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  1. Attention Los Angelenos!

    Whatever you have planned for tomorrow, scrap it in favor of this:

    Melie Bianco Sample Sale

    Via “Shop the runway-inspired vegan handbag collection of Melie Bianco during the company’s Sample Sale on November 10th. At 70% – 90% discounts, prices will start at just $5 with nothing priced above $30. Download the flyer in the details section to receive a free iPhone case. CASH ONLY!!”

    Saturday, November 10th 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    9545 Brasher St.
    Pico Rivera, CA 90060

    Cause we like you to look goooood, Super Vegans.

  2. What I Seed at the Seed NYC

    By the time I got to The Seed: A Vegan Experience at 2pm (5 hours before closing) on Saturday, almost all of everybody’s free food samples had run out. So I guess they got a lot more people than certain vendors were expecting! Hopefully they will overcompensate for Sunday and those of you going will get to totally pig out.

    You can get some pretty rad food without even going in. Parked outside is The Cinnamon Snail (pretty much the best vegan restaurant in NYC these days), and for those who prefer shorter lines, Mac’n, “Miami’s original vegan food truck”. Mac’n has some pretty darned tasty mac’n’cheese and battered-tofu sandwiches. They say they plan to stick around NYC a few months, so hopefully you’ll all get to try their tasty fare even if you can’t stop by the Seed on Sunday.

    One of the best things about the Seed is that it’s big and varied enough that everyone will like something there. I happily ignored all the yoga and “nutritional” cleansing booths, but if you like that stuff there’s plenty (and you can ignore all the tables with free chocolate). The space at 82Mercer is really nice. Classic giant Soho loft with nice big windows and fancy amenities. It was plenty lively but never overwhelmingly crowded … surely one of the benefits of the $25 ticket price.

    I’m going to keep this post as positive as I can—only focus on calling out stuff I liked. But I do have to include one big honkin’ putrid-grapes negative. The first booth I get to when I walk in is Yelp’s. An inevitably boring table, but whatever—they were a big sponsor so they get a prime table. They had some freebies out … ball-point pens (sure, I’ll take one), lip balm (what?! free vegan lip balm! Go Yelp!!) and one last remaining tin of mints. So I take a look at the Yelpstick, curious which brand of lipbalm they were rebranding, and read the ingredients and, whaddyaknow: beeswax! It’s not vegan after all. So, fuck you, Yelp, for distributing oodles of free non-vegan lip balm at the first table in the door at an event aimed at veg-curious and new vegans. (And I guess I took that as a warning that maybe the Seed organizers weren’t trying too hard, but I know that most vendors were there specifically to be vegan, and Yelp’s careless stupidity was likely an anomaly.) Oh, and the mints had calcium stearate, so maybe vegan, maybe not.

    OK, back to the positive! I’m omitting many worthy exhibitors (genuinely too many to list), but also all the bad ones, so it’s worth it. Consider this a rundown of some stuff that I happened to get decent photos of.

    It was great to see Herbivore Clothing Company, always nice when they make it over here to the East Coast. They’ve long had the best collection of vegan and pro-animal graphic tees. But now they have some serious competition on that front from the Connecticut-based Compassion Company. Here’s Compassion Co’s Andy with some of their hot gear:

    Oh, and Yelp totally made me buy Compassion Company’s “Honey belongs to bees” badge.

    Not to be confused with Compassion Company, Compassion Couture set up shop in a big way. They say they’ve been getting a lot of requests to start carrying menswear—I’m looking forward to that! Meanwhile, look at their overflowing ladyswear:

    All the seats were full for this cooking demo and all the other presentations, too. I didn’t make it to any of the presentations, panels, or films. There were certainly some good ones, though, and there’s more on Sunday. I managed to keep plenty busy with tables and socializing.

    Kopali Chocolates do a great job coating various things (banana, mulberries, cacao nibs, goji berries, espresso beans) in single-origin organic fair-trade Peruvian chocolate. My only request to them is to take a lesson from Life Savers and offer a variety pack—why should we have to choose just one of these flavors?

    Dan Mims of CLLCTV keeps hydrated in between bouts of explaining how to pronounce the name of his exciting new local deals site (where you could’ve, for example, scored some cheap tickets to the Seed!).

    The Vitamix table was seriously mobbed. People really want to see those cashews get puréed by a $500 blender.

    These raw pizza wedges from Gingersnap’s Organic tasted excellent:

    In related raw-food sample news, One Lucky Duck‘s macaroons were perfectly delightful.

    I think it’s genuinely great that the Seed thought to include some art and live music, but it felt like an afterthought with just three artists total. Maybe they can get a few more next time. I suspect there’s literally hundreds of worthy vegan artists in the NYC area. Here’s Emily Pavacic‘s seed (hah!) drawings and creepy sculpture, and Elizabeth Glushko playing her loopy cello.

    Sea Shepherd‘s table looked really great. They’re doing a superb job with the merch.

    MooShoes‘s table looked real nice, too. They’re not selling shoes there (well, except for a few special models), though many are on display. They were selling lots of bags, which I neglected to photograph.

    Here’s Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture. I’m jonesing for one of her waxed canvas coats:

    Regal Vegan‘s new Basilicotta was friggin’ delicious. The best thing I ate at the whole Seed. Look for it in stores whenever it gets there. Seriously delicious, and safe for those of you confused/upset by the name of their flagship Faux Gras.

    Will Vegan Bodega ever open a permanent store? They’ve gotten so good at surfing these pop-ups, maybe they don’t need to.

    There was a show-within-a-show of 20-some tables doing an all-vegan version of the Bust Craftacular. A lot of it was totally nice little jewelry, but I wasn’t in a jewelry mood. I was more in the mood for the spectacle of the Bat Owl + Kookla = Spooky Fruits booth or the pattern overload the batik-inspired Djuna Shay.

    Lovebug Kitchen was in the Bust zone too. They’d sold out of everything but the bacon-chocolate milkshake, so I enjoyed one of those! Also, in Bustland, Viridis Aurum makes totally delicious Sicilin-style olives.

    On the way out, it was nice to catch up with Jill and John from Vegan Cuts. Do you like buying vegan stuff online? If you do and you’re not subscribed to Vegan Cuts, you’re doing it wrong.

  3. Vegan Shop Up is totally kicking ass with the flyers these days.

    Vegan Shop Up is totally kicking ass with the flyers these days.

    When it rains, it pours and all that: This Sunday, June 10, we have not only the latest edition of the Vegan Shop Up, but LivLuna and Compassion Couture are hosting Save the World in Style NYC Eco Fashion Sample Sale.

    Compassion Couture and LivLuna only sell products from environmentally and socially responsible brands: all cruelty-free, eco-friendly materials, fair-trade, and sweatshop-free. Some of the brands they’ll be selling at cost at the sample sale in Soho include omgirl, ecoSkin, Beyond Yoga, Threads 4 Thought, Toggery, ALO, Popomomo, Prairie Underground, stacia, skunkfunk, Beyond Skin, Dialog, Hearts of Darkness by Cri de Coeur, Kailia, Matt & Nat, Neuaura, Novacas, olsenHaus, Reveal and Susan Nichole. (Probably not much for us menfolk, sadly, but we’re used to that.) The sale will be at 580 Broadway, 2nd Fl (in the Virayoga Street Studio) from 11am to 3pm.

    Over at NYC’s excellent (and now air-conditioned!) vegan bar, PineBox Rockshop, at 12 Grattan Street in Bushwick, the Vegan Shop Up promises at least 30 vendors (some food, many not) from noon to 6pm.

    Heck, why not go shop at MooShoes and Vaute Couture, too, on Sunday, and complete a most excellently vegan one-day evisceration of your bank account.

    Do we have other totally vegan (non-food) brick-and-mortar shops in NYC?

  4. My friend Insufferable Vegan, the only person I have ever been responsible for helping, in any part, grow Vegan, who has only been Vegan for a wee 20 months, and is already more Super of a Vegan than I am, took me on a Vegan Field Trip.

    At 10:30 am my anonymous friend collected me. He even showed me a sweet shortcut in my own neighborhood I never even knew which was good because there were several detours along the way: We had some french fries with little plastic red forks at a K-mart in Covina that has a Nathan’s in it and hung out with the other people that frequent the Kmart Nathan’s at 11 am on a Thursday. Surprisingly, they didn’t seem to be on a Vegan Adventure.

    I bought an actual record album at Rhino Records in Claremont where I also photographed these orange flavored chicken suckers that are not orange chicken flavored.

    We randomly spotted Covina Tasty, which claims to be the very first all vegetarian fast food in America, (there might have to be a showdown with Orean’s for the title). Though it was a compelling argument for a lunch break, we kept on keepin’ on.

    We did need to eat (again) though, so we sought out The Press Restaurant in hopes that their veggie burger would be a contender in the VegLympics. It was a pretty good full-size specimen of the Garden Patch variety, but not deserving of it’s own full-length post.

    Obviously we needed to have dessert so we got ices at Handel’s in Upland. Check out this mountain of Sour Green Apple and Watermelon-ness!

    Then we actually finally really made it to our destination: Viva La Vegan Grocery, the Earth’s largest most amazing all-vegan store. This place is so amazing it’s uh-mazing. It has just doubled in size, too, so it’s about to be twice as uh-mazing, making it uhh-maazing!

    VLV has everything from fresh produce to frozen fish hams (what is a vegan fish ham?!) and I bought a hundred dollars worth of it.

    I got a cupcake that was eaten before the night was over, half a chicken, three kinds of Dillos, farro, a Halo S’more bar, candy bars x3, two different kinds of TVP, Justin’s peanut butter cups, drumsticks, butterscotch chips, butterscotch pudding, three different Dr. Cow’s cheeses, a Dr. McDougall’s Asian entree , two wedges of Daiya, three different Stonewall’s Jerquee’s, English Toffee, an Upton’s Tamale, some Healthy Top, and Bacon. Y’know, all the important stuff.

    We shopped so hard for so long, that not only did we not make it out in time to make it to our last stop on the tour, but we got all sorts of insider scoop and samples from the lovely staffers there. I can’t wait till they open one or two more stores closer to me (lookin’ at you Loz Feliz!) so I can get fat and bankrupt! In the meantime, 3,000 more products are about to hit their new shelves, so you might want to clear out your cupboards and go, or ask Mr. Insufferable, who is quite tolerable, to take you.

  5. Rasta Nectar Sandals: I want these!

    Rasta Nectar Sandals: I want these!

    I’ll start by disclosing that I’ve worked at Sustainable NYC for years, but that’s all the more reason I’m glad the green boutique has stepped up its vegan shoe game. It was kind of a bummer to have a generous employee discount but only a few measly pairs to choose from.

    Finally, entirely animal-friendly shoes outnumber those with leather soles or accents. I visited this morning and counted 20 pairs of vegan sneakers, sandals, flip flops, and dress shoes crammed in the small shops’ shoe department. The new brands include Earth, Saucony, NeuAura, Novacas, Olsen Haus, Sanuk, and Feelz Goods priced from $25 to $156.

    My favorite pair in stock is the olive green Sanuk Rasta Nectar flat sandals ($47). I love the coconut button accents! I also thought the flip flops made from recycled yoga mats (women, $32) and beer cozies (men, $38) were novel.

    Psst! I scoped a few pairs of older sandals from Acorn and Simple tucked in a corner and discounted 25%. Sizes are very limited though.