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  1. Brooks saddles are a big deal in cycling. For many people, you’re not serious unless you have a Brooks. They’re legendary for their long-lasting quality and performance. And, well, for being legendary; it’s that kind of brand.


    For the past 131 years, all Brooks saddles have been made of leather, and thus irrelevant to vegans, except as objects scorn or guilty envy. No longer! The Brooks Cambium saddle is available for preorder. They’re nearly “all natural”–made mostly of rubber, organic cotton, aluminum, and steel, and the parts are all replaceable or repairable. At £145 (about $225), they’re not cheap, but plenty of Brooks leather saddles cost just as much. And they’ll presumably last longer than you or the rest of your bicycle. Continue Reading…

  2. The Vegan Shop Up comes back this Saturday, March 9, at Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St in Bushwick, Brooklyn. And  they continue  to have totally awesome looking flyers:

    Vendors include:

    • Alchemy Creamery – Cool down with a sampling of gourmet ice creams like Dark Chocolate Chai, Coconut Green Tea, & Cranberry White Grape! (gluten free)
    • Heirloom Eatery – Get snacky with homemade classics like Meatball Heroes, Steak Sandwiches, Kale Chips, and Sriracha Cupcakes!
    • Treeline Cheese – These sell like hot cakes, so buy early! Outstanding aged Cashew Cheese Wheels in Smoke or Pepper, and silky Scallion Cream Cheese! (gluten & soy free)
    • Lael Cakes – Find your sweet tooth through beautiful Coconut Rum Cake w/ Passion Fruit Icing, Lemon Poppy Cake w/ Lavender Rosemary Icing, and Mint Chocolate Chunk Cookies! (gluten, soy & nut free)
    • Heat Sweets – Try the brand new sweet ‘n’ spicy Jalapeno Mango Carrot Fruit Leather! Plus pick up specially priced gift sets of mini hot jellies and relishes!
    • Monks Meats – You won’t go hungry after Mushroom Pepper Steak Sandwiches, the ultimate Lasagna, and Stewed Pot Roast Hot Pockets! Not to mention all 4 flavors of seitan sold in half pound containers.
    • Gone Pie – Get stocked up on the best of the best like Vanilla Macaroons, Chocolate Almond Tarts, Choc-Covered Tahini Cookies, Carrot Cake w/ Caramashew Cream Cheese Frosting, Brownies, and more! (gluten free)
    • Green Pirate Juice Truck – Not only can you score the most amazing, healthful drinks around like Walk The Plank(a superfood green juice) and Monkey Vibes(banana berry coco choco smoothie), but you’re gifted 15% off any 3 or 5 day Juice Cleanse Package when you sign up this Saturday!! Not to be missed!

    And that’s just a wink of the findings you’ll see this Saturday! Let’s not forget Donuts from Cinnamon Snail Food Truck, Fresh Juice Ice Pops from Monster Haus, Ethiopian Brunch by Bunna Cafe, and Raw Cookie Confections by Sweet.!


  3. Today might be Valentine’s Day, but Sunday is Whalentine’s Day! Head over to Moo Shoes at 78 Orchard St in the LES, NYC to buy amazing baked goods to support the amazing Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

    You can also bake for them! Lots and lots of details are on the Facebook page.

    You can even ignore the baked goods and just buy some shoes or whatever from Moo Shoes; they’re donating 10% of the day’s sales to Sea Shepherd.


  4. Who hates Valen-times more than me? No one! That said, I’d go to this, if I wasn’t 2,809 miles away.


    Vegan Valentine’s Shop-Up
    Saturday, February 9th
    12- 5pm
    Pine Box Rock Shop
    12 Grattan St.
    Bushwick, Brooklyn

    We have a full list of lusty and talented vendors, both new and old! Visions of heart shaped cookies, glittering bon bons, sweet scented gift boxes, and charm filled chocolates will deck out Pine Box Rock Shop on Saturday, Feb. 9th, from 12-5p. Don’t forget, it’s also happy hour!

    Handspun yarns + gourmet nut cheeses + tea blends + grooming products + seitan + yogurt + specialty cinnamon rolls + eco-clothing + cake truffles + kombucha + gluten-free goods = YOUR BEST DAY EVER.

    Come on out for a day of celebrating, munching, sipping, hanging, nuzzling, winking, snacking, sweethearting, and just plain fun having. Thanks for <3 ‘ing us enough to be around this long. This year we’re trying something new and bringing you a Shop-Up EVERY MONTH!”

    Because Valen-times may evil, but seitan is delicious!

    And did you see that at the end about the Vegan Shop-Ups happening every month?!

  5. ForAnimaPic

    Plant Based Solutions founder David Benzaquen

    Plant Based Solutions is a new consultancy offering sales and marketing advice to vegan food manufacturers, and also helping businesses that buy, sell, and serve food to offer more and better vegan options.

    Some food manufacturers PBS is working with include The Vegg, DF Mavens ice cream, Treeline Cheese, and Chicago Vegan Foods. You’ll get to try products from those companies and more at the Plant Based Solutions launch party along with a great menu (details below) from the always excellent Chickpea & Olive.

    The launch party will be held from 6-8:30pm on Saturday, January 12 at  Metropolitan Community Church of New York,  446 West 36th Street, between 9th & 10th Avenues, NYC.

    Plant Based Solutions founder David Benzaquen is a long-time vegan, and  has worked as a lobbyist and political organizer for various organizations, including three years at Farm Sanctuary. (Do you remember a guy who used to show up at Vegan Drinks dressed in a cow suit? That’s David!)

    I asked him a bunch of questions about PBS and Saturday’s event.

    Jason: Why start Plant Based Solutions now? Is the U.S. more ready for than this than we would have been, say, 5 years ago?

    pbs_logo2David: 2013 is the breakout year for veganism. The last few years have seen a huge jump in flexitarianism with the success of campaigns like Meatless Mondays. Now, as meat and dairy prices skyrocket, and Americans are becoming more aware of the impacts of a plant-based diet on health, the environment, and animal protection, veganism is on the rise like never before. Just weeks ago, the Values Institute at DGWB, a national consumer research institute predicted veganism to be one of the top 5 health trends of 2013. In their release, they said, “Last year’s rise of the flexitarians is foreshadowing a trend toward meatless eating and outright veganism, vegetarianism’s older brother. Look for herbivore-accommodating menus at restaurants on both coasts to start migrating to mid-America in 2013.”

    In addition, the market for vegan businesses has blossomed in recent years with major financial backers (like venture capital giant Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, and Byers) flooding the industry with funding for meat and dairy alternatives.

    Why are you the guy to start this company?

    Growing up in a family surrounded by people working in finance, I learned from an early age how to speak and think like a business person. I then was fortunate to spend years building friendships with hundreds of compassionate and strategic leaders in the animal protection and vegan food worlds. As someone with a background in lobbying (ethically) and community organizing, I know how to sell the purest product: ideas. Plant-Based Solutions is about helping to sell fantastic products and telling a story of a world in which doing good is good business. Continue Reading…