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Category Archive: Sea Shepherd

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  1. Today might be Valentine’s Day, but Sunday is Whalentine’s Day! Head over to Moo Shoes at 78 Orchard St in the LES, NYC to buy amazing baked goods to support the amazing Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

    You can also bake for them! Lots and lots of details are on the Facebook page.

    You can even ignore the baked goods and just buy some shoes or whatever from Moo Shoes; they’re donating 10% of the day’s sales to Sea Shepherd.


  2. Want to get your vegan fix this week? Twenty-four vegan and vegan friendly groups are conglomerating resources this Monday to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

    Sea Shepherd celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and its NYC chapter celebrates its third annual S’Mores Protection for the Oceans. And that means everything vegan under the sun coming together for a night. Join Sea Shepherd at V-Spot in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to eat vegan s’mores made with Sweet and Sara marshmallows and sweets from Terri Vegetarian and Clementine Bakery.

    They will be selling official Sea Shepherd merchandise, signing up new members, and holding a raffle full of prizes from:

    Trader Joe’s
    Compassion Couture
    Christy Robinson
    Gristle Tattoo
    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
    Brooklyn Grooming
    Candle 79
    Rescue Chocolate
    Pacific Northwest Kale Chips
    Cyberoptix Tie Lab
    Sue Coe
    Lazy Dog Designs
    Sacha Vida
    Sustainable NYC
    Primal Strips
    Pangea Vegan Products
    Vegan Essentials
    Olia Designs
    Cri de Coeur
    Jaan J.
    Dun-Well Doughnuts
    Klean Kanteen

    If you missed AR Conference last week, you can still get your chock-full-o’vegan compassion fill on Monday!

  3. It’s warming up in New York City again, which means that the cherry blossoms are blooming, the cafes are opening up their outdoor seating, and vegan pirates are coming out of the woodwork. If you’re going to a vegan venue in the city this week, chances are you’ll see an Antarctic captain or a Cove Guardian or a vegan Australian sailor, and on May 4th, you’ll get to see the entire menagerie at the same time, at Sea Shepherd’s 35th anniversary party in Manhattan.

    Just like when the Sea Shepherd vessel the Steve Irwin came to Chelsea Piers two years ago, Whale Warriors are now flooding the city’s vegan joints. SSCS Captain Peter Hammarstedt visited this month’s Vegan Drinks at Pine Box Rock Shop before continuing on his way to Sweden. The Bob Barker ship manager and former New Yorker Andrea Gordon returns to NYC this week to make sure all the good NYC vegan restaurants are still good. And this Friday night, in Manhattan, you’ll get to see pretty much everyone in NYC who’s ever worn an SSCS Crew jacket, including Paul Watson himself.

    On Friday, May 4th, at DCTV from 7pm to 11pm, Sea Shepherd celebrates its 35 years of direct action ocean conservation in NYC. Incidentally, there are still tickets left!

    Everyone who attends will get to meet Paul Watson as well as campaign veterans from Operations Waltzing Matilda, No Compromise, Divine Wind, Ferocious Isles, and Infinite Patience. Candle 79, Vegan Treats, Verite Catering, and Cinnamon Snail will be providing food for this event, and you will have the opportunity to win Sea Shepherd campaign memorabilia. Get your tickets here before they sell out!

  4. I’m making gooey, chocolatey rice crispy treats! What are YOU making?

    Sign up here and let the bake sale organizers know what sugary or savory item(s) you’ll be donating on February 12th!

    Sea Shepherd Bake Sale February 12, 2012 at MooShoes

    What: Whalentines Day Bake Sale – A Benefit for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    When: February 12, 2012 from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    Where: MooShoes, 78 Orchard Street, New York, NY

    Details about dropping off your bake sale donations are available at the event’s Facebook page.

    And, if you don’t have time to bake, be sure to stop by and buy!

  5. Some of our very best friends on earth, including my Darwin Animal Doctors nonprofit co-founder Andrea Gordon, are about to risk their lives, going on Sea Shepherd’s latest whale protection campaign in Antarctica, Operation Divine Wind. The odd thing is that a few months ago, after Japan ended its 2011 whaling season early due to Sea Shepherd anti-whaling activities, Japan announced it was halting its Antarctic whaling program indefinitely. So Operation Divine Wind technically should not have needed to happen. However, Japan’s Antarctic whaling program recently got an unexpected financial boost that allowed it to start up again this year. Specifically, Japan’s government took tsunami victim relief funding, and spent it on military funding for the Japanese whaling fleet.

    Japanese whalers fight Sea Shepherd Conservation Society volunteers. Copyright Sea Shepherd

    Japan took 2.28 billion yen ($29.4 million USD) that was raised and earmarked to help victims of the Japanese tsunami disaster, and used that money to beef up military security for the Japanese Antarctic whaling fleet, in order to combat Sea Shepherd volunteers. The Sea Shepherd flag ship, the Steve Irwin, cost less than two million USD total in comparison, although it has been successful thus far in repelling the military weaponry of the Japanese fleet anyway (which has included guns, grenades, and LRADs). But this new military funding taken from disaster relief funds dwarfs previous years’ military funding for the Japanese whaling fleet.

    The Japanese whaling fleet left port in Japan this week, and is on its way to Antarctica now. So the Sea Shepherd fleet, currently in Australia, will depart to protect whales from the whaling fleet in the next couple weeks.