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  1. This past weekend I was your mouth at the Natural Products Expo West. I’ve already told you about all the cheeeses. Then I told you about the meeats. Now it’s time for the good stuff– The SWEETS!

    Sweet Somethings

    I have to start off with my biggest blunder so that I have time to recover. I’ve seen Coolhaus trucks. I’ve been at places where they were and made sad frowny faces cause there was nothing for me to buy and devour. I’ve read about them and their brick + mortar that opened super close by in November. So thank goodness I was on a path of confrontation on Friday (first was Morningstar Farms, then Lightlife, then Justin’s Nut Butter), cause when I stepped up to the Coolhaus booth and asked when o’ when will they make me a Vegan Sammie, I was schooled by none other than Natasha Case, CEO, “We DO have vegan sammies!” And then she gave me a Ginger Molasses cookie sandwich with Mango sorbet, right then and there. I don’t know how it is that I entirely missed this. What a doof. I apologize, to myself and to you. Let me make it up to us now, by declaring for once and for all, that additionally available at Coolhauses are an awesome Vegan Carrot Cake and Vegan Chocolate Truffle Banana. Holy crap, right? We are the luckiest.

    Eat Pastry

    Eat Pastry is a conundrum. How is that dough supposed to make it to cookie form? I can assure you that if I had some at my discretion, it would stay in my fridge and be eaten by the heaping spoonful at a terrifying pace that would severely shorten it’s 12 month shelf life. Perhaps this stuff should be called Eat Pastry Dough. A line of refrigerated vegan cookie doughs sold in a tub that’s not big enough to stick your whole face directly into, flavors include; Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Chocoholic Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip. And for those gluten-free Vegans, lookin’ at you Samantha, there’s GF Snickerdoodle, GF Chocolate Chip, GF Sugar Momma. Here’s a coupon for $1 off if you’re curious.

    Healthy Top

    Have you tried Healthy Top Whipped Cream? From the MimiCreme people, this stuff will seriously change your mouth’s life. I’m not fucking around with you, Vegan People. Go get some right now and put it on anything that will let you. My idea was to get some of this, then walk two booths down to the conveniently located Double Rainbow booth, get a scoop of their amazing soy ice cream and put the healthy top on top, but it didn’t last the ten steps it took me to get there.


    Craving some Nutella? Go forth from your nerd box and get yourself a jar of Choc&Nut! It comes all the way from France. Ooh la la! It’s also organic and they claim it is rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, protein and vitamin E. I claim it is delicious and I bet there are all sorts of cool uses for it. Let me know what you smart people come up with.

    So Delicious

    Almond milk is my favorite kind of “freaky milk”, so it makes sense that I really liked So Delicious’ ice cream made from the stuff. There are seven flavors (even I could not try them all!); Butter Pecan, Cherry Amaretto, Chocolate, Cookies ‘N Cream, Mint Chip, Mocha Almond Fudge, and Vanilla. But, what I recommend, is the Mocha Almond Fudge BARS. These were gooooooood. The chocolate casing was perfect and had crunchy bits of almond in it and the Mocha Almond Fudge almond ice cream inside was, in fact, so delicious. PS- These are also gluten-free.

    Hail Merry

    I saved the best for last. Now here’s my disclaimer: I am totally prejudice against raw food. I am also annoyed by the new trend of combining Vegan with Gluten Free. That said, Hail Merry’s raw, gluten-free, Vegan desserts were my favorite new product at the Expo. Their lemon tart in particular was dessert heaven. Put a dollop of the aforementioned Healthy Top and I’m done. I’ve heard that they’re currently on sale at Whole Foods for 2/$7, so you can stock up.

    Have we forgiven me? Which ones have you already tried? And what will you try next?

    The Expo saga ends with Chapter Four, Miscellaneous Yums, coming soon!

  2. I'm up to this vegan challenge...

    I’m up to this vegan challenge…

    The new Doritos Locos Tacos is a Frankenstein-like creation of stoner proportions; Bill and Ted’s excellent fast food adventure set to the tune of Dr Dre’s The Chronic. Basically, every 12 year old’s Mountain dew’d dream come true. And. Frankly. My 12 year old self is one jealous Em n’ Effer.

    For a professional musician (on a budget) like myself who spends most of his time on the road – Taco Bell is a helluva drug.

    I am not going to kid myself, to veganize Doritos Locos Tacos is less about cooking from scratch and more about corralling existing components (and recipes) to create the finished product. Besides ‘cooking from scratch’ would be a disservice to Taco Bell’s commitment to creating neverfreshalmostfood. Continue Reading…

  3. This weekend I travelled to Anaheim, California to avoid Disneyland at all costs and attend the Natural Products Expo 2012, a whole convention center full of vegan peddlers. In the first chapter of my epic journey I told you about all the cheeeses that turned my tum into one big fondue pot. Now for Chapter Two: Meatless Technologies!

    Meet Your Meeats

    Hodo Soy

    I told you about Hodo and their most delicious tofu products last year. This year, they had a new item called the v-EGG-an Salad. It’s a Vegan egg salad. For some dumb reason that’s me being dumb I missed tasting it but VegNews Magazine gave it one of their Best Of Show Awards, so it must be super good. Learn from my mistake, if you see it, try it!

    Sophie’s Vegan Seafood

    Sophie and her kitchen make faux fish products from a Japanese root called konjac. New this year are Vegan Crab Cakes and Breaded Vegan Scallops. I tasted both, but I never liked seafood, even a million years ago (appx), when I was zero to tween and not yet vegetarian. But my brother, a SuperCarnivore said the Crab Cakes were good and that is saying A LOT. Five or six years ago I had to pay him a dollar to taste one tiny sip of soy milk. So if you miss the fruits of the sea, give these a try!

    Turtle Island Foods

    From the makers of Tofurkey and those Sweet Italian with Tomato and Basil gourmet sausages I love so well, comes a ground beef product also available in chorizo style! They gave us whole tacos to try and they were tasty. If Soyrizo is too spicy for you (it’s spicy!) then this stuff will be a better fit.


    From Matzo to meatless burgers! Years of indentured Hebrew schoolitude left me skeptical of these Veggie Grillers, but I was forced to admit that my people can cook. These were some good patties of the “garden patch” variety, but they were savory, not sweet, which is what always annoys me about them. Available in regular and mini sizes, they would be a nice frozen product to add to the rotation.

    Field Roast

    Field Roast is like the Ferrari of fake meats. Their products look good, cost a lot, and go down fast. New to their product range is a line of deli meats (Wild Mushroom, Lentil Sage and Smoked Tomato) and frankfurters. They were giving out half a frank to people like me and I enjoyed it. I didn’t get to taste the deli slices, but the flavors sound interesting, don’t they? Way more gourmand then a hot dog.


    I also finally got to try Upton’s Naturals! CORRECTION: They were NOT at the Expo last year, so I’ve been intrigued by reports of their snazzy seitan products for awhile. This year, four flavors were available: Traditional, Ground Beef, Italian Sausage and Chorizo, I tasted the Italian. Now any SuperVegan knows it’s not necessarily the meat but what you put on it, so while it’s great that they’ve grown enough to be able to exhibit this year, they still have a ways to go– just some ground beef in a cup is a tough sell, but that said, this was quite good. I want to try more like, IN stuff! Seitan, when done well, is my favorite form of protein, so it’s nice to have a ground beef replacement made of it instead of soy. Next year can you show us how to take those crumbles and form them into a solid burger? Then I think your booth would be more popular than Fabio’s (yes, Fabio.).


    Gardein is everywhere all of a sudden, aren’t they? I think they own all the land surrounding Daiyaville. They had more new products than most other companies had in general. 9 new products! 5 new frozen ones: beefless sliders, zesty marinara crispy chick’n fillets, terriyaki chick’n strips, lightly breaded turk’y cutlet, and southern BBQ riblets.

    4 new refrigerated ones: meatless ground, homestyle beefless burger, classic BBQ riblet, and all american sloppy joes.

    I got to try a slider, which tasted just like their regular burger but smaller, and the terriyaki chick’n strips, which I was surprised to like. I normally don’t care for the sauces Gardein marinates their meats in, but this one was fine, though I only had one bite. Future products include a breakfast pattie, and, let’s hope, the retail release of their commercial chick’n breasts.

    And, in Vegan Gossip, I gave a couple booths hell, just cause. I chatted with the Morningstar Farms “chef” about why they can’t take those pesky egg whites out of their products. When? When will they do that? And even though he said he has been working hard to (he claims over 30 products are now secretly vegan like all the chicken ones), the company’s lawyers won’t take the egg off the ingredient list for fear of litigation. He said they have fights about it internally, all the time. But when I asked him about the bacon he said, “Oh no, those need egg whites for texture.” Boo. Hiss. I also voiced my displeasure to Lightlife, whose new veggie burger is not vegan, and Justin’s Nut Butter and their non-vegan candy bar.

    That’s a lot of non-meat meat! Which one are you most excited to try?

    Check back for Chapter 3, Desserts!

  4. Heya SuperVegans! I return from my second sojourn to the Natural Expo West a.k.a. Veganomicon with blisters on my feet, new bulges in my mid-section, and tales to tell! So much time so little to see. Strike that. Reverse it. Taking a cue from the pain of my previous year’s experience, I went to the convention two times this time around. I saw people and product. I snacked and chatted. I snapped pics and took notes. And the fruit of this “labor” is a multi-post about all the best stuff I suggest you to seek out and purchase this year. There’s so much to HTML about I’ve decided to break it up into groupings, so as not to overwhelm you with all these delights. Part One? “Cheese!”



    If this was a beauty contest they’d have the looks, the brains, AND the personality. I’m not gonna lie, these people are my favs and their products are awesome. I tried a lot of things at the Chicago Soydairy booth: their nacho cheese (which I want to be bathed in), their soft serve ice cream (which I want a trough of), their Dandies (which I want atop everything, and as a side note, please write to them and tell them to start selling their Marshmallow Fluff) and their straight up Teese. This stuff is outrageous for the following reasons:
    A1. In their tube casing, they can be stored UNREFRIGERATED for appx. 6 months
    A1.1.They are low in fat and have way less of it than Daiya. One serving size of Teese (28g) has 1.5g of fat, none of which is saturated or trans and only 50 calories. The same amount of Daiya will hit your hard Vegan bod with 6g of fat, 2 of which are saturated, and 90 calories. So if you’re chubbs and looking to loose a ellbees, this is the cheeese for you.
    A1.1.1. They have four (4!) flavors: mildly spicy nacho sauce, mozzarella melts and stretches, creamy cheddar sauce perfect with macaroni, and cheddar melts and stretches.


    Galaxy Foods has been around for a long time. They go back to the Days of Vegan Yore when sometimes it was better to eat no vegan cheese at all than what was available. Some of their products have been good (their parm sprinkle and their cream cheese), some not as much. Not anymore– they have seen the advancements brought to the Vegan cheese world by the likes of Teese and Daiya and have worked hard to meet them. Their new Vegan Mozzarella and Mexican flavor shreds melt, stretch, taste good, and launch in April. Good for you, Galaxy! If your cheeese costs my credit card less than Daiya I will buy these resealable bags n’stead.

    Food For Lovers

    The ever adorable couple had a few new products on display– the one that belongs in this category* is a Mild version of their Vegan Queso. If Original is too spicy for you (it’s pretty spicy!) then this stuff will be perfect. It’s got all the same flavor with none of the mouth pain. In other news, remember all that angriness over recipe stealing with Nacho Mom’s? Well Chris, Crystal & their high-powered attorney have been forced to sue their former food manufacturer seven times. A fan of a li’l Vegan Drama, this story would be a great one for Law & Order to rip from the headlines, dontcha think?
    *other new products will be discussed in a later expo post


    Last and certainly the most giant is Daiya. These people built a whole Daiya City. Daiyaville. The Tower of Daiya. Mt. Daiya. Now I see where my $6 per bag is going!

    Let me tell you about the new Daiya wedges you may have seen me prematurely mention on facebook. There are three flavors: Jack, Jalapeno Garlic Havarti, and Cheddar.

    They were good! I made no less than three drive-bys to Daiyapolis for their primo samples. The Jack and Havarti were the best of the good, with lots of previously un-seen flavors. The Havarti in particular has a real nice kick to it. The cheddar is the same as their shreds, and is best used in or on things– it’s not as great on its own. They are soft in texture — more like Velveeta than Shreese. These guys should be available in all the same places the shreds are currently sold in in about 2-3 weeks for about the same price (read: $$$). Supposedly the packages reseal…

    And lastly, in Vegan Gossip, I heard from the lovely ladies of VegNews Magazine, that a Vegan Brie might be in our not so far away future!

    This is just the tip of the expo iceburg! Next up; Meatless Technologies.

  5. Healthy eaters look away! This one’s for the Vegan with one to seventeen sweet teeth. Check out these amazing (and in some cases, new) snack foods!

    #1. Birthday Oreos
    Oreo is celebrating their 100th birthday with a specialty cookie that is their most delicious by 100x. These are insane bonkers delicious. Get them whilst available and feel free to thank me later or hate me when you’ve eaten so many your pants cut off circulation to your legs.

    UPDATE: It has been brought to my near-sighted attention that these contain Confectioner’s Glaze, which some deem UnSuperVegan. Here’s some handy dandy reading material on the subject so that you can decide for your own Vegan Self.

    #1. Vegan Thin Mints
    Feeling left out of the whole Girl Scout Cookie Game? I mean, they’re not even made with real Girl Scouts. Check out these faux Thin Mints and satisfy the craving. TIP: freeze these for extra levels of yum.

    Get a whole case, put on a cute uniform and resell them to all your vegan pals at Amazon.

    Or just get them by the box here.

    OR-or roll-up to your local Kosher market– they often carry them.

    #1. Vegan Creme Eggs




    Hear that? That’s the Easter Bunny making his approach! Best order some Vegan Cadbury-style Creme Eggs courtesy Queenbalch on Etsy.

    Or, if you’re LA based, Tweet at greatbrittania of Fakery Bakery fame, and beg her to make them again this year.

    #1. Steve’s Ice Cream

    This one’s for the New Yorkers. For now…
    Have you tried Steve’s Ice Cream? Small batch, craft ice cream with unique combinations of ingredients that are locally sourced when possible, Steve’s has a whole line of coconut based Cremes that are some of the best I’ve ever had (I’ve been lucky enough to taste three!). They are not coconut-ey at all and are super extra highly delicious. Flavors include: Chocolate Almond Butter, Cinnamon Coffee, Coconut Cilantro Lime, Maple Porter Pecan, Mint Cacao Chip, Sugar Cookie Dough, and Tea Time. There’s also sorbet, for those who like that sort of thing. With a Brooklyn brick + mortar opening soon, check out the extensive list of shops where you can find a pint today!