi Hoffman of Chic Vegan (a fun and smart vegan fashion blog! read it!) will emcee the show.

    This year’s expo–speakers and exhibitors posted on the site, check it!–runs 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Empire State Plaza in Albany on October 2. Admission is free; a $5 donation is suggested. A screening of Forks Over Knives will follow the Expo at 5:30 p.m. Seating is limited and a $10 donation is required in advance.

    *Me, wear fake fur? As if!

  4. Date This Vegan #4: Julie from Yonkers!

    Date Julie!

    Date This Vegan” is a regular SuperVegan column in which we feature a reader in the New York metro area who is not only hot and smart, but also VEGAN and looking for love.

    Hey, menfolk, meet the witty, clever and very cute Julie! She’s a 29-year-old, Yonkers-based, multi-tasking, informally employed multimedia journalist. That sounds pretty rad, right?

    Here’s Julie-the-Journalist in her own words: “I am highly visual and I like to express my creativity through various media. I think and speak parenthetically as there is always a side note. :) I value correct grammar and spelling, and I am easily wooed by a beautifully composed sentence. (That doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed dating linguistically impaired fellows, but you anal-retentive types understand what I’m talking about.) Some things I do: Photography, bicycling, reading the news, being a Frugal Gourmet in my own right.”

    Are you a match for Julie? She thinks you should “have a highly developed aesthetic sensibility, but you don’t have to be a professional artist. You are trim, not bulky. You’re realistic, but not bogged down by the realities of life. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders as you’re socially conscious, but you don’t slouch over because of the burden. You are adventurous, not reckless. You have strong values that you try to abide by on a daily basis. You take animal rights very seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You feel you are accomplished in your chosen field, and you exude the confidence (not arrogance) that comes with it. In that sense, you would invite the company of an intelligent, accomplished person, without feeling the least bit jealous or inferior.”

    Julie likes her adult beverages, but if you don’t drink alcohol, that’s a-okay with her. However, if you smoke cigarettes, that’s not okay. (You know, if you smoke, you really should quit already. Why? Because loves you and we want you to live for a very, very long time, kiddos!)

    #1 Reason to Date Julie: She’s a Sagittarian Monkey.

    Contact Julie at We encourage you to send her a picture and tell her more about yourself than just your age and what you do for a living. Don’t get majorly depressed if Julie doesn’t respond — we imagine her inbox will be overflowing, and not just because you can cut glass with her cheekbones. Seriously, did you see those things! Hott!

    Want to learn more about SuperVegan’s “Date This Vegan” column? Want to be featured in the column? Go here to read the fine print and fill out an application, hotstuff.

  5. Make waffles with Joshua Katcher tomorrow! Image via The Discerning Brute.

    Make waffles with Joshua Katcher tomorrow! Image via The Discerning Brute.

    • New York State Humane Lobby Day is upon us, March 24, people. This is our chance to talk about legislation that will directly and significantly affect the nonhumans with whom we share the state. Want to go but don’t have a ride? Chartered buses will leave from Water Street and Midtown West the morning of. $25 pp.
    • In the Awesome Vegan Shit on Etsy department, there’s this (maybe NSFW?) Vegan Vulva Lip Balm, for the, uh, lips on your face. VulvaLoveLovely‘s store totally cracks me up with its vagina pendants, uterus plush dolls, breast pillows, and other assorted vag trinkets.
    • And how’s about these super cute handmade vegan flats?! Vegansaurus pointed these out earlier this week, but I can’t not direct you them again cause I loves me some sustainably-made shoes!
    • Speaking of shoes, we went to the opening of Melissa Shoes‘s pop-up shop at Kaight this week. Ooooh, shiiiiny.
    • Discerning Brute founder Joshua Katcher will give a vegan cooking demo TOMORROW, hear me?, at JivamukTea Cafe 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The event costs $75, and you can sign up here by going to the special events tab on the upper right and clicking “signup now!” next to Joshua’s photo. (Pssst, you can check our NYC events calendar for more vegan happenings in the area, too!)
    • SuperVegan is looking for writers! If you’re interested, check this post and get in touch pleeease and thank you.
    • TeaNY is reopening, say some news-rumors. Alas, the LES restaurant, which has been closed since it lost to an electrical fire in June ’09, isn’t answering the phones or opening the doors, so I have no real live dates for you at present. TeaNY, answer my calls, open up, and bring back your sweet, sweet, frothy almond milk tea lattes. I still love you.
    • ‘sNice is opening a new location at Sullivan Street between Prince and Houston, sooort of near TeaNY. Some time this month they will fill the sandwich and tea chasm below Houston. So, TeaNY, whatever with you. Oh, consumers are so fickle. (Just kidding. More is more. Give me my lattes.)
    • New kid Terri is getting lots of fab reviews.
    • Since you probably read the news this week, I won’t belabor it except to say ENDANGERED WHALE SUSHI WHAT?!
    • Let us close on a positive note: New York Magazine named BabyCakes‘s doughnuts “Best Vegan Treat.” Meanwhile, Erin McKenna is working on a candy cookbook. Sweet.