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  1. Eavesdrop on Josh and Isa!

    Filed under: Podcasts

    “Ha! They kill me!”

    Ever wonder what it would be like to eavesdrop on a phone conversation between Herbivore‘s Josh Hooten and The Post Punk Kitchen‘s Isa Chandra Moskowitz? If so, Naked Vaygun is the perfect podcast for you! Listening to the pair discuss everything from projectile goat shit to masturbating with cats on your lap will have you roaring with laughter at their goofiness and sheer inappropriateness.

    Because Naked Vaygun is pretty openly about nothing, the program felt like it was going on longer than necessary when I tried to listen to it while “working” this afternoon. Still, I imagine listening to it during a long and ordinarily listless commute would surely add a little spice and joy to any vegan’s day.

  2. Vesanto Melina means well.

    Vesanto Melina means well.

    Today WNYC talk host and LenLo counterpoint Brian Lehrer did a 15-minute listener-suggested segment in response to Nina Planck’s sharp-tongued opinion piece in The New York Times last month. Lehrer pitted vegan dietician and book author Vesanto Melina against Planck in what resulted in a pretty boring piece of radio. Melina got some good facts in edgewise, but her soft-spoken-hippie delivery sometimes made the issues seem cloudier than a hemp-bulgar-carob smoothie. While Melina did a decent job dispensing basic vegan-nutrition facts, it would’ve been nice if she’d been more aggressive in addressing some of Planck’s main claims: that raising a vegan child is, besides being dangerous, irresponsible, etc., also basically unnatural and (hah) “untraditional”, because “humans evolved as omnivores.” Once again, Planck provides basically no science to back up her assertions–but at least WNYC gave air time to the opposition, unlike the Times.

  3. Erik Marcus wants to hear you sing about Balls.

    Erik Marcus wants to hear you sing about Balls.

    I’m all about having things made easier for me, saving money, and not having to lug heavy groceries home on the subway. Erik Marcus seems to be of like mind (save for the subway part; he’s now out in Tahoe). The author of Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money and the voice behind the podcasts has scrutinized’s myriad offerings and pulled all the vegan and vegan-related products into the Grocery.

    Because you buy in multiples or bulk, the prices are pretty awesome—just make sure you have somewhere to store all that extra cereal—and you get free shipping if you spend $25 or more. Plus, a portion of your purchases help keep the podcasts going, which is a worthy cause since Marcus gives great AR news, calls attention to important programs like Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College project, and broadcasts interviews with funny peeps like Dan Piraro. Continue Reading…

  4. Do you play the spoons, banjo or washboard? Can you strum a guitar or carry a tune? VeganFreak Radio is producing a vegan music show and they want you to participate! All genres of music will be represented in the program and Bob and Jenna say the music doesn’t have to be vegan in theme, though at least one member of the band must be vegan.

    Submissions are due by June 5. Click here for more info.

  5. They all want cake. (The Meligrove Band gets baked with Mat & Dave)

    They all want cake. (The Meligrove Band gets baked with Mat & Dave)

    Last night I finally had a chance to listen to Let’s Get Baked with Mat & Dave, a Halifax, Nova Scotia radio program that combines two things humans can’t live without–food and music. Each week Mat & Dave cook up yummy vegan food with a guest band and play some great music. They just aired their season finale, but you can listen to the back episodes on their website.

    Let’s Get Baked with Mat & Dave isn’t the only great audio program coming out of Canada. Animal Voices is pretty consistent in its awesome coverage of vegan issues and personalities. The Toronto Vegetarian Association, Canada’s oldest and largest vegeterian organization, has recently added a podcast to its site. Listen to stay tuned to veggie happenings at their resource center, the Toronto area, and beyond.

    Other vegan podcasts I love are: VeganFreak Radio (I double heart Bob and Jenna!) and the Generation V podcast brought to us by the amiable Tammy and Chris of Bay Area Veg.

    Sadly, Erik Marcus is no longer presenting Erik’s Diner (which was one of the earliest podcasts) in its original format. He is now producing smaller programs (sometimes in unique formats) that will play on other shows like VeganFreak Radio but you can still listen to Erik’s Diner on his website.

    Go Vegan Radio! with California’s Bob Linden is still strong after 5 years as “the planet’s first and only commercial vegan radio show.” This week’s program features an interview with Camile Hankins who is founder of Win Animal Rights (or WAR), a great NYC/NJ group that campaigns against vivisectors like Huntingdon Life Sciences.

    Happy listening!