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Category Archive: Sex

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  1. World’s First Vegan Strip Club in Portland

    Filed under: Oregon Sex
    Snacks and snatch.

    Snacks and snatch.

    Portland seems to be a veritable vegan paradise, complete with an all vegan strip mall and now an all vegan strip club.

    Johnny Diablo, an ethical vegan of 23 years, opened Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s Club earlier this month in the site of his now closed pirate themed vegan family restaurant, Pirates Tavern— a business that, according to The Willamette Weekly, Diablo claims didn’t thrive because most vegans live at the poverty level or below.

    Though Casa Diablo dancers are forbidden to wear animal products, Diablo doesn’t boast the establishment’s vegan status (except when courting the press). Neither its flier nor its Mexican menu mention the V-word. This time around, Diablo hopes to strike gold with an alluring combo of T&A and a smoke-free environment–things he hopes the moneyed non-vegan masses and privileged vegans with pockets full of dollar bills can enjoy.
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  2. I heart Anthony Bourdain. Not!

    I heart Anthony Bourdain. Not!

    Today the New York Times‘ Dining & Wine section features “I Love You, but You Love Meat,” an article exploring the dynamics of relationships between veggies and omnis. Article highlights include carnisexual foodie Anthony Bourdain‘s description of “vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans” as “the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit” and the tale of the omni wife of a vegetarian man who, along with their teen daughter, throws “meat parties” when her husband is out of town.

    According to our August 2007 Wet Hot Sticky Sex Poll, 35% of vegans polled would have sexy time only with a vegan and 29% would sex up an omni.

  3. PETA has has released their “2008 State of the Union Undress.” As in last year’s installment, a young white woman who seems like the college-going type removes her clothing while reciting bad puns and bland platitudes, followed a godawful emo song played over footage of slaughter and abuse.

    It’s a different intern this year, and unlike last year’s stripper, 2008’s girl has matching underwear. I don’t believe she’s a real vegan, though. She’s only got, like, two tattoos. Spoiler: the punchline is “I will be fur free.”

    Watch more PETA videos at
    (There’s also “safe for work” version which involves floating PETA logos.)

  4. Cobble Hill: Live with two other vegans in this $750/month room

    Cobble Hill: Live with two other vegans in this $750/month room

    The first time around was just too much fun. Here’s what some of our vegan brethren are looking for on NYC Craigslist.

    Why isn’t this stuff in the SuperVegan forum?!?!

  5. “Nasty, bad, naughty boy” – Ex-Senator Larry Craig

    Apparently ex-Senator Larry Craig’s (self-)hatred of gays also extends to animals. While in Congress, he had managed to score an incredible, jaw-dropping big fat zero on the Humane Scorecard every single term since the Humane Society of the United States began keeping tabs on legislative zeros and heros for animals in 2000.

    The water-closeted Idaho Republican voted against bans of recreational and commercial trapping on national wildlife refuges using steel-jaw leghold traps and the wholesale slaughter of wild and domestic American horses for foreign appetites.

    He was a no-show for important bills such as making dogfighting and other animal fighting a federal felony and closing a loophole that allowed large-scale commercial pet breeders that peddle animals on the internet from not meeting the minimum standards of care required by the Animal Welfare Act.

    Where was “naughty boy” Craig? I’ll leave that to your imagination. Meanwhile, animal advocates should be happy that he has picked up his pants and flushed himself away from Congress.