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  1. I’m in the process of updating our superfantastic NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide. Thanks to Lollion for the robust list of Sunnyside/ Woodside/ Jackson Heights eateries! Thanks also to our friends Summer and Deidre; readers Anya, Zach, and Tiffany; and chef Cody at Papacitos Brooklyn!

    We’ll continue with the resty guide updates, so if you don’t see the restaurant you tipped us off to, don’t worry, it’s on our to-do list. In the meanwhile, pretty please help keep me motivated on doing this lame data entry chore by leaving reviews of any new or old restaurants. Continue Reading…

  2. Animal advocates across the nation will be partying this Sunday, July 27th in support of California’s Proposition 2 – The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act which will reduce the suffering of 20 million abused animals trapped in cages inside California’s factory farms.

    The parties will help raise much needed funds to help get out the YES Vote for Farm Animals on California’s Proposition 2 to counter deep-pocket factory farmers who have already raised millions of dollars and almost half a million dollars this month alone to continue the cruel and inhumane factory farming practices such as veal crates, gestation crates, and battery cages.

    Find a party near you or visit the following NYC ones hosted by dedicated local activists Christine Mott in Manhattan’s Financial District and Ruth Santana in Astoria, Queens.

    Nora Kramer who worked full-time (and over-time!) on the ground in California’s Bay Area will be joining the Manhattan party to give a first hand account of what’s going on in California. She was the Bay Area regional coordinator for Californians for Humane Farms campaign. Come hear Nora’s inspiring account and how New Yorkers can help animals and our friends and colleagues in California!

    Here are more ways you can help. And yes, you can still make a donation if you can’t make it to a party.

  3. Perelandra may see a lot of me soon, depending how this jury duty thing pans out.

    Perelandra may see a lot of me soon, depending how this jury duty thing pans out.

    It’s been a while since the last big update to our NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide. Remember: if you’ve been a customer at any of these places, help out your fellow vegans by leaving a review!

    Park Slope gets a few veg-friendly omni places: Bogota Latin Bistro, Flatbush Farm, and Hunan Delight (your go-to place for fake meat when you’re sick of Vegetarian Palate, especially now that Red Hot has closed).

    Elsewhere in Brooklyn, Frank White brings great coffee, vegan sandwiches and baked good, and more than a little style to the no-man’s-land between Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights. Urban Spring brings pricey fancy organicness to Fort Greene. Brooklyn Label brings vegan-friendly brunch to Greenpoint. Downtown Brooklyn’s Perelandra is a grocery store, but they also have a lot of great prepared food (including a vegan McMuffin!).

    In Mahnattan, Bluestockings is great a bookstore and event space, but don’t forget they also have coffee and vegan baked goods, as does Hopscotch Cafe on Tompkins Square. Moving further uptown, the Sri Lankan Nirvana Cafe in Gramercy is recommended by multiple SuperVegan readers. We were excited about Zen Burger, but it’s kind of unbelievably un-vegan for a vegetarian burger joint.

    What about Queens? Internationalist Mundo Cafe & Restaurant is somehow the first place we’ve ever listed in Astoria.

    Huge thanks to readers Tiffany, Isa, Allison, Brooklyn Vegan, Janet, DaSleaza, and Mikaila for alerting us to some of these places. We’ve got at least a dozen more restaurants that we’re working on adding, so expect another update like this soon. As always, if you know of a place that should be in the guide, let us know!

    Don’t forget that you can browse our listings by neighborhood and by cuisine.

  4. Tiffin Wallah - Indian cuisine in a hipper-than-most decor

    Tiffin Wallah – Indian cuisine in a hipper-than-most decor

    Ok, just a week since our last update, but here’s more! Check out the following latest additions to SuperVegan’s NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide!

    • The latest all-vegetarian addition to Curry Hill, Tiffin Wallah brings $6 lunch buffets, fancy thali combos and a hipper-than-most decor to Lexington Avenue.
    • RIP to the original Veggie Castle, but its Queens offshoot in South Richmond Hill is still alive and well. Head on to Veggie Castle II – unfortunately, it’s not housed in a former White Castle building.
    • Perhaps the only sign that Staten Island really doesn’t suck as much as everyone in the world thinks it does, Chin Chin Palace dishes up an extensive menu of mock veggie meats and seafood AND was featured in The Staten Island Advance.
    • NetCafe has an integrated coffeehouse featuring vegan cakes and pastries from Sensible Edibles and vegan crepes. Of course, they also have soy milk for your drinks.
    • So you’re in Chinatown and there are idiots with you who refuse to go to an awesome all-veg dim sum place like Buddha Bodai or House of Vegetarian. Well, fear not, Dim Sum Go Go features a menu with great selections of delectable veggie delights like snow pea leaf dumplings and cilantro and scallion rice rolls.

    In other news, Zen Burger informs us that their new opening date is next week, Thursday, January 3rd.

  5. Photo by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, who agrees Wheeler's is the bomb.

    Photo by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, who agrees Wheeler’s is the bomb.

    Well, potentially. They’re talking to a big long list of local restaurants. Hopefully all these places (and more) will decide to carry the stuff. Wheeler’s is the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

    Wheeler’s is now available at Bob’s Southern Bistro in Boston, and they’re working on distribution elsewhere in Beantown as well as in Providence (yay Julian’s!), and Vermont.

    If you know anyone responsible for buying at any restaurants, do yourself (and the rest of us) a huge favor and ask them to carry Wheeler’s Black Label Ice Cream!