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  1. We got an intriguing offer from the PR department of the venerable “quirky” NYC-based pizza chain Two Boots. Two Boots has long been one of the best places to get a vegan slice, with their veggie-laden “Earth Mother” and more recently the “V for Vegan“, all tarted up with Daiya. They have lots and lots of non-vegan food, too, but Two Boots’s interest in serving more and more vegan food is highly commendable.

    So, about that intriguing offer: they want to launch a brand-new vegan pie for World Vegan Day (November 1). And they’re offering a selection of vegan bloggers a chance to design said pie. If they pick ours, they’ll name it after us! I am not above doing a bit of PR for Two Boots if it means a good chance of being able to walk in and order a slice of the SuperVegan pie, with our logo on the label and all. And hey, even if we don’t win, more vegan pizza is a win for everyone.

    My first thought was to make a vegan “meat-lover’s” pie, loading on as many greasy pink mock meats as Two Boots’s thick crust can support. I was going to name it “The Patrick Kwan“. But Two Boots doesn’t stock any mock meats and they told me they weren’t going to start just for this. (You might send them friendly e-mail suggestion, though.)

    What was the best pie we could make with Two Boots’s available toppings? And what would make it distinctive enough from the “Earth Mother” and “V for Vegan”? The “Earth Mother” is basically a ginourmous pile of mild vegetables, and “V” is Daiya, artichokes, shitakes, red onions, basil and red pepper pesto. We’ve eaten plenty of both. But we can do even better.

    One thing’s for sure, this SuperVegan pizza pie’s gotta be decadent. No vegan health-pie here. So we’re using the Daiya, loading on the fatty toppings, and skipping the whole-grain crust. And it can’t be too spicy. I can enjoy jalapeños all over a pizza, but too many people I care about wouldn’t go near such a thing.

    Here’s the final proposal:

    Vidalia Onion, Artichoke Hearts, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Garlic, Daiya, and Tomato Sauce, on regular white crust, with basil-pesto “S”s and “V”s scattered all over. You know you want to eat that right up. I sure do. I even have the conceptual diagram to prove it:

    (Note to Two Boots; if the pesto-decorations are too labor-intesive, we’ll understand if you need to simplify a bit.)

  2. LA Vegan News Roundup

    Beyond Meat Sammy from Whole Foods

    Beyond Meat Sammy from Whole Foods

    -Lucky us! LAEater informs us that we’ve won another Veggie Grill, this time in Westwood!

    -Lucky streak? Local Whole Foods now carry Beyond Meat!

    -Seriously, go buy a lottery ticket, that’s how lucky we are! Golden Road Brewery & Pub gets lots more seats and hours. Via LAEater

    Vegan food is mainstream here! And there’s a few restaurants you probably never knew had Vegan options! Thanks, NYTimes.

    Ecorazzi lets us in on Anne Hathaway’s Vegan Nuptials.

    -A new raw restaurant opens, an old one closes. RIP, Cru. Hey, hi, hello, M.A.K.E.

    -Check out my article Showdown! NYC vs. LA: Who’s #1? in the new November+December issue of VegNews Magazine! And stay tuned for a companion piece going up on next week! I hope I did you proud, Angelenos.

    Got any hot Vegan news to share? Send us an email at tips at supervegan dot com

  3. Ethiopian food is awesome, and it’s one of the more inherently vegan-friendly traditional cuisines out there. But it’s very rare to find a place specifically focussed on the v*gan side of Ethiopian food. Bunna Café does that and much more, with their pop-up events showcasing music, dancing, coffee ceremonies, and booze, as well as good eats. They’ve mostly focussed on North Brooklyn to date, but events elsewhere are certainly a possibility.

    Upcoming Bunna Café events include dinners at Tradesman (222 Bushwick Ave, off the Montrose L) on August 26 (this weekend!!), at Alaska Bar (35 Ingraham St, off the Morgan L) on September 2, and at The West (379 Union Ave, off the Lorimer L) on September 8.

    The only non-vegan thing they serve is the honey-based Tej wine. But they will be more than happy to hook us up with alternate drinks.

    I asked Bunna Café’s Sam Saverance a bunch of questions, and he was good enough to answer them:

    SuperVegan: Who’s behind Bunna Café and how did you get started? How long has Bunna Café been going? How long have you been cooking Ethiopian food and/or cooking professionally? Are you Ethiopian yourself?

    Sam Saverance: 
Bunna Café is a three-person team composed of myself, a Texan, and two Ethiopians—Chuny Ali and a third partner who must remain nameless for now because he still has a competing restaurant day job. I am by profession a graphic designer and marketing/branding specialist. For the past four years I have diverged more from production work to branding and promoting African-based companies in order for them to be more successful in the global marketplace.

    I spent some time in Ethiopia back in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the cuisine, visuals, and culture, especially in the way that food is considered an integral part of everyday life. My “nameless” partner hails from the Lalibela region, has spent many years managing restaurants and as a tour guide, and studies architecture at school here in NYC. He is extremely knowledgeable and effective in managing an event, and also has excellent taste in creating a memorable experience. We both met randomly a year ago and after chatting soon discovered that we had the same vision of creating a tasteful venue that reflected Ethiopia in a positive, effective way. Chuny joined us earlier this year. She is our master chef – the food she cooks is mind-blowingly tasty. Even the Ethiopians are mesmerized by the flavors she creates. She manages the kitchen and is incredibly efficient at it.

    All in all the three of us complement each other to a tee. I work on branding, promoting, and event planning, nameless dude works on the managing of events and service, and Chuny manages the kitchen.
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  4. Want to get your vegan fix this week? Twenty-four vegan and vegan friendly groups are conglomerating resources this Monday to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

    Sea Shepherd celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and its NYC chapter celebrates its third annual S’Mores Protection for the Oceans. And that means everything vegan under the sun coming together for a night. Join Sea Shepherd at V-Spot in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to eat vegan s’mores made with Sweet and Sara marshmallows and sweets from Terri Vegetarian and Clementine Bakery.

    They will be selling official Sea Shepherd merchandise, signing up new members, and holding a raffle full of prizes from:

    Trader Joe’s
    Compassion Couture
    Christy Robinson
    Gristle Tattoo
    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
    Brooklyn Grooming
    Candle 79
    Rescue Chocolate
    Pacific Northwest Kale Chips
    Cyberoptix Tie Lab
    Sue Coe
    Lazy Dog Designs
    Sacha Vida
    Sustainable NYC
    Primal Strips
    Pangea Vegan Products
    Vegan Essentials
    Olia Designs
    Cri de Coeur
    Jaan J.
    Dun-Well Doughnuts
    Klean Kanteen

    If you missed AR Conference last week, you can still get your chock-full-o’vegan compassion fill on Monday!

  5. In the past year an alarming number of my fellow 30-something friends have picked up two peculiar habits: running (for fun!) and juicing. While I have followed one of these trends (I ran my first half marathon in May), I have yet to purchase a juicer. Always one to follow semi-blindly, I decided I should do a juice cleanse to understand the trend better. I have previously done multi-day cleanses and I again wanted a way to evaluate my eating patterns and quit some bad habits learned while figuring out the best ways to handle the stresses that come with being a new attorney. I also wanted to test whether juicing would make me feel an all-around physical euphoria as many juice cleanses claim to do. I also thought it would be nice not to have to worry about what to cook on some of the hottest days of the summer for at least a few days.

    I selected the Terri Three-Day Juice Cleanse because it’s convenient and at $175.00, one of the cheaper cleanses available in New York City. After providing Terri with the required two-days notice, I was able to pick up on a recent Saturday morning the 18 bottles of juice that would sustain me for the next three days. There was very little I needed to do to prepare for the cleanse. Terri suggests cleanse participants limit their intake of animal products, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol in the days leading up to the cleanse. That was no big deal for me, a non-smoking vegan who just occasionally drinks coffee and alcohol.

    Terri Juice Cleanse

    Terri recommends that you pick up your juices the day that you will begin your cleanse because they have a limited shelf life. There are zero preservatives in the cold-pressed juices. Luckily, Terri is open early in the morning during the week and on the weekends, so you need not go long without ingesting calories on the day your cleanse begins. Terri will deliver the cleanse to your door if you live within its delivery area. If you need to pick up the cleanse yourself, bring your own cooler bag if you have one, or pay a $20 deposit and borrow one of Terri’s cooler bags.
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