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  1. Isa Chandra Moskowitz

    Ms. Moskowitz’s recipes don’t cause nausea.

    You can stop searching for the perfect holiday gift for your peoples!

    The always awesome Isa Chandra Moskowitz is selling signed cookbooks to benefit Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary in Portland, Oregon. Isa writes,

    [Out to Pasture has] a ton of animals to take care of this winter, including horses, cows, pigs and llamas, and could really use the cash right now!

    I’ll sign the books to whomever you like! And I will include a lipstick kiss for 10 bucks extra. Kidding. Sort of.

    To get your signed book, send a PayPal to and include the book(s) that you would like. If it’s a gift, remember to include the recipient’s address! And please let me know who to sign it to.

    100% of the proceeds go to Out To Pasture and directly to the animals so order a book for everyone you know!

    Shipping included, prices are:
    Vegan With A Vengeance – 28
    Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World – 28
    Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar – 28
    Vegan Brunch – 32
    Veganomicon – 42

    Oh, you don’t exchange winter holiday gifts? Me neither. How about buying some books to give as birthday gifts in the new year?

    (My birthday is in April, by the way.)

  2. National Animal Law Conference

    I flew into Portland on Friday to attend this year’s National Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, OR. I visited the “Brooklyn of the West” to make my jeans fit tighter and attend conference sessions on issues relating to the criminal prosecution of animal cruelty, the link between domestic violence and animal abuse, the intersectionality between animal rights and human rights, and so on and so forth.

    But, in honor of Vegan MoFo III, you want to hear about the food, right? For the first time in a very long time, I received a vegan meal on the plane. I stopped requesting them long ago, but my Continental Airlines frequent flyer profile still lists me as a scary, radical vegan. Much to my surprise, about an hour into the flight, a box containing a vegan soy patty with cheese on a whole wheat English muffin appeared on my tray table. It was surprisingly good. A partially frozen fruit cocktail, a Sara Lee “bagel”, Smart Balance (the vegan kind) and a packet of Mrs. Dash, which I’m still not sure of its intended use, accompanied it. Continental gets thumbs up on the English muffin sandwich and for getting me to Portland on time.

    My first stop in Portland was La Bonita for some of the tastiest black beans to pass through my digestive track. For only $6.95, I procured a large plate with two soft tacos, a heaping mound of rice, a liberal portion of beans and chunky guacamole. Good job, NE Portland.
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  3. This May, Josh Hooten, owner of Herbivore Clothing Company, will ride his bicycle 600 miles from his hometown Portland, OR to Farm Sanctuary‘s West Coast headquarters in Orland, CA. The ambitious bike ride is both a celebration of his 10 year veganversary and a benefit for Farm Sanctuary. Hooten hopes his feat will inspire folks to make donations amounting to $10,000 to the 20 year old organization that has rescued thousands of animals, saves even more through education and advocacy, and largely influenced his own decision to go vegan.

    Visit Josh Hooten’s fundraising page to make a donation. (Josh encourages you to get drunk before doing this.) Once you’ve emptied your bank account, entertain yourself by reading his blog, which chronicles his transition from a regular dude to a cycling machine putting out a whopping 80 miles a day.

  4.  Foxie with Princess. Troll dolls are the hot accessory for the residents of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

    Foxie with Princess. Troll dolls are the hot accessory for the residents of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

    This is a lazy blog post to clear out some of my backlong. I think all this stuff’s interesting. Hopefully you will, too!

  5. Snag a coupon and this little guy could be all yours, you cheap bastard!

    Snag a coupon and this little guy could be all yours, you cheap bastard!

    A host of new coconut milk-based vegan ice cream approximations have hit the shelves lately. On the West Coast, we have an especially wide selection: there’s Maggie Mudd in San Francisco and Coconut Bliss in Eugene, Oregon. They’re great for anyone looking to trim a little soy from their diet (seriously, who couldn’t benefit from that?) — but until recently, they’ve been a pricey specialty affair.

    But the new flavors from Turtle Mountain’s So Delicious Purely Decadent line (based out of Oregon, natch) are the most widely available, the least tummy-achingly decadent and the most affordable in these tight times of ours. A pint of Mudd will set you back about $5, while Coconut Bliss clocks in closer to $6. They’re tasty, but S.D.’s is more accessible — creamy, but not too sweet (made with agave, not sugar!), though perhaps a little coconutty for some. But if you’re looking for a seriously decadent dessert that’ll knock you out for a good hour and a half after you’ve inhaled it, you’d best look elsewhere.

    Maybe that’s why the cookie dough and mint chip versions were kind of disappointing for me. They’re tasty, no doubt, but you can really taste the coconut-milk base, and they’re overall not as rich as I want those flavors to be. The vanilla bean and coconut ones, on the other hand, far surpassed my expectations. The vanilla has now become my go-to summer snack (I have a lot of those “free pint” coupons saved up, okay?). Great for anyone looking to cut some soy and indulge in some summertime junk food. (Might I suggest some ripe summer peaches?) Mix a serving with some fresh cut fruit to cut down on total snack calories and foodie guilt. And then go out trick your favorite omnis because seriously, this stuff ain’t no Tofutti. They’ll be shocked. Then sweet-talk them into buying another carton for sharesies.

    A pint will set you back less than $3 at the Park Slope Food Co-op, but more like $4 at Whole Paycheck — though S.D. has some generous coupon offerings on their Web site. It comes in vanilla bean, chocolate, coconut, mint chip and cookie dough varieties. They’re up for the VegNews Awards (vote for SV, too!) against Mudd and Bliss. I won’t tell you who I voted for, because that would violate my journalistic integrity — but let’s just say I’m kind of a cheapskate.