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  1. Suicide Girls featured in peta2's MySpace photo album

    Suicide Girls featured in peta2’s MySpace photo album

    Today The New York Times reports on the riff in the vegan community over whether or not using female sexuality to animal rights is ethical.

    Vegan Vixens founder Sky Valencia, Suicide Girls founder Missy Suicide, Skinny Bitch Rory Freeman, and the everclassy vegan strip club owner Johnny Diablo were quoted as being among those who don’t have a problem with the use of sexuality to promote animal rights. Sexual Politics of Meat author Carol J. Adams, chef/Vegan Freak Bob Torres were also interviewed and clearly aren’t buying into the idea that the path to animal liberation will be paved with dropped panties.

    In related news, Isa Chandra Moskowitz will soon be abandoning Brooklyn for Portland! We’ll miss her and all the vegan street creds her residency lent our fair borough.

    As one door opens for the Portland vegan community, another door closes. Johnny Diablo has put Casa Diablo, the world’s first and only vegan strip club, on the real estate market a mere 2 months after an extremely well-publicized opening.

  2. World’s First Vegan Strip Club in Portland

    Filed under: Oregon Sex
    Snacks and snatch.

    Snacks and snatch.

    Portland seems to be a veritable vegan paradise, complete with an all vegan strip mall and now an all vegan strip club.

    Johnny Diablo, an ethical vegan of 23 years, opened Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s Club earlier this month in the site of his now closed pirate themed vegan family restaurant, Pirates Tavern— a business that, according to The Willamette Weekly, Diablo claims didn’t thrive because most vegans live at the poverty level or below.

    Though Casa Diablo dancers are forbidden to wear animal products, Diablo doesn’t boast the establishment’s vegan status (except when courting the press). Neither its flier nor its Mexican menu mention the V-word. This time around, Diablo hopes to strike gold with an alluring combo of T&A and a smoke-free environment–things he hopes the moneyed non-vegan masses and privileged vegans with pockets full of dollar bills can enjoy.
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  3. Portland MiniMall Grand Opening Party

    Filed under: Events Oregon
    Visit the site of the crime!

    Visit the site of the crime!

    Portland’s Vegan Minimall is having its grand opening party on Sunday, January 6th.

    Sweetpea Baking Company, Herbivore, Food Fight!, and Scapegoat Tattoo are all there now and will be open. Free food at 3pm from Yellow Rose Recipes (Herbivore’s new cookbook), and live music from Cars and Trains, Old Growth, Superbad, and Rough Chukar starts at 6pm. (More details on Josh Herbivore’s blog.)

    I think it’s a little weird that the place doesn’t have a name yet. We at least need to impose a nickname on it. What should we call it? (And you can think of something better than “Fort Awesome.”)

  4. That vegan minimall we’ve all been waiting for is now very real and very awesome.

    The new Herbivore store looks absolutely amazing and Food Fight! is serving up cheeze dogs. I don’t think Sweet Pea Bakery or Scapegoat Tattoo are there yet, but I guess I’m not sure.

    Congratulations to all involved! Please post comments with links to more pictures. There’s really not enough drool on my keyboard yet.

  5. Vegan Minimall coming to Portland

    Filed under: Food Oregon Shopping Sweets
    cake shaped like the new building

    I think this is a cake.

    Foodfight Grocery just announced that they’re moving. Their new space will be twice as big and include a hot dog steamer and nacho cheese pump. Not only that, but it’s in a new all-vegan building!

    Along with Foodfight, the building will be the new home of Sweet Pea Bakery, Scapegoat Tattoo, Herbivore Magazine and Clothing, and an acupuncture clinic called Seven Star Collective. It will be located at the northeast corner of 12th and SE Stark. They’re planning to be all moved in and open by November.