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  1. This June 30th is not just the 22nd anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah, it’s also Vegan Pizza Day.

    This is a glorious day where Vegans everywhere congregate in their local to distant pizza serving establishments and order up some pie topped with Freaky Cheese like Teese, Daiya, Galaxy, or Follow Your Heart.

    To make it extra easy for you Vegalenos (that’s Vegan Angelenos) to celebreat (celebrational eating), I’ve compiled a list of all your options I can think of. Extra points to whoever goes to the most places in those 24 hours.
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  2. I spent the vast majority of this past weekend holed up in a hotel at 18th and Market in downtown Philadelphia for the annual National Lawyers Guild Convention. You know who we are. We’ve been around since the late 1930s—the radical alternative to the American Bar Association—but now you see us on CNN wearing fluorescent green hats while legal observing at the Occupy protests throughout the country. (We also run the Green Scare Hotline—1-888-NLG-ECOL—among a larger menagerie of projects.) So, yep, a bunch of vegan lawyers, legal workers and law students spent our days in panels and workshops and nights relaxing with (many) adult beverages. Little sleep was stolen. But, somewhere amid this panoply of activity, I found time to ride my bike every day to Blackbird Pizza on South 6th near South Street to consume their pitch perfect Philly Seitan Cheesesteak.

    What makes this vegan version of the city’s namesake sandwich so appealing? First up: UPTON’S SEITAN! The seitan is just damn good. Now imagine it sliced incredibly thin and generously piled in ribbons on a chewy baquette. Add strings of grilled onions and green peppers, the cheese (it’s Daiya) and mushrooms, and you’ve got an incredible sandwich.

    Here’s a pictorial that documents the evolution of my love for this sandwich (and Blackbird) over the course of three days:
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  3. The Legumes du Marché at DB Bistro Moderne, as tasty as they are pretty.

    The Legumes du Marché at DB Bistro Moderne, as tasty as they are pretty.

    I’m assistant managing editor at a Big Fancy-Pants Magazine, and I have the corporate card to prove it. This means that occasionally I have to take people to lunch, at high-end restaurants in Midtown. You know what that means: not a whole lot of options for the token vegan.

    Now, you’d think that when you’re paying that much for a meal, you’d have better options than asking them to leave the cheese out of the salad. But at places like these, meat commands respect, the rarer the better; the soups are all made with some kind of animal stock; and maybe they can make the vegetables with oil instead of butter, but doesn’t that get boring after a while? Plus, it always leaves the omnis looking at you like, Is that all vegans can eat?

    Recently I had back-to-back lunches in which I had to play well with omnivorous others, and I hit three of the top spots around our office. The first was The Lambs Club (I know, even the name…), a very who’s who in the magazine world kind of place with a huge fireplace. While my lunchmate dined on a lobster roll sandwich (and I apologized to the poor little crustacean in my head), I had a side of corn and a side of lentils. Maybe a salad sans chicken, egg, hanger steak or tuna would have made a better showing, but I just didn’t feel like asking for Item A Minus Pretty Much Everything Besides the Lettuce. And there were French fries, but what’s the fun in that? And then of course, came dessert: none for me. No surprise there.

    Next up was DB Bistro Moderne, also elegantly decorated but a little less stuffy-feeling. Continue Reading…

  4. Attention vegan nerds or those who love one! If you find yourself making a run to Fry’s Electronics in El Segundo for an adapter, hard drive, or $10.99 Blu Ray of Total Recall around meal time, there’s vegan pizza right across the street! There’s also a vegan burger at The Counter, vegan everything at Veggie Grill and a Whole Foods the size of one of the bigger Hawaiian Islands. Hurrah for Plaza El Segundo!

    This was my first visit to Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza but it was my second time in a matter of weeks learning the same exact lesson that will change my life forever. Two words: Truffle. Oil.

    Sammy’s looks like any other chain restaurant, but has a whole separate menu for vegans and gluten-freeites, which makes them good people (cause businesses are people now, right?). Vegans can choose between Tapas, Salads, Wraps, Tacos, Pasta, even Oak Roasted Gardein Chick’n! I went with the Vegan Margherita Pizza, which comes on a special whole wheat crust (the regular crust has honey and the artisan has butter) and is topped with Daiya cheese. After becoming full-on addicted to the Truffle Fries at Wurstküche, I thought I’d truffle up my pizza, too and added the toppings of the Brie Cheese & Truffle Oil Artisan Thin Crust Pizza– fresh sauteed wild mushrooms and truffle oil. This might be the best decision I have ever made. Now, I have been spoiled by having a Pitfire Pizza (and Fresh Brothers) within walking distance, so the bar has been set real high.

    Sammy’s pizza was good, the crust was a little chewy and the daiya a bit sparse, but the addition of the truffle oil and ‘shrooms with the basil and tomatoes was brilliant. I ate the whole thing minus half the crust and immediately upon exiting the restaurant, walked directly over to Home Goods and purchased a bottle of White Truffle Oil on sale for $12.99 that I now plan on drizzling atop everything in my life.