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  1. Foodswings Is For Sale (Again)

    Filed under: Brooklyn Food Restaurants

    Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.30.25 PMDo you have $165,000 laying around? Want to eat unlimited amounts of buffalo drumsticks? Foodswings is for sale, again! Back in 2008 Foodswings sold to a group of four individuals, including partners Melody and Jeff, who many also know as the owners of vegan-friendly Park Slope heavy metal bar Lucky 13. Since 2008, Foodswings has gone through many makeovers, and now it’s time for the beloved Williamsburg vegan fast food restaurant to change hands once again.

    If you haven’t been to Foodswings recently, it just went through another remodeling and kind of looks like a cross between a diner and a biker gang’s clubhouse (in the best way possible, of course). They also got a new A/C system (Remember when Foodswings didn’t have A/C and you still ate there anyway?). But, if you’re not diggin’ the new look you can buy it and change it! The sale comes with copyright and their coveted recipes and the current asking price, as mentioned above, is 165k.

    The current owners are requesting that the next buyer be vegan, as they’d like to see Foodswings continue to be vegan-owned and operated. I spoke with Melody, who informed me that local “gourmet” burger chain Bareburger was interested, but Foodswings’ owners declined the offer because Bareburger can go to hell (my words, not hers).

    According to Melody, “The neighborhood is only continuing to grow so I think it would be a great opportunity for someone, especially if they kept it vegan.” She also informed me that post-Foodswings, her and Jeff plan on moving Lucky 13 to a bigger, better location (that will still be in the same general Park Slope area).

    So please, someone buy Foodswings and keep it awesome, or perhaps make it more awesome. And for the love of all (cruelty-free) things deep fried and smothered in buffalo sauce, keep it vegan. Interested? Email Melody!

  2. bunnaFor three days, from June 19th through the 21st, Bunna Cafe will take over Little Skips, a cafe in Bushwick, to bring their full (mostly vegan) Ethiopian restaurant experience to North Brooklyn. A few weeks ago Bunna provided food for the Farmraiser benefit at Dun-Well Doughnuts and tomorrow they’ll be making an appearance at the Vegan Shop-Up in Bushwick, but apparently the eatery isn’t finished with the neighborhood just yet.

    They’ll be providing food, drink and music, with dinner prices starting at $10. They don’t have their menu for this specific event listed yet, but you can browse their full menu to get an idea of what they have to offer. No reservations are required and patrons will be served on a first come, first served basis. They also have a Facebook event, if you’re into that.

    The great thing about pop-ups is that they’re usually cheap and they have the flexibility of changing things up, but you never know when they’ll show up next, so get while the gettin’s good! Or, just grab some of Bunna’s Ethiopian eats tomorrow at the Vegan Pop-Up from 12-6pm at Pine Box Rock Shop. Nom!

  3. So last night and into this morning, the vegan equivalent of the Amy’s Baking Co. Facebook meltdown went down between Jay Astafa and the two current owners of 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe’s Rockville Centre location. Of course, nothing can top the ridiculousness of Amy’s Baking Co., and I’m happy to say no one in the vegan community has yet to publicly act like such a hot mess on social media (that I’m aware of), but this incident was certainly embarrassing for everyone involved.

    For those who are unfamiliar with Jay and 3 Brothers, 20-year-old Jay Astafa is quickly establishing himself  as a phenomenal vegan chef. He created the excellent vegan menu at 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Rockville Centre, NY, which was started by his father and has since changed ownership. Jay recently opened up a second 3 Brothers location in Farmingdale and is no longer involved with the original location. He also hosted a pop-up dinner earlier this month in NYC, called Jay Kitchen, and has expressed interest in expanding it to a full-service restaurant in the city. I know nothing about the new 3 Bros RVC owners, and couldn’t find much about the sale online.

    I’ll pause here to say that if you haven’t eaten at 3 Bros, it’s amazing. I went to the Rockville Centre location last year, when Jay’s family still owned it, and it was probably one of the best vegan eating experiences I’ve had in the NYC area. Jay Astafa and 3 Brother’s are a staple in the Long Island vegan community, and the restaurant’s vegan menu, when I tried it, was exceptional. They even served a complimentary bread basket with Earth Balance. Free Earth Balance. The restaurant also offered plenty of gluten free options. I have yet to go back since the Rockville Centre location changed hands, nor have I tried the Farmingdale restaurant.

    The Facebook meltdown that occurred last night has since been taken down, but luckily I took some screen caps on my phone. I’ve pasted them below, with commentary. Please note that I didn’t grab shots of the entire incident, only parts of it.

    Continue Reading…

  4. It’s tough to get good quick vegan food in the Financial District ever since Little Lad’s Basket moved. Yes, there are some excellent falafel carts at Zuccotti Park (shout-out to Sam’s and Alan’s!), and that so-weirdly-named “99% Vegetarian Cart“, and Cinnamon Snail comes to Wall and Water on Tuesdays. But especially at odd hours, I’m just as likely to end up at Chipotle or Hale & Hearty or getting a salad sandwich at Subway.

    Which is all to ramblingly say, Terri‘s new location will be most welcome!

    It will be at 100 Maiden Lane. They’re throwing a Grand Opening Party with free food on Saturday, March 23rd, from 1pm-4pm. It’s gonna be crowded.


    Terri Grand Opening - 100 Maiden Lane, March 23

  5. Adorable children eating vegan softserve at Lula’s. Photo by edenpictures on flickr.

    Do you remember your first visit to Lula’s? We do.

    According to this New York Post he-said-she-said, the beloved spot is on shaky ground. Lula’s was founded by a married couple, Blythe Boyd and Derek Hackett. They both still own it, but they’re not married anymore. And they’re not at all agreeing about how to run the business, with Hackett filing court in Manhattan Supreme Court demanding the business be dissolved. Eek!

    He says:

    Boyd controls the operations and has looted, wasted or diverted for non-corporate purposes all assets. Boyd has substantially cut the hours of the retail location during the busiest season, the late spring and summer months, and as such continues to operate to the detriment of the shareholders.

    She says:

    This was my idea. Lula is the name of my niece. The whole vision was mine. Having been a vegan for 15 years I wanted to do something related to that cause. He expenses things through the company — sometimes his rent. He’s taking profits and not working here. If you’re not putting in any hours you’re not justified in taking 5 dollars. I shortened the winter hours this winter for the first time because I have to handle all the production at this point because he’s not around and I did the math it makes more sense to keep this hours for winter.

    This comes not long after the demise of the nearby Stogo’s, also a victim squabbling owners.

    Divorce can suck. But we really, really hope that parents and the court can ensure the best possible outcome for the kids, that being all of us who love love love love Lula’s awesome ice cream, and the wonderful shop they serve it in!