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Category Archive: Religion

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  1. Vegan Crocodile

    Filed under: India Religion Wildlife
    Ananthapura Lake Temple

    Ananthapura Lake Temple

    The wires are abuzz with reports of Babia, a vegan crocodile who acts as guardian of Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kerala, India.

    While the priests only feed the sixtysomething year-old Babia large quantities of boiled rice and jaggery, accounts differ as to whether the croc supplements this austere diet with the local fish.

    (What, you don’t know what jaggery is?! Here, I looked it up for you.)

  2. Veg Mob Rule Continues in Mumbai

    Filed under: India Religion Restaurants
    A Valentine's Day protest in Mumbai

    A Valentine’s Day protest in Mumbai

    The militant vegetarians of Mumbai show no sign of lightening up. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that residents of the high-income Napean Sea Road area have repeatedly and effectively defeated anyone’s attempt to open a non-veg restaurant. Some choice quotes from the article:

    When Pizza Hut tried to open a franchise near Walkeshwar last year, vociferous protests from area residents forced the company to turn the restaurant into the world’s first and only vegetarian Pizza Hut. But even that was not good enough and a few months later the new outlet was closed.

    Sanjay Narang, a local restaurateur, owns the Roti chain of restaurants that serve northern Indian fare, such as tandoori chicken and rogan josh, tried to open one of his restaurants near a Jain temple. It was very unwelcome, Narang told the local press, and members of the Jain community living nearby spat on guests and pelted them with pebbles.

    While there is certainly a dark underside of classism and religious discrimination to the situation (which we previously reported on a month ago), it’s hard not to feel good about it!

  3. Though I grew up Catholic and attended many years of Catholic school, I don’t remember too much of what the Bible has to say about anything. However, some of the most memorable images from my childhood are those I saw in my religion textbook. I’ll never forget the fantastic illustrations of Heaven. Oh, how I wanted to be that kid cuddling with the lion and the lamb!

    In spite of being subjected to these utopian images of cohabitation with animals in the afterlife, I was never instructed by my family or church on how to peacefully interact with animals in my present daily life. I was never told that folks could care for animals beyond treating their pets with love and care. Certainly, no one ever extended the notion that vegetarianism could be an extension of the Christian value of sharing God’s love with all.

    The good news is that the folks at God’s Creatures Ministry are seeking to spread the word about the intersection of Christianity and animal advocacy. On Saturday, June 3, the NJ organization will host the Concern for All God’s Creatures Conference at Caldwell College. The event, which is open to people of all faiths, will feature several AR speakers, educational resources, music and more. Mark your datebook and bring a friend!

  4. New Age Spirituality & Veganism Project

    Filed under: Religion
    Original art by Jean Fitzgerald

    Original art by Jean Fitzgerald

    Judy Carman, author of Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul is now collecting essays for her “Spiritual & Subtle Energy Experiences with Veganism” project. Judy writes:

    In order to spark more interest in the animal suffering issue among the spiritual and subtle energy communities, I decided to send out this request to you for any experiences you may have had that suggest that using/eating animal products was destructive to your energy field and/or your spiritual life. Or you may have had experiences that demonstrate that refraining from consuming animal products actually enhanced your capacity for compassion, awe, inner peace, and/or the experience of interconnectedness with all life.

    If you’d like to contribute or just want more info, write to Judy at

    Folks interested in this area of veganism might also wanna check out Judy’s website, Circle of Compassion, which hosts the Worldwide Prayer Circle For Animals as well as writings on the connection between New Age spirituality and animal advocacy.

  5. “Buddhist Scriptures” translated by Penguin Classics

    Anyone who knows me know that I’m not a particularly religious person. Though I was raised as a Buddhist, I’ve never really considered myself one. (It’s just so much cooler to call yourself an atheist.)

    I recently picked up a Penguin Classics translation of Buddhist Scriptures from Strand for $4 bucks—75% off the cover price!—and I can’t be more thrilled about it.

    A bunch of passages really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it’s either just the animal person in me or my inner Buddhist breaking out—maybe a combo of both. At the risk of sounding like a hippie, I think it’s pretty cool knowing that us vegans are carrying on enlightened thoughts shared by great minds that passed our realm hundreds of years ago.

    from The Dedication of Merit—8th century

    Let the animals be free from the fear of being devoured…

    Let the bodhisattvas’ wishes for the well-being of the world become reality. May everything that these protectors intend be realized for all sentient beings…

    Let all the sufferings of the world come to an end in me…

    from Against Animal Sacrifice—Dated Between Year 964 to 1032

    What need to destroy so many lives in quest of rich and exotic flavors? People gorge themselves from cup and tray to the music of reed pipe and song, as butchered animals scream on the chopping block. Alas! Could anyone with a human heart be so insensitive as this? That the whole world engages in this without realizing its error, surely this is [an] example of something so painful that one weeps endlessly with grief?
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